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No Grownup Left Behind! Online Safety

Internet Safety and Cyber Ethics - Mr. Green's Language Arts Emporium What is it?Intellectual Property refers to anything that a person creates that can be protected by copyrights, trademarks, or patents. Copyrights cover a large range of tangible and intangible objects like websites, portraits, films, books, journals, music, paintings, poems, etc. With a copyright, the creator has the right to decide if their product can be used and what it can be used for. In the US, a work is automatically copyrighted once it’s in tangible form (meaning once there is a physical copy of the work), which means anyone who publishes anything has copyright ownership. What’s wrong with it? How do I avoid it? Here is a video about the risks involved in using others' intellectual property without proper permission.

12: Video, music, and visual presentations with Animoto This is the 12th post in the “30 days to using the best of the web’s free tools for educators” series. Be sure to subscribe to the Teacher Challenge blog by RSS, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter to keep up with future challenge posts as they are published. This guest post is written by the groovy librarian – Glenda Morris. Objectives In this teacher challenge activity you will: Be introduced to Animoto For Education.Create your own digital story on a topic of your own choice by inserting either your own images or Creative Commons licenced images (or a combination of both).Find Creative Commons licenced images if you don’t know how to locate them already.Write a blog post that includes the digital story you created and share it with the rest of the participants in this Challenge by embedding it to your blog.Make comment on the digital stories created by others in this challenge.Visit the discussion question for this activity and share your ideas. Challenge Task Step 1. Step 4.

Connectivity over Internet: Boon or Bane It is about the time when the idea of connecting to people online was a trend and it surprised people. But now it is not just a trend anymore, but a way of life. It is one of the major parts of one’s chores. It does not appear that a normal life is even possible without online social networking. It is such a vast range, that it seems impossible to cover all of them in one lifetime. The social network is extensively in use irrespective of age, country or linguistic differences. Enhancements and Characteristics: With the growing demand and extensive use, companies are motivated to create more and create better. Briefly, Initially, talking over the internet via text messages were introduced. What is special about social media or connecting over the internet? This brings them popularity; recognition and it brings them closer to people with common hobbies. How safe is Internet? It is mostly the teens who spend most of their time on the internet and social media. Like this: Like Loading...

Klikaklu: Picture Treasure Hunts and Scavenger Hunts on Your iPhone Nettisivun arviointi As our students grow dependant on Internet being a primary source for their information, it becomes of urgent necessity that we, as teachers and educators, should know how to evaluate web content and decipher credible resources from spam and irrelevant ones. Regrettably enough, some of the teachers who are using technology in their instruction still don't come to grips with the mechanisms used to sift through internet content. There is a crude analogy to this situation . Update : This article is available for download in a Slideshare presentation below Being able to evaluate online content is a skill detrimental to the 21st century education. Techniques of Web Evaluation Below is a list of some of the best and most important techniques we can use to teach our students about how to evaluate a web page. 1- Scan the URL The URL is the web address of the page you are reading. it has this format of the of article you are Is there an author ? Webliography :

5-Minute Film Festival: Turning Bystanders Into Upstanders Against Bullying This October, for Bullying Prevention Month, empower kids by showing them how one person can make a difference when it comes to bullying. It takes courage to move from being a bystander, who is merely observing cruel behavior, to being an upstander, who speaks up against it. I've gathered some resources for you to help teach the kids in your life to be upstanders instead of bystanders, starting by simply choosing kindness and inclusion. Video Playlist: Become an Upstander Watch the player below to see the whole playlist, or view it on YouTube. Bystander Revolution | What Can One Person Do To Help? More Resources on Speaking Out Against Bullying The anti-bullying movement has gained steam over the past few decades and evolved as new concerns emerged around technology and digital citizenship, and as adults became more aware of how dire the consequences of bullying can be.

Social Media Classroom Availability over Internet: Boon or Bane It is about the time when associating with individuals online was a pattern and it astonished individuals. Be that as it may, now it isn't only a pattern any longer, yet a lifestyle. It is one of the real parts of one's errands. It doesn't create the impression that a typical life is even conceivable without online person to person communication. It is the most progressive change in innovation and systems administration. It is such an immense range, that it appears to be difficult to cover every one of them in one lifetime. The informal community is broadly being used regardless of age, nation or semantic contrasts. Improvements and Characteristics: With the developing interest and broad utilize, organizations are inspired to make progressively and make better. Quickly, At first, talking over the web by means of instant messages was presented. What is exceptional about web-based social networking or interfacing over the web? How protected is Internet?

6 nettisivun arviointikriteeriä Some call it information overload and others name it infomania, but regardless of the differing nomenclature the emergence of web2.0 and the easy and wide access to internet has created a tsunami of information flowing recklessly online and in all directions. A simple search in Google using the keyword "educational technology" would render thousands of hits and sifting through all of these results would probably take you days. Unfortunately, a fairly moderate amount of indexed information found on the net is junk. Being evaluative and selective about the data and facts you find online is a prerequisite for a cutting on this information obesity. For us in education, enabling students to successfully assess and evaluate information is one of our teaching priorities. I am also sharing with you this great resource from radcab I stumbled upon today which provides detailed explanations on the different steps to information evaluation. Click on each title for further information

anruechai - Harrassment and Cyber Bullying By Cheryl GrossEDU64201/15/2012 With the rampant growth of Internet and technology usage, more and more of our youth and young children have access and utilize the Internet and technology tools for fun and education. With this increase comes safety and security concerns for parents and educators alike as to how we can make this access safe and secure as well as a fun experience for our children today. One of the rapidly growing problems that has resulted from increased utilization is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the cruel online posting of digital pictures/videos and/or negative comments that threaten, harass, stalk, intimidate, and embarrass through and on Web pages, texts, emails, chat rooms, and instant messaging. Victims of cyber bullying are angry, frustrated, sad, embarrassed, and scared.

Disney's Anti-Obesity 'Habit Heroes' Exhibit At Epcot Causes Controversy (PHOTOS) UPDATE : 2/28 2:23 p.m. -- Disney responded to our inquiries about the exhibit's closure with the following statement: We are currently in a soft opening period for Habit Heroes, which gives us a chance to collect guest feedback and test and adjust the attraction prior to its opening. In order to work on further improving and refining the experience, we've decided to close the attraction for the time being. We look forward to officially opening it soon. UPDATE : 2/26 2:08 p.m. -- Disney's Habit Heroes website has been shut down indefinitely for maintenance. Disney World has officially joined the fight against childhood obesity -- and the reactions are mixed. An interactive exhibit named Habit Heroes opened on February 3rd as part of Disney's Innoventions , a two-building playspace at Epcot, the Orlando Sentinel reports . The Orlando Sentinel describes the Epcot exhibit : In the first of three interactive rooms, visitors confront (remote) Control Freak and blow up raining televisions.

Dos and Don’ts for Being a Good Digital Citizen Today is the world has conquered by internet and social media. In the past people belonged to a country, a state and a city. Now, in this digital world they belong to one or more internet communities. This participation grants them the digital citizenship. Similar to the citizens of a country, digital citizens also have some rights and responsibilities. A good digital citizen is the one who has respect for his or her on self and for others. Dos for good digital citizenship> Many of us have gained digital literacy and are active participants in online activities. Don’ts for good digital citizenship> Don’t say anything to anyone online, which you will not be able to say standing in front of that person. So, if you follow the above guidelines, then you will be safe in online world along with other people out there and everyone can enjoy their digital citizenship to the fullest.