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Fragrant Nature offers ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ for GCC visitors

Fragrant Nature offers ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ for GCC visitors
Fragrant Nature, the creator of premium lifestyle hospitality experiences in Kerala, is showcasing three exceptional hotels and resorts in Kerala at the Arabian Travel Market 2017 in Dubai. The Arabian Travel Market (ATM), which opens tomorrow (April 24) will run till April 27. The award-winning hospitality operator has also strengthened its new ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ package, especially for visitors from the GCC region, promising them three authentic lifestyle experiences just in time for summer. Already one of the most-recognised hotel and resorts operator in Kerala, Fragrant Nature Resorts is also looking to expand to the GCC region, and bring its flavour of hospitality that is defined by personalised service, organic food, wellness and exotic locations. “Our ‘Kerala Golden Trio Package’ has been specially created for visitors from the region, who want to experience the diversity of Kerala’s natural beauty and also have memorable and authentic hospitality choices.”

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8 Photography Trends to Watch In 2018 - JaypeeOnline Photography has kept on advancing over the years with exciting changes. D. Scott Carruthers, an expert in photography, has been researching on the photography patterns expected in 2018. Changes in photography will ensure growth in different trends. Food photography: the tricks of the trade Last week, I met my new neighbour for the first time, at 7am, over the garden fence. He was getting on his bicycle; I was squatting, in my pyjamas, photographing an ice cream sundae. It wasn't until later I realised he probably thought me strange. Barbecuing jerk chicken on a grey and chilly Monday to get a shot before the rain sets in, or crouching over a lone scotch egg in the local park is all in a day's work for me. I never gave food photography much thought before joining the industry. My first food shoot, while on work experience with a BBC cookery magazine, was a shock.

Experts forecast new health food trends for 2019 Plant-based foods, probiotic snacks and products providing transparency are a few of the trends for healthy eating in 2019. Dietitian Patricia Bannan says for those who follow healthy diets - the 'veggie' offerings are predicted to be huge. "A continued emphasis on plant-based foods but with faux meats, things like jackfruit in them, things like seeds and almonds," said Bannan. Jackfruit is particularly interesting.

9 Photographers on the Future Trends of Stock Photography [1] Image by TierneyMJ (Michiko Tierney). [2] Image by TierneyMJ (Michiko Tierney). Where do you find inspiration for your photography? Illustration is the biggest inspiration for my stock photo work. Illustrations often have strong and clear concepts. By their nature, they are free of unwanted distractions and have a clarity of intention. They represent an idealistic world. Food Photography 101: How to Take Perfect Pictures of Your Food Checking your Instagram or Facebook feed, you’re almost certain to see a constant barrage of food pictures scrolling by like images in a slot machine. Everyone from world leaders to celebrities to your Aunt Mabel seems to be posting snapshots of the latest, most scrumptious treats they’re about to consume. While these decadent pics of juicy burgers and colorful cakes might seem frivolous to some—great food photography is essential for others. Businesses like restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, grocery stores and more thrive on the strength of their food photography. A photo that perfectly captures the essence of a dish can make or break a food business’s social media marketing strategy, blog post, or product photo—and that can mean the difference between massive sales and massive loss.

Fragrant Nature Resort, Kerala, India - Ayurveda Treatment Packages. Fragrant Nature Resort offers wellness holidays away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It nestles amongst graceful palms, on five acres of beautifully landscaped, waterside land, on a breathtakingly beautiful and serene lake. "Prana", the spa at Fragrant Nature offers a wide range of Ayurveda treatments. 'Aroma Fresh' is the hotel's horticulture wing, which has a retail network of food stores across South India. They have own farms which follow strict quality measures to ensure 100% pesticide free and nutrient balanced farm produces. Vegetable and fruits used at the hotel are sourced from Aroma Fresh.

Through the World’s Eyes: The 2018 Visual Trend Forecast from Adobe Stock With 2018 just around the corner, the team at Adobe Stock is looking ahead. We’ve been tracking the visual conversation around the world, from shows and galleries, to brand campaigns, and our own stock collection, to put together a list of the biggest visual trends to watch in the coming year. Our trend forecast is designed to give brands and artists a window into what’s drawing consumers’ attention in a fast-changing world. One Light Set Ups for Food Photography To really take control of your food photography lighting, you need to learn to use artificial lighting. The good news is that your food photography lighting equipment and set-ups need not be complicated. One light is all you need for great food photos. Note that for this article, I’m not talking about advertising or food product photography. Those are highly specialised and require more lights and a lot of Photoshop.

12 Health Food Trends to Be on the Lookout for in 2019 With a new year on the horizon, there are a bunch of incoming health food trends to get excited about. Activated charcoal and golden milk lattes may have dominated Instagram feeds in 2018, but 2019 will see the rise of fads even more photogenic. Some of the ones that are going to take off in a big way have already been gaining steam—if you've noticed oat milk's growing popularity in the last few months, prepare to see more of that. Other predicted trends have been staples in cuisines outside the U.S. (tahini) and/or popular in the food world for a long time (orange wine). As someone who is constantly looking for the next hot food thing, I know a fad in the making when I see one.

6 Pros Share Their Lighting Secrets for Better Portrait Photography © Shane Ernest | Rare Photography As people move through different stages of their life, photographic records of these events are the mainstay of the portrait photographer’s business model. The idea of hiring a professional photographer to capture life’s important moments will never be completely replaced by relying on family or friends to “just take a picture.” 11 Great Camera Angles for Food Photography Choosing the best angle, when shooting food, comes from a good observation and an inner feeling. Before composing your image, try to enter into a visual meditation, move calmly around your subject and simply observe with your bare eyes. Just keep in mind that this meditation cannot be long-lasting, as you know that freshly prepared food will not continue to maintain that “fresh look” for more than a few minutes. Food Photography is very similar to photographing people in a sense that each person has her best side.