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Outbound Campaign Fast-tracks Inbound Results for Business Travel Platform [CASE STUDY]

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Solar Lead Generation in Australia: How To Get Solar Appointments The solar industry in Australia is booming. In fact, as of September of last year, Australia had over 6,517 megawatts (8,739,000 hp) of installed photovoltaic (PV) solar power, of which 909 megawatts (1,219,000 hp) were installed in the preceding months. However, if you are a solar installation company, you know how challenging it can be to get high-quality solar appointments for your business at a reasonable price. Why? The Australian Energy Market Commission has proposed a new market condition that means households with solar panels are allowed to sell power to whoever so they can make more money. As a result, more and more companies are looking for ways to more sales to sustain their business. There are different ways to reach out and charm your prospects to purchase solar panels from you. Related: Power Up Solar Marketing with Outsourced Lead Gen Services Here are the Pros and Cons of buying a solar lead and making your own. Making your own leads through inbound marketing. Pros

Callbox Locks Up the Leads for Giant Insurance Broker The Client The Client, based in Singapore, is the largest privately-managed insurance broker in the world with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea. The Challenge The Client has an in-house team in Hong Kong which supports its marketing activities in Asia, seeking prospects of S$20M companies. In order to increase the volume and value of sales, the Client needed to build an intelligent prospecting campaign focused on sales-ready prospects. Since it lacked commercially available data to support this activity, the Client partnered with Callbox to segment its market and create a database of targeted prospects. The objective of this campaign was two-fold: To build a well profiled database of the Client’s prospects in Singapore.To market the Client’s Corporate Risk and Employee Benefit insurance programs. The Callbox Solution Callbox set up a telemarketing team for a two-phase campaign: Database Profiling and Appointment Setting. The Results

Grow Your Email List: Give More Than You Can Take - GetB2B Leads Business is about growing your revenue and determining the best possible strategies to achieve this. While there are numerous ways you can do to maximize profits for lesser the cost, you can always choose to implement an effective lead generation and appointment setting for your enterprise. But that’s obviously what many companies do these days. Still, they have this tendency to focus on generating traffic all the while not knowing what exactly to do with it. One thing’s for sure, managing an effective mailing list can free you from the hassle of promoting content that only qualified leads can respond to. Moreover, you can never go wrong with an email list as numerous companies rely heavily on email marketing to get their brand the exposure it deserves from business prospects. However, to achieve the same level of success in your own email marketing, you need to know a few things about growing your own email list. Optimized fill-up forms Giveaways People love receiving things for free.

Effective Lead Generation Channels to Watch For... Digital marketing, or marketing in general, is highly dependent on using different techniques to facilitate the acquisition of leads and their proper conversion into sales. However, with the advent of new technology, lead generation has become a process that has continued to reinvent itself. In fact, it is so dynamic that sometimes we end up in a haze just trying to keep up with the times. In this short article, we will be discussing a few of lead generation channels that are worth your valuable time. Why is Lead Generation Important? In order for us to properly understand the importance of lead generation, you will have to remember two things: Lead generation is a measurable factor that can determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, and;It can potentially lead to revenue. Lead Generation Channels We Should Keep Our Eyes On Search Engine Optimization Do you want people to see you? Email Campaigns The aim of the game is personalized automation. However, don’t forget automation.

Call to Invite Australia - Conferences, Events, Tradeshows To Australians, a quick drink is least fulfilling without sharing it with someone – much like corporate events.Gaining business opportunities from a trade show or webinar requires the use of a call-to-invite campaign as perfect as Queensland wine. Have us handle your call-to-invite campaign and we will provide you with a constant stream of confirmations in no time. We make use of only the best techniques and technologies to invite people from such industries as IT, telecommunications and software development. We make sure that your database of potential participants is constantly updated with decision makers from the Australia-Pacific region and elsewhere around the globe. We provide call-to-invite and event registration campaigns for a variety of corporate events, including: Trade shows Conferences Breakfast meetings and business luncheons Product launchings Conventions Webinars Seminars We also undertake precise campaign reporting to help you maximize your time and budget.

Case Study: Singaporean Research and Consulting Company Strides into US Market with Callbox The Client The Client is a leading provider of research-based, go-to-market intelligence and business consulting services supporting expansion into emerging markets across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. It has worked with over 50 Global Fortune 1000 companies in solving market growth and entry problems, and has supported export promotion, Foreign Direct Investment attraction, and policy formulation programs of various government agencies in 15 countries. Its high profile clients include Honda, Philips, Kohler, Yamaha Motors, Tupperware, Schneider Electric, and the Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council. The Challenge The Client, based in Singapore, wanted to expand its operations into the US to capture contracts with larger companies. The Client wanted direct communication opportunities with prospects of larger prospects and decided to partner with Callbox to design an outbound telemarketing campaign. The Callbox Solution The Results

Callbox Boosts Event Attendance Rates for CRM Market Leader [Case Study] With its reputation as a key mover in the CRM software space, the Client regularly organizes a number of annual conferences and events aimed at customers, vendors, developers, IT professionals, and industry thought leaders throughout various locations around the world. These are typically high-profile events that generate attendance figures that average in the thousands, as well as receive considerable media coverage particularly from the tech press. While many of the Client’s conferences fulfill both branding and PR objectives, there is also a more tangible marketing (and overall business) goal that underlies most of the company’s events: to attract more people into its far-reaching ecosystem. Among the events lined up for 2017 are three sets of conferences scheduled for January, April, and July. The three events’ target audience consists primarily of decision-makers who deal with marketing technology in some way at small- to medium-sized Hong Kong- and Singapore-based companies.

