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The 75 Best Android Apps

The 75 Best Android Apps
Maybe you just got your very first Android device, or maybe you've been using the best Android phones since they first came on the market. Or maybe, by choice or circumstance, you've factory-reset your phone and are looking at a completely blank slate. Either way, finding the best apps to get your Android device ready to take on the world can be a daunting task. Consider: If you looked at an app from Google Play every second, without stopping, it would take more than 23 days to see them all. Our 14 categories are presented alphabetically, and you'll find a little bit of everything from productivity and utilities to food and travel. If this is your first time with an Android device, 100 apps might be too much to deal with right off the bat. When we look for apps to add to this list, we're after those that excel in two areas: uniqueness and elegance. We also consider timeliness, design, price, security, and popularity when putting the list together. Browsers Food Health and Fitness Photos Related:  Empty Dropzone

Flasher et Rooter son Galaxy Ace (Page 1) / Samsung Galaxy Ace / Androix - Communauté francophone Android "By luck, I stumbled upon your site, and of course I wanted to try it out. I went on to deposit $500 on OneTwoTrade, then opened 5 positions and won 4. Took out the $500 and still have the profit of $288 to trade with. This is a great system you got there Sir, I definitely owe you one." Shelly Green - New York "I began with $200 on OneTwoTrade and I went down to $100 the first day. John Bates - Los Angeles "I didn't know what to think about this system at first, as I have always looked at trading as too complicated and only for professionals... obviously I was wrong. Julia Moore - Chicago "Just started trading binary options a month ago. Scott Parker - Miami

History of biochemistry The history of biochemistry can be said to have started with the ancient Greeks who were interested in the composition and processes of life, although biochemistry as a specific scientific discipline has its beginning around the early 19th century.[1] Some argued that the beginning of biochemistry may have been the discovery of the first enzyme, diastase (today called amylase), in 1833 by Anselme Payen,[2] while others considered Eduard Buchner's first demonstration of a complex biochemical process alcoholic fermentation in cell-free extracts to be the birth of biochemistry.[3][4] Some might also point to the influential work of Justus von Liebig from 1842, Animal chemistry, or, Organic chemistry in its applications to physiology and pathology, which presented a chemical theory of metabolism,[1] or even earlier to the 18th century studies on fermentation and respiration by Antoine Lavoisier.[5][6] Protobiochemistry[edit] Enzymes[edit] [edit] [edit] [edit] Glucose absorption[edit] [edit]

微软社交网站So.cl悄悄上线 - 创意科技 就在Facebook成功完成IT史上规模最大IPO的第二天,硅谷的另一个巨头微软也悄无声息地迈出了自己在社交媒体方面的新一步:微软实验室下属的FUSE(Future Social Experience,未来社交体验)实验室研发的新社交网站 (发音与social一致)正式上线了。 当然,目前看来So.cl的上线并不是微软对Facebook的宣战,根据微软的描述,启动So.cl是为了进行对开放式搜索的测试,并且为学生们提供与同学间分享信息的平台。“目前 FUSE实验室的So.cl项目对所有有兴趣的用户开发,”一名微软发言人告诉Cnet网站,“So.cl是一个实验性的研究项目,主要是为了研究社交体验与社交学习过程,尤其是在青少年学生群体中。” 用户可以通过Facebook或Windows Live账户登录,在登录之后,用户首页上会展示一系列“推荐话题”,向用户推荐他可能感兴趣的分享内容。 与Facebook的“分享与推荐”按钮相似,So.cl的工具栏中也有一个“在So.cl上分享”按钮,允许用户将其加入浏览器书签中,随时与其他So.cl使用者分享有趣的内容。 So.cl上比较有亮点的新功能是用户可以自己创建“视频派对”,这个功能并不是多人视频会话,参与派对的用户可以与其他人同步观看自己搜索到的视频,观看的同时还可以一起聊天、加入新的视频。 微软将So.cl定义为“对开放式搜索的实验”,这就意味着在用户同意的前提下,他们的每一次搜索都会向其他用户和第三方公开。 在使用过程中他们发现,So.cl上的所有搜索结果都是由必应搜索提供,作为微软的产品这无可厚非,但在用户每一次“Riff”内容时,他们加入的信息都会成为必应上新的搜索结果,这听上去是不是一种为必应丰富搜索结果的好办法? 另外,就像很多人认为Google+其实是谷歌为自己所有产品创造的“社交胶水”一样,So.cl也很可能是微软为了整合产品而创造的粘合剂,远超过他们对其“研究工具”的定义。 参考资料: CNET网站: Microsoft quietly launches social network TNW网站: Microsoft would like you to think that is for students, but don’t be fooled

Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives If you belong to the group of people that relied on Google Reader for their daily dosage of reading, you were probably very upset to hear the news about the Reader’s upcoming demise on July 1st. Upset may be an understatement. Some fans are taking it so far as organizing protests against Google’s decision. It’s understandable. Fans of RSS, you shall not remain orphaned! 1. Feedly seems to be the most proper heir to the Google Reader throne. The Feedly team has been preparing for the Google Reader shut down for a while now and created a great solution for the new situation. Feedly >> 2. Another tool that can be a great Google Reader alternative is NewsBlur. But NewsBlur is a reader with soul. Newsblur >> 3. Let’s face it. There are many great mobile apps for content feeds out there, and it eventually comes down to personal taste. pocket >> 4. Online curatorship is a growing trend, much owing to Pinterest’s ongoing success. >>

[ROMs] XXKPH / Android 2.3.4 + XXKP8/9/B/E / Android 2.3.3 pour le Galaxy Ace Yosh! Intro: Je m'incruste dans la section Ace pour vous annoncer une petite nouvelle (je suis d'ailleurs étonné de pas voir de topic dessus ici!) qui devrait vous ravir, même si vous n'êtes pas trop bidouilleur.En effet, un leak (une fuite quoi) d'une ROM du Galaxy Ace tournant sous Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread vient d'atterrir sur le vaste web, plus précisément sur (relayée par Ceci signifie donc, pour les non bidouilleurs, que la màj grand public pour le Ace devrait arriver dans (relativement) peu de temps. Mise à jour (11/06/11) Le dernier firmware porte le doux nom de S5830XXKPH, à récupérer ici (ou là). La date de build du firmware XXKPH est du 2 Juin 2011. (plus de détails sur les apports de la KPH ici, merci à Amarili!) Anciens firmwares: - S5830XXKPE, à télécharger par ici, toujours la même démarche pour flasher! La date de build du firmware XXKPE est du 5 Mai 2011. - S5830XXKPB, à télécharger par ici, toujours la même démarche pour flasher! Voilà! Ah oui!

New Study Finds Wal-Mart’s Miserly Wages Cost Taxpayers Update: For more recent analysis, see “New Data Show How Big Chains Free Ride on Taxpayers at the Expense of Responsible Small Businesses,” from June 2013. California taxpayers are spending $86 million a year providing healthcare and other public assistance to the state’s 44,000 Wal-Mart employees, according to a new study by UC Berkeley’s Institute for Industrial Relations. The study, “Hidden Cost of Wal-Mart Jobs,” found that the average Wal-Mart worker required $730 in taxpayer-funded healthcare and $1,222 in other forms of assistance, such as food stamps and subsidized housing, to get by. Even compared to other retailers, Wal-Mart imposes an especially large burden on taxpayers. Employees who’ve been with Wal-Mart for at least a year (about 65 percent of the company’s workforce) make an average of $9.70 per hour, compared to $14.01 per hour for workers at other large retail stores. As Wal-Mart expands in California, the cost to taxpayers will grow.

如何修复 Chrome 书签栏图标显示不正常 将 Chrome 书签拦上的书签名称删除后,可以仅凭借网站图标来选择书签,不仅省地方而且美观。@scavin 的书签栏这几天不知何故所有的图标全部不见了,如下图: 一种可能原因是 Chrome 的自动升级机制破坏了图标文件。上面提到的让书签栏只显示图标的方法很简单: 解决 Chrome 书签栏图标显示不正常的办法也很容易: 1. C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default 找到 Favicons 文件,删除之,重启 Chrome。 2. ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Favicons 同样删除 Favicons 文件,重启 Chrome 即可。 重启后的 Chrome 暂时还无法显示图标,需要依此访问这些网站,之后才会显示出来

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! - Imeimei Débloquer le galaxy ace vers tous les opérateurs ! Rooter et Désimlocker un Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Bonjour Ce Tuto concerne les Téléphone Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830) sous Android Gingerbead 2.3 Version officiel 2.3.5 : S5830XWKS2 Recommandé ! Avertissement : Ces opérations comportent que tres peu de risque. Tout d'abord, il faut Télécharger Kies et l'installer pour que votre pc puisse connecter le téléphone: donc commençons. Partie I : ROOTAGE DU MOBILE Root pour Android 2.3 Gingerbread (fonctionne pour 2.3.3/2.3.4/2.3.5/2.3.6/2.3.7)Pré-requis :- Télécharger le fichier : 1.) 2.) 3.) éteignez votre mobile 4.)Appuyez simultanément sur les touches POWER et HOME 5.) 6.) 7.) Pour le unroot : Faire la même manipulation que pour le root en remplaçant le fichier par le fichier : Partie II : DESIMLOCKAGE DU MOBILE Avant tout s'assurer que le ACE n'est pas desimlockerEntrer sur le clavier du ACE ce code : Citation:*#7465625# Puis :