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8 Photography Cheat Sheets + 250 Links to Resources I'm so excited to have you here at Pretty Presets. I'd like to welcome you with some helpful cheat sheets that I believe will help save you time and money. You can save this to your computer or have it printed out. Personally, I have a copy sitting next to me and enjoy having the references available. At the end of the book there are pages of resources to help encourage you as you learn more about lightroom and expand upon your photography business. Photographer's Cheat Sheets Bundle includes: Sharper Photos in CameraCamera SettingsExposure ModesBacklight and SunlightSide Light and Front LightCloudy and ShadeBokehPhoto Basics250+ Tutorials, Blog Posts and Freebies! Laura owns Pretty Presets and is the co-founder of Rock The Shot Forum.

12 Mind Blowing Photoshop Actions That Transforms Any Image into a Piece of Art Lets kick this off by saying that these Photoshop actions literally made my jaw drop. Rewind 10 years, there I am spending hours upon hours in Photoshop creating pieces for fun that are similar to the outcomes of these Actions (I will be the first to admit that these outcomes are slightly better), fast foward 10 years, you can do it in one click. Rediculous! Sevenstyles, you have blown my mind. Whilst part of me thinks that by using actions you are missing out on a huge learning curve (look back at the steps the action goes through in the actions panel if you want to learn how it is done and try to recreate it), another part thinks that not everyone is a designer and those of you who are will understand how relentless and fastpaced the industry can be. Fury Photoshop Action Download Here Dispersion Download Here MoonStone Download Here Shimmer Download Here SandStorm Download Here ModernArt Download Here Elemental Photoshop Action Download Here Canvas Download Here Watercolor & Pencil Download Here

9 Top Photography Composition Rules You Need To Know Here's 9 top photography composition rules for you to learn, shoot with then if you want to, break. 1. Fill The Frame / Cropping If your shot is in danger of losing impact due to a busy background/surroundings, crop in tight around your main point of focus, eliminating the background so all attention falls on your main subject. 2. Keep an eye on the edges of your frame to make sure the person/animal you're photographing hasn't had any of their body parts chopped off by it. 3. The most basic of all photography rules is all about dividing your shot into nine equal sections by a set of vertical and horizontal lines. 4. Frames have various uses when it comes to composition. 5. Our eyes are unconsciously drawn along lines in images so by thinking about how, where and why you place lines in your images will change the way your audience view it. 6. Photo by Rick Hanson. 7. 8. 9. Having fore-, middle- and background detail will add depth to your image as well as draw the eye through the picture.

Workshop: Grundfiguren Alle Bildelemente lassen sich auf wenige Grundformen wie Rechteck, Ellipse oder Dreieck reduzieren. Sie können daher auch aufbauend auf diesen Grundfiguren zahlreiche Objekte gestalten. Wir bringen Photoshop etwas Geometrie bei. Umformen 1. Aus einem Quadrat können Sie sehr schnell weitere Formen gestalten. Über Bearbeiten > Transformieren > Skalieren können Sie das Quadrat in die Länge ziehen und erhalten so ein Rechteck, über Transformieren > Neigen erhalten Sie ein Parallelogramm oder eine Raute. 2. Ein Quadrat können Sie auch über Bearbeiten > Transformieren um 45 Grad drehen. Ein gleichschenkliges Trapez entsteht aus einem Rechteck, das über Transformieren > Perspektivisch verzerren geformt wird. 3. Ein gleichschenkliges Dreieck entsteht mit dem Polygon-Werkzeug, das in den Optionen auf drei Seiten eingestellt wurde. In der dritten Dimension 1. Sehr schnell lässt sich aus den Grundelementen Rechteck und Dreieck eine Schachtel formen. 2. 3.

So You Want to be a Photographer? I remember very clearly when I decided to become a photographer. I had been working as an aide at my children’s school and due to the state’s budget, cuts were being made. All aides were being laid off. I had been working 2 hours a day for the last 2 years and thought that this was my chance to finally be a photographer. After all, all of my friends wanted me to take pictures of their kids and I already owned a nice camera. How much work could there be to it? Wrong! In my experience, here is what made me a photographer: I shot in auto for the first 6 months of owning my business. Seek out other photographers. Now let’s break it down: Be in control of your camera and master shooting in manual Value your time and yourself. Amy Phipps is the photographer behind On the Phippside Photography, located in Stockton, California. Visit her website. Laura owns Pretty Presets and is the co-founder of Rock The Shot Forum.

