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Iconographic Database The Warburg Institute Iconographic Database contains digitised images from the Institute's Photographic Collection and Library. The material for which the Warburg Institute holds the copyrights is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported License. Search by iconographic keywords or browse the iconographic classification system.To search by artist, date, location, or other parameters, please use the advanced search menu. The iconographic classification system of the database is based on that of the Warburg Institute Photographic Collection. List of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart This is a selective list of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, listed by genre. The Köchel catalogue contains a complete, chronologically ordered, list. How Mozart's compositions are listed[edit] Symphonies[edit] Mozart's symphonic production covers a 24 year interval, from 1764 to 1788. Childhood symphonies (1764–1771)[edit] These are the numbered symphonies from Mozart's early childhood. There are also several "unnumbered" symphonies from this time period. Salzburg-era symphonies (1771–1777)[edit] These symphonies are sometimes subcategorized as "Early" (1771–1773) and "Late" (1773–1777), and sometimes subcategorized as "Germanic" (with minuet) or "Italian" (without minuet). Although not counted as "symphonies" the three Divertimenti K. 136–138, in 3-movement Italian overture style, are sometimes indicated as "Salzburg Symphonies" too. There are also several "unnumbered" symphonies from this time period that make use of music from Mozart's operas from the same time period.

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Free textures, Photoshop brushes People Silhouettes Category: ‘People silhouettes’ Silhouettes of people – most popular silhouettes nowadays. That is why it is largest category of my sillhouette collection. Attention to all bloggers, web masters and tutorial writers. Vector Flourishes How to Remove Tourists from Your Photos | Travel Photography and Stock Images by Manchester Photographer Darby Sawchuk - Every notable landmark seems to have one thing in common: visitors, and lots of them. But if you want that postcard shot or that image that shows how the location may have once appeared, you have a challenge ahead of you. This digital photography and PhotoShop tutorial will provide a means to remove the tourist throngs from your vacation images. Taking the Photos The technique I will describe here applies to photos you have yet to take. To start, you’ll want to be taking your photos with a tripod. At busy sites, once you have composed your shot, you will find there is no end of tourist flow through your frame. The trick is, with your tripod-mounted camera, you can take your shot with people in it. As an example, look at this photo I took at the ruins of Ta Prohm in Cambodia near Angkor Wat: A lot of tourists loitering in the scene don’t make for such a great photo of a place that evokes imagery of explorers discovering a long-lost ruin. Putting it Together in PhotoShop Image Alignment Notes

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