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DIY: Hand Painted Mug

DIY: Hand Painted Mug
October 17th, 2011 I’ve been wanting to try porcelain paint for a while, and it’s just as amazing as I anticipated. You have to give it a try. The holidays are coming up, and hand painted coffee/cocoa mugs would make great gifts! Supplies: porcelain mug (mine is from CB2) Pebeo Porcelaine 150 outliner (available at Dick Blick) There are transparent porcelain paints that you apply with a brush and outliners which are thicker and opaque. How to: 1.

Tut Tuesday: Neon’s where it’s at. : The Proper Pinwheel You guys, I’ve never been a huge fan of pink. But HOT PINK? I can get on board with that. You’ll need: brown pot (mine are from IKEA and cost $1.99)painter’s tapeNeon Pink fluorescent spray paint (found at Home Depot) Start off by wrapping the tape around your pot at your desired height. Done! **Happy Tuesday** Update: if you love these bright neon pots, than you’ll LOVE these bright wooden fruit cups! DIY: Bathroom Baskets | Little Miss Wedding Planner We had a major wedding craft session in our household this weekend, so expect a lot of DIY posts from me this week. First up: Bathroom Baskets! I know, I know…it seems a bit early to be doing bathroom baskets, since the wedding is still 7 months away. In effort to stay organized and meet my goal of “no wedding tasks left to complete wedding week,” I am trying to knock off as many little tasks as possible early on—one of those being bathroom baskets. If you’re not familiar with the wedding world, you might be asking yourself what bathroom baskets are (Dr. The Boys’ The Girls’ I bought the baskets at Michael’s a few weeks ago when they were having a may-jah sale (and my 40% off coupons didn’t hurt, either!). The poem says: So happy you’re here sharing our special day But just in case something should go astray: Please help yourself to the contents within Mouthwash, hand lotion or ibuprofen Use what you need, and just leave the rest For it may be useful to some other guest! So what’s in em?

Colorful Silverware! « Spearmint Kitchen Pin It a cute DIY project to spiff up your old silverware for spring. doesn’t everyone have a set of old silverware? i keep a set underneath the sink and it could definitely use this makeover. wouldn’t it be fun to use this for your picnics? Pin It all you need is:spray paint metal primer, spray paint, painter’s tape, and sandwich bags Pin It see the full DIY @ via Pin It

Summer bracelets DIY When M. came home from her camp with school, she showed me this yellow bracelet she made with 'scoubidoo' strings. One of her friends taught her how to make these and of course I wanted to have a go at it too. Instead of scoubidou string I used strips of fabric for one and leather - what did you think?!- shoelaces in offsetting colors for another one. I believe both resulting bracelets look really nice. The possibilities in terms of material to braid with are endless. So, in case you 're in need of a fun summer project here's a how-to in 16 pictures with a short description below. This is what you'll need for an adult size leather bracelet. Steps: 1. This is the kind of craft you could easily do with kids - have them cut strips of fabric, no need to worry about the strips being straight and regular, and teach them how to braid. With special thanks to my little girl M. for teaching me how to make these...

Cinco de Mayo piñata cookies Video how-to: Pinata Cookies Ingredients: 1 cup sugar1 cup powdered sugar1 cup butter1 cup vegetable oil2 eggs1 teaspoon cream of tartar1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon almond extract1 teaspoon baking soda5 cups flour1 tablespoon vanillaMini M&M candies1/2 cup powdered sugar (frosting)2 teaspoons milk (frosting) Directions to make piñata sugar cookies: Cream sugars with butter. Split dough into five, even-sized balls and one smaller ball (this will be the black one). Use a container the same approximate width of your donkey/burro piñata cookie cutter, and line it with plastic food wrap. Cover the layered dough and freeze for four hours or overnight. Remove the dough from the container and unwrap from the plastic. Immediately after you take them out of the oven, use your burro piñata cookie cutter to cut the cookie shapes. Create the hidden pocket For the middle cookies in each set, cut off the ears and legs, and cut out the center where the M&Ms will go. Assembling the piñata cookies