Photoshop CS6 auf Englisch umstellen » Cindy & Sebastian Hochzeitsfotografie Video-Tutorials für Photoshop sind oftmals in Englisch. Mit einer deutschen Version von Photoshop ist es daher manchmal schwierig, die genaue Bezeichnung der einzelnen Menüpunkte nachzuvollziehen. Anders als Lightroom kann die Sprache bei Photoshop CS6 auch nicht mehr verändert werden. Zum Glück gibt es einen kleinen Trick, mit welchem die Sprache „umgestellt“ werden kann. Im Ordner Adobe Photoshop CS6 > Locales > de_DE > Support Files befindet sich die Datei tw10428.dat. Diese Datei einfach in den Ordner de_DE verschieben und Photoshop starten, und schon ist Photoshop CS6 in der englischen Version benutzbar. Wer also auf mögliche Probleme keine Lust hat, der kann sich die Begriffe auf Deutsch und Englisch zum Beispiel auf dieser Seite ansehen. Update 9.11.2013: Es gibt definitiv ein Problem mit der automatischen Update-Funktion von Adobe.

How to get a blurred background from your dSLR's kit lens There are plenty of good reasons to put down your smartphone or point-and-shoot and buy a digital SLR. If, for you, it was because you drooled over food photography with a shallow depth of field or portraits where the subject is in sharp focus but the background is blurred, you may have immediately been disappointed by your shots and left wondering what you were doing wrong. The fact is the lens that comes with most dSLRs, aka the kit lens, isn't really your best option for achieving a shallow depth of field. Without getting into the technical details, cameras with large sensors, such as digital SLRs, are able to create more background blur than the much smaller sensors in an average point-and-shoot. For example, the standard kit lens usually has a maximum aperture of f3.5 and ideally you'll what something much wider (lower f-stop number) like a lens that starts at f1.8, f2.0, or f2.8. Learn your lens' minimum focus distance Zoom all the way in and get as close as possible

8 Tutorial-Seiten für Designer, mit denen ihr euer Handwerk nicht verlernt Tutorials für Photoshop, Sketch, Affinity und mehr. Mit diesen Tutorials könnt ihr eure Skills optimieren und auffrischen. Unabhängig davon, ob du ein alter Hase oder frisch gebackener Designer bist - Design-Skills kann man immer optimieren. Und damit der ein oder andere Handgriff nicht einrostet, haben wir eine Liste mit acht kostenlosen Tutorial-Seiten für Designer erstellt. 1. Abduzeedo bietet euch täglich Inspiration und News rund um das Thema Design, dazu kommen kostenlose Tutorials. 2. Wie der Name schon verrät, findet ihr hier ausschließlich Tutorials für das Pixelprogramm. 3. Auch auf der Online-Plattform digitalartsonline findet ihr Inspiration, Tutorials und Guides. 4. Canva bietet nicht nur ein umfangreiches und kostenloses Designtool, sondern auch eine große Auswahl an passenden Tutorials, die ausschließlich für das Designtool geeignet sind. 5. 6. 83 brilliante Photoshop-Tutorials 7. Envatotuts+ ist ein Markt für Templates jeglicher Art. 8.

Turn Your Fridge into a Gallery Wall, Make Photo Magnet Mosaics! They say opposites attract. Big, boring fridge, meet cute magnetic photos. We think you’ll get along just fine! It’s time to spruce up that lonely appliance, sitting in the corner, begging for attention. Follow this tutorial for a step-by-step guide to make miniature works of art in the form of magnetic photo tiles. You can make a mosaic or a lovely grid of your favorite Instagram photos. Either way, you’ll make your other appliances envious and turn that big blank canvas of a fridge into a stunning gallery. Turn Your Fridge into a Photo Gallery p.s. Why it’s cool: Why should picture frames have all the fun? These little photos are sure to cheer you up every time you head to the kitchen. This process is quick, easy, and functional to boot! What you’ll need: Photos to print PrinterMat board or Illustration boardModge Podge Dimensional Magic GlazeMagnetsXacto knife orScissorsRuler Straight pinPlastic cups STEP 1: Size and Print Shrink ‘em up! First, we made our images 2×2″. Step 2: Trim the Prints: