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Best way to present Powerpoint on iPad or iPhone

Best way to present Powerpoint on iPad or iPhone
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Recension av Bitsboard - Skapa flashcards med bilder och ljud Användningsområden I Bitsboard kan du skapa egna flashcards med foto som du tar själv eller från bildgalleriet. Du kan också spela in ljud till bilderna. Det finns också många färdiga flashcards att hämta ner. Bitsboard Flashcards på svenska Sökträffar När du har skapat eller laddat ner ett set med flashcards så kan de användas på flera sätt, t ex bygga meningar, rätt eller fel tryck på bilden mm. Det finns en liten guide inbyggd i appen. Dina egna flashcards kan du dela till alla som har appen. Bitsboard är en enkel, rolig och mångsidig app som får fyra i betyg. Funktioner Skapa egna set med flashcards med bild, text och ljud.Bilder kan läggas till genom galleri eller genom att fotografera direkt.Ladda ner färdiga set med flashcards på flera språk.Redigera befintliga set på många sätt.Dela sina flashcards via appens katalog. Inställningar för användande av flashcards är: Tänk utanför appen Använd appen som formativ bedömning. Undervisningens syfte En Förstå talad och skriven engelska.

SlideSnack | Upload & Share Presentations Online Pic Jointer 5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them) Over the last few years K-12 schools and districts across the country have been investing heavily in iPads for classroom use . EdTechTeacher has been leading iPad professional development at many of these schools and we’ve seen firsthand how they approach iPad integration. While we’ve witnessed many effective approaches to incorporating iPads successfully in the classroom, we’re struck by the common mistakes many schools are making with iPads, mistakes that are in some cases crippling the success of these initiatives. 1) Focusing on content apps The most common mistake teachers make with iPads is focusing on subject-specific apps. It simply didn’t occur to him use the VoiceThread app to record his students speaking Latin, or perhaps create a collaborative discussion of Cicero. At our iPads in the Classroom summer workshop at Harvard University we spend three full days with teachers actively exploring effective iPad integration tools and strategies. It doesn’t. Focusing on iPad-versus.

Kaizena · Give Great Feedback Wink - [Homepage] Here is a sample Flash tutorial created by Wink. Click the green arrow button to start viewing it. This is a good example of how you can create tutorials in Wink, by capturing screenshots, mouse movements and specifying your own explanations with them. It is estimated that Macromedia Flash Player is installed in more than 90% of the PCs. Do you develop mobile apps or want to create tutorials about using mobile apps and websites? A new version of Wink is under development, to easily create tutorials about mobile apps and websites.If you would like to try it out when ready, please sign up here.

Photo Collage Creator How To Integrate Education Technology With Scaffolding Imagine asking students to write a research paper without teaching them how to write an introduction, body and conclusion first. How about writing the equation of the quadratic formula on the board, and just giving students a set of problems to start solving with no prior instruction? These types of tasks are nearly impossible for students if teachers do not break up the learning process into small chunks aimed at meeting the students where they are and then building on them to create new knowledge, otherwise known as scaffolding. Meeting with several teachers recently calls to mind a couple of instances that serve as a useful reminder why scaffolding not only applies to teaching content, but is also imperative to employ when introducing new technology into the classroom. Teacher Experiences The first experience I want to share is about a teacher that I met with that expressed concern about the students not wanting to take notes on their laptops using OneNote. How to Apply Scaffolding

Meraki - Cloud Managed Networks that Simply Work Centralized Cloud Management The Meraki dashboard enables secure monitoring and management of all of your mobile devices from anywhere in the world. Network Settings Deployment Define and deploy network settings such as wireless connectivity, security, and remote VPN access to all your managed devices at once. Device Location Find lost or stolen devices with integrated real-time location data via GPS, WiFi, or IP address. App Deployment Easy deployment and maintenance of free, paid, or Enterprise mobile apps. Remote Troubleshooting Automatically monitor devices 24×7 via the cloud. Device & Data Restrictions Protect devices and their data, control their usage with fine-grained policies, and restrict access to features such as the app store, gaming, and content. Rapid Provisioning Download the app from the Apple or Google App Stores to enroll a device, or streamline adoption by using Systems Manager Sentry to ensure mobile devices are enrolled in MDM before joining your wireless network.

projeqt - dynamic presentations for a real-time world Create, Engage and Assess through mobile devices. | Interactive Lessons | Mobile Learning | Apps for Education | iPads in the Classroom | The Must-Have EdTech Cheat Sheet Explania: A Useful Source For Free Educational Videos 2.86K Views 0 Likes Whether or not you prescribe to the idea that there are different types of learners there are some scenarios in which a visual explanation is extremely helpful in understanding the subject matter at hand. 10 roliga bildredigeringssidor PicMonkey Bästa bildredigeringssajt, mycket enkelt att använda. Det finns som en app också. Här hittar du olika bildefekter. Ribbet Fotoflexer En mycket avancerad online-bildredigerare Picadilo Fler än 100 teckensnitt, 40 bildefekter, 19 olika verktyg, 140 klistermärken Photocat Det finns som en iPhone app också.