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SlideShowPro: Slideshow publishing tools for your web site

SlideShowPro: Slideshow publishing tools for your web site

10 Useful Flash Components for Graphing Data By Jacob Gube Flash is an excellent technology for dealing with data visualization. It being client-side, it can reduce the amount of work your server has to perform in order to generate graphs and charts. In this article, you will find ten excellent Flash components that will help you in building stunningly attractive, complex, and interactive data visuals. 1. Open Flash Chart is an open source Flash-based graphing and charting solution developed using ActionScript 3 and compiled using Flex. Its native data format is JSON, which makes it a breeze to work with for developers who know C-style language like Perl, Python, PHP, and of course, JavaScript. Live Demonstrations: Open Flash Chart 2. XML/SWF Charts is a powerful Flash component for creating interactive graphs and charts. XML/SWF Charts is free to download and use, and the Free license only has a few features unavailable to you, such no technical support. Live Demonstrations: XML/SWF Charts 3. zxChart 4. amCharts 5. 6. 7. 9. 10.

Flash Slideshow Maker - Create animated photo slide shows , flash banner and image scroller for website, blog, MySpace Best 15 Places to Get Quality Flash Components A website is like your receptionist! They need to look good for making a good first impression on your client. Most of us like a dynamic partner and Flash websites are perfect partners for your business. Flash sometimes makes websites look cool, attractive at the same time professional. 1. Digicrafts is an excellent place to start shopping for your flash apps. 2. JumpEye really makes your eye jump! 3. The eBay of flash applications. 4. FlashLoaded is loaded with flash apps that can blow your brains out. 5. Advanced Flash Components (AF Components) is a site of advanced flash action scripts components to help make your website more awesome. 6. is an excellent online source for flash apps and now they are on sale! 7. FlashEff is an acronym for Flash Effects, it helps creates tools for flash applications without the trouble of scripting all together. 8. The Craig’s List of Flash applications. 9. This is Yahoo! 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Words! 15. 16.

Slide.Show Showing off your photos is a lot harder than it should be. Vertigo tackled this problem during our latest exploration of Microsoft's Silverlight technology. By design, Silverlight enables us to build very rich interactive applications that improve people's experience working with media such as digital photos. We're proud to announce the release of Slide.Show, a Silverlight 1.0 application open to the public — the source is available on CodePlex. Slide.Show shows off some of the latest Silverlight technologies while also providing an elegant and simple photo sharing user experience. Features Minimal setup and configuration required to embed in any page Can be sized to fit any design and is even resizable for fluid layouts Full-screen and embedded modes Slideshow data from XML, Flickr, or your own custom provider Auto-playback with multiple transitions (e.g. fade, shape, slide, wipe, etc.) The Goods Quotes

Jumpeye Flash Components minishowcase v09b142 Flash Components & Files - FlashScope Flash Slideshow Software - Web Album Creator, Flash Gallery Builder, Photo Slideshow Maker Stock Flash Components, Web Templates, Banner Rotators Slides, A Slideshow Plugin for jQuery