A Guide to Planning Your Marketing Campaigns for Q3 (and Q4) The third quarter of the year or simply Q3 is probably the most fun — it’s summer. It is also peppered with holidays and other significant events, such as Wimbledon and Independence Day. It’s also the wedding season! Aside from the fun, Q3 is also a great time to generate big revenues. Wimbledon is broadcasted in 200 territories with an estimated 1 billion viewership and 24.1 million stream requestThe National Retail Federation predicted that 214 million people will celebrate the 4th of July, and will spend around $6.8 billion.Couples spend around $30,000 on average for their weddingThe summer spending of an average American household is $1,978The average child’s back-to-school expenses are $688 These are just some of the facts and figures, but you can already imagine the money spent during this period. Here are a few ideas as you plan your marketing strategy for Q3: Create exclusive sales for that particular event or holiday Create a sense of urgency What did you do? Be creative

How Marketing To Millennials Can Take Your Business To Next Level These days, many business owners are realizing that effectively marketing their products or services to millennials is an excellent way to optimize the company’s profitability. However, many corporate leaders and entrepreneurs draw a blank when it’s time to begin cultivating a customized marketing campaign that will get millennials interested in their brand. If this is your dilemma, it’s important to know that social media marketing may be the advertising strategy that helps you effectively connect and convert millennials. What Is Social Media Marketing? Although defined broadly, social media marketing is a process that involves advertising a brand’s products and services through social media channels such as Google+ Twitter Facebook Instagram Social media marketing is an incredibly effective advertising strategy for many reasons. Related: Social Media Metrics to Track in 2018 Social Media Marketing: Steps, Suggestions, And Strategies #1 Learn as Much as Possible About Your Audience.

Case Study: Callbox Takes Systems Integrator Leader’s From “Test” To “Trust” Location North America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific Headquarters North America Campaign Type Lead Generation, Appointment Setting Target Industries Retail (Apparel & Specialty Retail, Consumer Electronics, Furniture, Home Furnishing & Appliances, Food & Beverage and Home Improvement/DIY) Transportation & Logistics (Air & Ocean Carriers, LTL, 3PLs, Freight Brokers & Forwarders, Customer Brokers, NVOCCs) Manufacturing & Distribution (Automotive, Building & Construction Supply, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, High Tech Electronics, Discrete Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Medical Supplies & Labs, Propane, Oil & Gas) Field Service & Sales (Equipment Rental, Leasing & Recycling Services, Fulfillment & Warehousing) Target Contacts CIO, IT Manager, Senior Development Manager, PIC of the Software Development in the company The Client The Challenge

Sample Telemarketing Scripts for ADVERTISING Download our free ebook: Here’s what’s in store for you this month! Subscribe to our newsletter and get your Sample Telemarketing Script for FREE! Scripts are used as guide for telemarketers to deliver the right message to their prospects. Our sample scripts for the Advertising Industry are ready-to-use templates with sample call flow for different situations – from your first encounter with the Gatekeeper until your call is transferred to the right person within their organization. Scripts included are: Appointment Setting Script Call-to-Invite Script Data Profiling Script Boost your sales team’s confidence when talking to your prospects using the rebuttals for some of the most common objections that you can will encounter during your call. Generate leads and close deals, fast! Sign up now and get the scripts delivered straight into your inbox. More perks to look forward to next month… Sample Email Templates:

Don't Waste a Moment! See Sample Cold Calling Scripts What makes a movie script get spotlighted as the best screenplay by award-giving bodies? A script that presents a story that can move an audience to a certain emotional aspect, with scenes and characters that stimulate imagination, which translate into verbal or gestured reaction. That’s how a Cold Calling Script should be. When writing a campaign script, one has to take note of the campaign’s main objective. Whether you are to gather factual information for a lead generation campaign, book a prospect for an appointment setting campaign, or register attendees for an upcoming event, your script must contain keywords and substantial ideas that would stir up the prospect’s interest, otherwise you’ll be putting all call efforts into waste. Related: What Makes an Outstanding Telemarketing Campaign [for All Types of Industry] A Hands-On Guide to Gaining B2B Leads from Social Media Take your B2B social selling skills a step further with the help of this guide. Meaty and persuasive. Check it out!

A B2B Marketer’s Guide to a Fresh Marketing List - Leverage Your Data It is important for marketers in the B2B industry to make sure they get the right data to implement their lead generation and appointment setting strategies. The value that a mailing list brings to the bottom line is just too important for companies to ignore. Still, the challenge of building an email list from scratch forms the most complicated part of B2B marketing on the whole. It’s never easy since you will have to encounter several challenges along the way, and not to mention the long and arduous process of finding the most appropriate decision-makers for your marketing list and have them subscribe to content. But suppose you finished building a database of prospects ready to be engaged. Of course, you need to cover the expenses you have incurred in building your list in the first place. Here are just some of the steps you might want to apply. Always refer to your goals Are you aiming to increase engagement? Specific goals are the key to maximizing a marketing mailing list.

How to Write a Compelling Case Study As a marketer, if you are planning on implementing marketing automation into your marketing strategies, you must first understand how marketing automation works. Marketing automation can help promote your products easily. It lets you achieve your marketing goals by evaluating your prospects based on their activities. It helps you prioritize your leads, nurture them and walk them through until they reached the last stage of their buying process. Benefits of marketing automation Reduce staffing costTarget potential customers through multiple channelsSchedule activities ahead of time. Related: How Marketing Automation Helps You Outgrow Your Competitors Many marketers and business owners use marketing automation software to help increase their sales and have higher ROI. On a blog post from “The Ultimate Marketing Automation Stats” by Emailmonday, an average of 49% of companies are currently using marketing automation and 55% of B2B companies are adopting the technology. #1. #2. #3.