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Geometry, Surfaces, Curves, Polyhedra The following is a random collection of various topics in geometry the author has explored or simply documented over the years. Many of the topics include source code illustrating how to solve various geometric problems, or to assist others recreating the geometric forms presented. Notes on polygons and meshes Includes Surface (polygon) simplification, Clipping a polygonal facet with an arbitrary plane, Surface Relaxation and Smoothing of polygonal data, Mesh crumpling, splitting polygons, two sided facets, polygon types, tests for clockwise and concavity, clipping line to polygons, area of a 3D polygon, area of general polygons, determining inside/outside test, intersection of a line and a facet, Eulers numbers. Notes on points, lines and planes Includes calculations for the distance between points, lines and planes. Notes on circles, cylinders and spheres Includes equations and terminology. The most important thing in the programming language is the name. Texture library Other ...

Grasshopper::Lists, Paths, and Trees G03 Due: April 24 at the start of class Spider-webs and Doilies Manipulating Grasshopper data-trees is hard, even when you understand the concept. This exercise is intended to allow a many "right" answers to be established, from relatively simple to more complex. There is no starting-point file for this -- just open a blank Rhino and Grasshoper file and start in!