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Track These KPIs and Learn How to Increase Sales Call Volume [VIDEO]

Telemarketing still pretty much remains a numbers game. To deliver results, calls need to be made at scale. Not convinced? Let’s do the math… Let’s say your funnel looks like this: 15% of contacts you reach are decision makers 25% of decision makers contacted become qualified leads 50% of qualified leads become sales-ready If you want your reps to meet 20 opportunities, you need to call up over 1,000 prospects. Keep in mind that’s all based on some pretty decent conversion rates. If those percentages go down, you have to call more contacts to hit your targets. That’s why you need volume to get results. To manage and improve sales call volume, keep a close eye on these 4 crucial metrics… Humanize your marketing automation and lead nurturing process. #1 Calls Per Hour This shows you the average rate an agent/rep places calls.High calls-per-hour numbers are generally a good sign.But when this metric is too high, it indicates low-quality conversations.So, don’t look at this metric by itself.

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Google Duplex and What It Means for Marketers Nothing scares conspiracy theorists more than an upcoming AI revolution. Well, that and lizard people of course. But as things go right now, companies are beginning to take notice of the benefits of automating core business functions. B2B marketers are already using marketing automation and AI-based CRM for their campaigns, and businesses have noted positive effects to their bottom lines using these technologies. Apparently, there’s no stopping the AI revolution, at least when it comes down to doing business. Sample Telemarketing Scripts for BUSINESS CONSULTING Here’s what’s in store for you this September! Subscribe to our newsletter and get your Sample Telemarketing Script for FREE! Scripts are used as guide for telemarketers to deliver the right message to their prospects. Our sample scripts for the Business Consulting Industry are ready-to-use templates with sample call flow for different situations - from your first encounter with the Gatekeeper until your call is transferred to the right person within their organization.

About Callbox - Company Profile - B2B Lead Generation Company Callbox started life as a Los Angeles, CA-based startup in 2004. That year, the company set up shop in the sleepy little town of Iloilo, Philippines with fewer than 20 employees doing inbound contact center work. In 2005, we branched out into outbound call center services, and things pretty much picked up from then on. We pioneered many of the tactics that would become standard practice in multi-channel strategies. This allowed us to rapidly expand our operations and grow our customer base, and the company soon established offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Today, Callbox is home to more than 700 employees and has carried out over 10,000 campaigns.

Boost your Conversion Rates Using these 5 Landing Page Tips Low conversions can mean that certain aspects in your landing page failed to stoke interest. In this case, you will need to improve these aspects by the doing the following tips taken from Create Landing Pages For The Different Stages Of The Sales Cycle The same offers and content won’t be relevant to all your leads. Sample Telemarketing Scripts for MEDICAL Download our free ebook: Here’s what’s in store for you this month! Subscribe to our newsletter and get your Sample Telemarketing Script for FREE! Scripts are used as guide for telemarketers to deliver the right message to their prospects.

150+ Software/Tech Marketing Stats to Help You Plan for 2018 - Looking for solid stats to support your 2018 marketing plan? We’ve got you covered. Having ploughed through the mountain of software/tech marketing data available, we’ve compiled all the essential numbers in this free eBook. This eBook features over 150 data points hand-picked from more than 60 reputable whitepapers, slide-decks, industry reports, and other published materials. These stats cover recent trends, usage, strategies/tactics, benchmarks, budget/spending, and barriers/challenges tech marketers face. Why Bad Telemarketing is the Real Problem Telemarketing, especially in the B2B industry, has gotten a bad rap nowadays. For one, many people have mentioned having a bad experience or two with a telemarketer. Indeed, people have their own opinions about the practice of cold-calling, but generally, everyone seems to have this idea that telemarketing is something to be avoided like the plague, or worn out literary clichés. Anyway, it is still important to note that telemarketing is a staple in every B2B enterprise’s attempts to generate high-quality leads. It is just that not a lot of people have a favorable view towards telemarketing, and for reasons that are too obvious right from the get-go.

Why Social Content Creation is a Big Deal Content is overrated. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has lost its efficiency in generating B2B leads. The hype only means that content is still relevant in expanding one’s sales pipeline. Still skeptical? Related: Is Quality B2B Content Dead?