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Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data

Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data
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The Largest Plant Identification Reference Guide - Dave's Garden PlantFiles is the largest plant database in the world, with information and photos for 210,070 different plants! View our 365,378 images and read our 138,488 detailed and helpful comments. Search for a plant by its common or botanical name using the green button below, or scroll down the page and browse through hundreds of popular cultivars, or search for plants by their characteristics (height, hardiness, etc.) Discover which plants grow well in your area, and which plants to avoid. Join the 58,387 gardeners, PlantFiles Pioneers and Uber Gardeners who contribute to PlantFiles, and share what you know. » Add a new plant to the list

GIS Data Warehouses Information about web sites that host large amounts of GIS datasets both at the nationwide (United States) and global levels. Most of the GIS data is available for free or for little cost. Data depository for U.S. government data with over 272,000 datasets. The site also has an Apps Showcase, highlighting different sites that are using data from

The Ultra-Prominences Page A major project to precisely catalog every mountain in the world with 1,500 meters (4,921') of prominence. Prominence is the relative elevation of a mountain summit. Prominence is the elevation difference between a summit and the highest point (saddle) that separates that summit from any higher summit. About the Ultras Project Forest monitoring - there's an app for that (coming soon) The team behind FORMA (some members of which also founded REDD Metrics) has been working hard to generate and share rapidly updated data on forest clearing for dozens of countries in the humid tropics. We've tried graphs, cool animated Powerpoint presentations ( example ), and the like, but as any data junkie knows, raw datasets usually do not provide immediately actionable information. So as we prepare a major update to the FORMA data, instead of just dumping geotiffs on a server, emailing our friends a huge time series dataset, or setting up a fancy GIS server, we're going mobile! That is, thanks to support from the World Bank's Innovation Fund we're readying a simple mobile app to allow technical and non-technical users alike to query and visualize the latest FORMA data (Android/iPhone/desktop), and collect field data in response (Android 2.3+ only).

Natural Capital Project - InVEST InVEST is a suite of software models used to map and value the goods and services from nature that sustain and fulfill human life. If properly managed, ecosystems yield a flow of services that are vital to humanity, including the production of goods (e.g., food), life-support processes (e.g., water purification), and life-fulfilling conditions (e.g., beauty, recreation opportunities), and the conservation of options (e.g., genetic diversity for future use). Despite its importance, this natural capital is poorly understood, scarcely monitored, and, in many cases, undergoing rapid degradation and depletion. InVEST enables decision makers to assess quantified tradeoffs associated with alternative management choices and to identify areas where investment in natural capital can enhance human development and conservation. The toolset currently includes sixteen distinct InVEST models suited to terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems.

efloraofindia efloraofindia (eFI in short) website is documenting flora of India that is being discussed on efloraofindia google e-group along with supplementing the working of the group. It has the largest database on net on Indian Flora with more than 10,000 species (along with more than 2,00,000 pictures, from some of the best Flora Photographers of India, at its efloraofindia e-group links). It also includes some species from around the world, which has been posted by our members. efloraofindia e-group (earlier Indiantreepix/ Efloraindia) is the largest Google e-group in the world in this field & largest nature related in India (and the most constructive, with more than 2400 members & 2,00,000 messages on 9/9/14) devoted to creating awareness, helping in identification (e-gurukul) etc. along with discussion & documentation of Indian Flora. It has already completed seven years in June'2014.

Learn GIS for Free Ad: There are a few online options to learn GIS for free. Take advantage of resources that provide you access to free courses from some of the world’s best universities and institutions. Learn GIS on your own or supplement your existing geospatial education with these free resources. Electricity around the world: everything about plugs, sockets, voltages, converters, etc. Last update: 9 January 2014 There are 15 types of electrical outlet plugs in use today, each of which has been assigned a letter by the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA), starting with A and moving through the alphabet. These letters are completely arbitrary: they don’t actually mandate anything. Click here for a global map showing the spread of the different plug types used around the world.

Build your own map using Fusion Tables and Javascript In developing the mobile app described in an earlier blogpost , I learned a lot about using Javascript and Google Fusion Tables , Google's handy data publishing and visualization tool. So in this post, I'm going to show how to use jQuery 's $.get function to query a specific table and add the result to a map, as shown here. [Update: Check out the comments for an explanation of why you might want to do this.] Map Data Imagery ©2012 TerraMetrics

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