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This 7-Minute, Research-Based Workout Exercises Your Whole Body

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Food vs you: How your dinner controls you - health - 06 August 2013 FOR those of us who would like to shed a few pounds, dietary advice usually boils down to brute arithmetic. Reduce energy input by eating less, and increase energy output by exercising more. Simple. One reason is that our evolutionary history has given us a powerful drive to eat rich foods when they are available. But there's more to it than that. How to feel refreshed even after too little sleep - and why you MUST have an afternoon nap. Never wake up tired again Secret to waking up refreshed is to work out your sleep in 90 minute cyclesNapping will improve your memory, reaction time, and productivityProfessor Richard Wiseman says napping 'may even save your life'PLUS: How to stop snoring forever! By Professor Richard Wiseman Published: 23:43 BST, 23 March 2014 | Updated: 12:31 BST, 24 March 2014 If you follow Professor Richard Wiseman's tips, you could become a 'super sleeper' and never wake up tired again Insomnia is the modern malaise. We are now living in a world that never sleeps. In the 1980s, a scientist from the University of Chicago conducted perhaps the best-known, and most disturbing, study into the topic. He and his colleagues wired up a group of rats to a machine that measured their brain activity, and then placed each of the animals on a stationary disc above a bowl of water. After a month, all of them had died, thus proving that sleep is essential for life. Scroll down for video Avoid the temptation. Here’s a simple table to guide you:

The Munger Operating System: A Life That Really Works In 2007, Charlie Munger gave the commencement address at USC Law School, opening his speech by saying, “Well, no doubt many of you are wondering why the speaker is so old. Well, the answer is obvious: He hasn’t died yet.” Fortunately for us, Munger has kept on ticking. The commencement speech is an excellent response to the Big Question: How do we live a life that really works? It has so many of Munger’s core ideas that we think the speech represents the Munger Operating System for life. To get what you want, deserve what you want. It’s such a simple idea. Learn to love and admire the right people, alive or dead. A second idea that I got very early was that there is no love that’s so right as admiration-based love, and that love should include the instructive dead. Acquiring wisdom is a moral duty as well as a practical one. And there’s a corollary to that proposition which is very important. Learn to fluency the big multidisciplinary ideas of the world and use them regularly. Be reliable.

How to Build Your Own Syncing RSS Reader with Tiny Tiny RSS and Kick Google Reader to the Curb First decrease in US childhood obesity - health - 09 August 2013 The great wave of obesity in US children may have crested. Children from low-income homes – who tend to be fatter than their counterparts from wealthier families – have become slightly, but significantly, leaner in recent years, a new government study reports. Epidemiologist Ashleigh May at the US Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, and her colleagues used data from the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System, in which medical workers recorded the height and weight of about 11.6 million preschool children from 43 US states and territories who were enrolled in government nutrition-assistance programmes between 2008 and 2011. The researchers then adjusted the data to account for differences due to race, age and sex. In 18 states and one territory, the proportion of children classified as obese declined significantly during the four years, they found. Tide turning The researchers cannot be certain about what is driving obesity rates downward. More From New Scientist

Cámaras de vigilancia Occasional Address Hi. I gave an “occasional address” for a graduation ceremony at my old Uni, The University of Western Australia. Here is the video. The text is below. “In darker days, I did a corporate gig at a conference for this big company who made and sold accounting software. And if the mountain was meant to be a symbol of life’s challenges, and the loss of limbs a metaphor for sacrifice, the software guy’s not going to get it, is he? However, I have had large groups of people listening to what I say for quite a few years now, and it’s given me an inflated sense of self-importance. You might find some of this stuff inspiring, you will find some of it boring, and you will definitely forget all of it within a week. So listen up, or you’ll get lost, like a blind man clapping in a pharmacy trying to echo-locate the contact lens fluid. Here we go: 1. I never really had one of these big dreams. 2. 3. Empathy is intuitive, but is also something you can work on, intellectually. 4. But don’t despair! 5. 6.

I've Been Using Evernote All Wrong. Here's Why It's Actually Amazing Fixing broken brains: a new understanding of depression - health - 29 July 2013 Editorial: "New thinking means new hope on depression" ONE OF Vanessa Price's first chronic cases involved a woman we'll call Paula. Paula came to the London Psychiatry Centre, where Price is a registered nurse, after two years of unrelenting depression. First she stopped seeing her friends. Then she stopped getting out of bed. Finally, she began cutting herself. The steady rise in this diagnosis over the past two decades reflects a little-known trend. The stubborn nature of these cases of depression has, however, spurred research into new and sometimes unorthodox treatments.

10 películas anarquistas imperdibles El anarquismo suele ser pensado como una postura que aboga por el caos, la destrucción y el sinsentido, acusaciones infundadas, pues se trata precisamente de lo contrario. Esta postura cuestiona muchas de las convenciones sociopolíticas actuales como las jerarquías de mando, las democracias representativas, la existencia del aparato estatal, policíaco y militar; en síntesis, esta perspectiva defiende la libertad del individuo por encima de cualquier autoridad. El pensamiento necesario para imaginar un mundo en el que cada uno respete y conviva con la libertad del otro ha crecido por varias ramas; pocas doctrinas o movimientos han provocado una gama de posturas tan amplia. Su objetivo es caminar hacia una sociedad sin amos ni soberanos. Cero en conducta (Jean Vigo, Francia, 1933) Luego de regresar de unas vacaciones de verano, un grupo de niños burlará todo intento de ser disciplinados por los ineptos adultos que los rodean; simplemente un clásico. ¡Viva Zapata! If...

zen habits The Shelf Life of Food Foods unopened, COUNTER/PANTRY REFRIGERATOR FREEZER uncut or uncooked unless stated otherwise 1 DAY 1 MONTH 1 DAY 3 MONTH 1 MONTH 1 YEAR MACARONI & CHEESE 3-5 days PIZZA 3-4 days SALAD WITH DRESSING 3-5 days SANDWICHES 1-2 days SPAGHETTI & MEAT BALLS 1-2 days What's the Deal with Expiration Dates? The little dates you find food packages refer to quality, not safety, if properly stored, you can eat food beyond its expiration. It is always best to use your eyes and nose to check for possible food safety issues USE-BY & BEST BEFORE Provided voluntary by the manufacturer to let you know how long the product will remain at its absolute best. EXPIRES ON Found on perishables like meat and diary. SELL-BY This is usually found only on baby food or other products the government regulates with regard to dating. DESIGN Lindasy snow osborn HAPPY EATING FOREVER

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science Happiness is so interesting, because we all have different ideas about what it is and how to get it. It’s also no surprise that it’s the Nr.1 value for Buffer’s culture, if you see our slidedeck about it. So naturally we are obsessed with it. I would love to be happier, as I’m sure most people would, so I thought it would be interesting to find some ways to become a happier person that are actually backed up by science. Here are ten of the best ones I found. 1. You might have seen some talk recently about the scientific 7 minute workout mentioned in The New York Times. Exercise has such a profound effect on our happiness and well-being that it’s actually been proven to be an effective strategy for overcoming depression. The groups were then tested six months later to assess their relapse rate. You don’t have to be depressed to gain benefit from exercise, though. 2. In NutureShock 3, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman explain how sleep affects our positivity: 3. Love this post? 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Prohibirán pirotecnia en Zapopan durante la noche A partir de este jueves en Zapopan reforzarán operativos en antros, bares, salones de eventos y templos que truenan cohetones en sus fiestas patronales, para evitar el ruido por las noches, informó Pablo Lemus Navarro, presidente municipal de Zapopan. “Las fiestas patronales que se celebran en distintas partes del municipio y que festejan a las 3, 4, 5 y 6 de la mañana no se van a permitir, las vamos a regular… No se trata de acabar con las fiestas patronales, los cohetes se podrán seguir utilizando, pero en horarios donde no molesten a la gente en su descanso. No se permitirán cohetones entre 10 de la noche y hasta las 8 de la mañana”. En las zonas de restaurantes, bares y centros nocturnos en Zapopan, que son “prácticamente confinadas” en zonas como Andares y Zona Real, informó que también serán vigilados, para que cumplan con el horario de operación, que establece un límite a las 04:00 horas.