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Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials :

Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials :
Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials Posted on | September 14, 2009 | 7 Comments The main building block, of many polymer clay projects, is an attractive cane. Polymer clay canes can be used to cover useful objects, to create jewelry and to build mosaics. In the opinion of many crafters, a good polymer clay cane, is an art form in itself. Faux Gem Polymer Clay Canes Fossil Agate Coral Polymer Clay Cane Polymer Clay Fruit Cane Symbolic Polymer Clay Canes Flower Polymer Clay Canes Advanced Polymer Clay Canes Geometric Polymer Clay Canes Polymer Clay Face Canes Animal Polymer Clay Canes Striped Polymer Clay Canes Jellyroll Polymer Clay Canes Polymer Clay Leaf Canes Lacy Polymer Clay Canes Novelty Polymer Clay Canes Read More : Polymer Clay or Home Category: Polymer ClayTags: Polymer Clay Comments 7 Responses to “Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials” Cat Therien September 15th, 2009 @ 10:28 am Hi Craft Stew! Leave a Reply Categories

Tatana polimerica fimo polymer clay joyeria jewelry spain españa - Texturas - Textures Make your own texture plates Restos de arcilla - Scrap clay Objetos que encuentres por casa (peine, bolígrafo, regla... comb, pen, ruler... 1.- Haz una lámina con los restos de arcilla del mayor grosor de la máquina de pasta. 2.- Comienza a presionar con cuidado de no taladrar la lámina con las herramientas de textura que encuentres por casa (las posibilidades son infinitas!) nota: antes de presionar cada herramienta puedes mojarla un poco en agua, esto ayudará a que no se quede pegada a la arcilla. - (note: before pressing, you can dip the tools in a bit of water, it will keep them from sticking to the clay) 3.- Corta los bordes, que se habrán deformado un poco. 4.- Cuece la pieza durante media hora a la temperatura recomendada. 4.- Tu superfice ya está lista para ser realzada con Pearl-ex, Perfect Pearls, pintura acrílica... cortada y cocida!

sandzdesignz | This site is the cat’s pajamas Marlaine Verhelst Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Take a second to peek around and check out some of my previous posts. Of course, I would love to find out what you think as well, so make sure to comment. See you around! More ... Russian Svetlana Pchelnikova has published a brand new book about male figures in Doll Art. My piece “Taking care of Chicken” is on the cover! This head was not finished sculpting yet but when I unwrapped it (months later) there was some fungus or alga growing on the porcelain clay. This is one of the students in my Facial Expressions class in Prague. a Big thank you to my friend Bohdana and her team for organizing this Doll Prague Show and the workshops and making me feel so welcome. Doll Prague 2013. From left to right: Saskia Hoeboer, Marlaine Verhelst, Caroline van Stiphout, Kathleen Engelen, Christine Polis. Such a great city, such nice people! Cara Rae of asked me for a radio interview again: So have fun listening. Post by

The magic of Lidia Snul, Russian BJD Artist (Part 2) In the second part of our interview with Lidia Snul, Lidia tells us about her plans to create an older BJD, maybe a boy BJD, and the “birth” of Ophelia and Croby. BJDmagazine: Do you think of creating dolls with older features? Lidia: Yes, I have a project “Ice Queen” – an older woman, well preserved in a cool and dry place. Right now she is in the stage of a master-model, I’ve been planning to make molds of her for a long time, but I have many other orders to work on. This is my Mermaid. BJDmagazine: Do you make the wigs and the eyes of your dolls? Lidia: Yes, I make the wigs. BJDmagazine: You have designed only females. Lidia: I have a mold of a young guy. My latest project. BJDmagazine: Please tell us more about the birth of Kroby and Ophelia. Lidia: Oh well, what can I say… First about Kroby. As for Ophelia – she just somehow happened… I didn’t know what she was going to be like until I put in the eyes. My working desk on a day when I am teaching a BJD-making class. Lidia: Constantly.

Official Patricia Rose Studio Fantasy Art dolls & supplies Home Page A Curious Mind Devine Dollutional Design: 3D Higher Delights Doll Makers Dream- How to Make Your Own Dolls Ankie Daanen Doll Art Mimi's - Everything for Dolls, Dollmakers, and Dollmaking Enchanted Doll » Blog Archive » The Birth of Ruby- Greenware Cleaning Soft-fired doll parts have been laid out in front of me for quite some time now and my desk is all set up for cleaning. Water bucket – check, sanding sponges – check, an assortment of various tools – also check. Still, I sit there, eyeing the parts through squinted eyes like they are my mortal enemies, challenging them to either get the hell out of my sight or clean themselves for once. I catch myself sighing with resignation for the fourth time as I anticipate the mind-numbing repetitiveness and inevitable length of the upcoming cleaning session, pick up a tiny hand and place it in the hot water. I procrastinate some more by watching a stream of air-bubbles emerge from it as sinks and think of how I always start with a hand for some reason. What a creature of habit. This is the one stage of the doll-making process I really don’t ever look forward to. Tomorrow I will, no doubt regret this self-indulgence and will have to play catch up, but tomorrow is tomorrow. Polymer Clay Sculpting Tips and Tutorials 1: Keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes (baby wipes) on hand to keep you hands clean while sculpting. Any little piece of dirt of pet hair your hands pick up will stick to your sculpt. 2: Get a lazy susan, it’s a simple thing but being able to turn your sculpts easily is really helpful. I found a great 14″ diameter bamboo one for $10, so not a big investment. 3: Mirrors are your friend. A great way to tell if you have something lopsided is to look at it reversed in a mirror, it really brings out any problems. 4: Smooth out your polymer clay using isopropyl alcohol. 90% will smooth more aggressively than 70%. 5: Get a pasta machine. More tips can be found here.

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