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ALLDATASHEET.COM - Datasheet search site, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors and other semiconductors.

ALLDATASHEET.COM - Datasheet search site, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors and other semiconductors.
NEW DATASHEETS (2292) 17 March 2014EJ10106SS EJ10125 EJ1086S16 EJ1086SS EJ12105 EJ12105S16 EJ12105SS EJ12106S16 EJ12106SS EJ12108 EJ12108S16 EJ12108SS EJ12126 EJ12126S16 EJ12126SS EJ12146 EJ1264 EJ1264S16 EJ1264SS EJ14126 EJ14126S16 EJ14126SS EJ14128 EJ14128S16 EJSS EJSSQTR EJWK EJWKL ELP EMF EN4DH EN4DH162415LG LX2579SISUGW ML22825-XXX ML610401 ML610404 ML610407 ML610471 ML9476 ML9477 ML9478C ML9479E ML9480 ML9484 ML9488 ML9489 MR26T51203L MR26V01G53L MR26V02G54R MR27V3241L MR27V3252J MR27V6441L MR27V6452L MR27V6452R MR36V01G52B MR36V02G54B MR36V04G54B MR36V04G54S MR36V08G54C MR37V12841A MT29F1G08 MT36VDDF12872 MT3B3024 MTD20N03HDLT OSCM4L5111A OSCM4LS1C1A OSCM4LZ281P OSCM4TS4C1A OSG74L3131A OSG7NU3131A OSG7NU5111A OSG7XNE1C1E OSG7XNEHC1E OSK64LZ291P QF4A512-PA QH16T R24-100B R2401C2NBB R53C SI-3025LSA SI-3033KD SI-3033KS SI-3033LSA SI-3033ZD SI-3050KD SKI10297 SKP202 UF5400 W172DIP-149 W1902 W4150GG5000 WC-930 WH4D-1 WPT2 WRK-1000 WSYBT4 ZR01A ZR01B ZR01C ZR01D

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Semiconductor Logos Acer Acer Laboratories Actel Advanced Linear Devices MultiTasks Management for Salesforce Ubitasks is next generation Tasks productivity booster for Salesforce CRM and Services One of our prospects was searching a fast solution for sales and technicians to keep track of tasks in services projects and tasks management in an easy way. The proposed add-on has been built to manage tasks across your teams in Salesforce. Why another Hardware Processor? « Python Hardware Processor Hardware description languages are good for particular problems (e.g parallel memory calculation jobs). But it is tough to handle sequential execution problems with them. For such problems the sequential execution of a programm often fits well. A standard solution would be to use a Microcontroller Core (e.g. from Opencores written in VHDL). To programm this Microcontroller often the C programming language is used. The C code is converted to Assembler and the Assembler code is then loaded into the Microcontroller.

Baldengineer's Review of NI's VirtualBench The first time I saw the VirtualBench from NI, I was amazed by its shear size—or lack of size. At the time, the unit I had access to an uncalibrated pre-release unit at the Austin TechShop. So I didn’t think it was fair to do a full review. Fast forward to today.

An introduction to stepper motors If you’ve been reading Hack a Day for long enough, you know about our infatuation with stepper motors. These precious little devices put the oomph into our CNC routers, 3D printers, robots, and other miscellaneous projects. Steppers aren’t your run-of-the-mill motors, though.

Thermal photography Applications Thermal imaging can be used to document heat/AC leaks from insulation gaps on a building's facade, reveal warmer ground water inflows (either fresh or chemical-laden) or "thermal pollution" from industrial processes entering ocean-temperature waterbodies, as well as identify areas on the human body experiencing infection or stress (includes epidemiological applications). Community applications so far include both a "heat-busters" program in East Harlem and a "forensic" water quality monitoring program in the Gowanus Canal. Approaches There are three prototypes in development:

App note: CPLD special function pins Here is some basic information about special CPLD pin functions you might need when getting started with Xilinx or any other CPLD: Global Clock (GCK) pins Many high-speed digital logic designs need a clock signal that reaches all components simultaneously.

Dissection of a DVD writer Dissection of a DVD writer Ok, here is the ‘Victim’ a Sony DWD28Q 16x dual layer DVD writer And the underside: Now remove the four Philips screws & void the warranty seal ;-) Now release the left hand PCB Linear Pot - Motorized (10k linear) Description: These motorized sliders are very cool. Each is essentially a standard slide pot which is belt-driven by a small motor. The slide contains two separate 10k audio taper potentiometers so that you can use one as servo-feedback in order to read the position of the slider and use the other to control whatever your target is. There is also a touch sense line which is electrically connected directly to the metal slider tab so that you can interface the slider with capacitive touch circuitry.

C328R Jpeg camera and .NET Micro Framework One of the cool devices I wanted to get work with .NET Micro Framework was a camera. Problem with most of the camera is, that it's using almost 20 pins when connecting to CPU. There are eight pins for Y-bus (gray-scale image) next eight for U-bus (color channel) and three pins for clock, frame-sync and h-sync. After that, camera is usually required to be connected over I2C, for configuration settings (brightness, contrast, rotation etc.) Luckily there is the company called COMedia Ltd., producing still image cameras connected over serial interface.

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