101 Handmade Valentine&s Day Ideas - StumbleUpon I’ve gathered some creative tutorials, free printables and just plain fabulous ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet this year! There’s a little something for your home, gifts for friends and ideas for your children to share at school. It doesn’t have to cost you a ton to make Valentine’s Day super fun. Many of the ideas here can be made without another trip to the store! Make it a handmade holiday! That should give you some ideas and make you look like the Creative Diva you really are…right?! New for 2013 — 101 Valentine’s Day Printables {Free!} You’ll also find tons of sweet printables for gifts on this list of 101 Pretty Printables. Looking for something for that special man in your life? Feel free to share it with your friends…they’ll think you are the bestest friend in the world! ~Kim Hooked on Tutorials?

Salvaged cupboard door = serving tray I noticed this stash of cupboard doors at my local salvage yard. The white one was the perfect size to make a serving tray. The old drawer pulls—also found at the salvage yard—made ideal handles. Their swirly shape gave me the inspiration for the pattern I painted. How to make a serving tray out of a salvaged cupboard door Supplies cupboard doorblack acrylic paint (I used Liquitex in Ivory Black)black spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum semi gloss)clear spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum lacquer)white house paint (I used leftover paint from my antique bookshelf makeover)4 machine screws2 drawer pulls (large enough to fit your hand)4 felt pads (I used 3/4-inch)wood fillersandpapernewspaperFloral swirl pattern Tools pencil and hi-polymer (white) eraserdrill and drill bitscrewdriversmall paintbrushesrulerpainter’s palette or paper plate 1. 2. UPDATE: You asked for the pattern, so you got it. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

16 Headband Tutorials | Croq Zine - The Blog As a busy mom of three little boys, I don’t always have time to do my hair. (Like, never, actually! I try to sneak in sessions with my flatiron while the boys are distracted with a cartoon… IF I have to leave the house. If I don’t, my hair looks like the bus driver from South Park’s… i.e., bird’s nest. Hmm, a bird’s nest headband sounds kind of cute and funny, actually!) Notes from a very red kitchen just hosted a Headband Tutorial Roundup, and there were some super headbands represented! The roundup was full of inspiration, but this rose and pearl headband by Whitney was one of my favorites. This scrappy leather headband by Missie Krissie is super cute, too! Other Headband Resources: I loved this Braided Headband tutorial when I saw it a few months ago, by Cakies (shown above) I loooved this yarn braided headband when I saw it a few months ago at EvaForeva (don’t you just LOVE the styling of the pic, too?) I like this lovebird headband at Crafty Bitch.

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Day 63 – DIY Corona Glasses I cannot even tell you how excited I was when I found this pin explaining how simple it is to cut glass bottles. For our first anniversary, my husband signed us up for a glassblowing class. It was awesome and we had a great time. As we were leaving, one of the artists was turning Corona bottles into drinking glasses for a friend’s wedding gift. You can cut glass bottles at home using materials you probably already have on hand. glass bottles yarn nail polish remover lighter sink full of ice water sandpaper 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The hardest part about this project is getting the cut in the right spot. You can make more than just drinking glasses. Source: Crafty Scrappy Happy Related posts:

flax & twine: Day 1: A Strand of Pearls - a diy ribbon and pearl necklace Yippee–here it is–Day number 1. I think this necklace actually was the first thing that I made in my jewelry-making frenzy to fill Allie’s Advent Calendar. I love the blue next to the pearls and love the lines the undulating ribbon and smooth pearls make together. This ribbon strand ties in a bow in the back to whatever length your little girl desires. I thought I couldn’t get better than the blue until I made the sample for the easy diy tutorial below – I just ADORE the green. Materials: -1/4″ ribbon -faux pearl beads -needle -embroidery floss/thread Time: Approximately 30 minutes Cut your ribbon to desired length, adding enough length to flow in and out between the pearls. Pierce the ribbon in the middle of its width approximately 9″ along your piece of ribbon. Bend the ribbon around the pearl to judge where you should put the needle next. Put on the next pearl. Continue to alternate between threading a pearl and wrapping the ribbon until you reach your desired length. Finis.