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Lera Boroditsky: How language shapes the way we think

Lera Boroditsky: How language shapes the way we think

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Making It Relevant: Helping Students Connect Their Studies to the World Today But you can also do them, individually or in sequence, to help students generate ideas for the challenge. Submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Jan. 16, 2018, and students are welcome to work in groups of up to five. Free resources for teens to help improve your English Who is America? A look at the nation’s demographics In his 1796 farewell address, George Washington described his countrymen as “citizens, by birth or choice.” At the time, the nation had roughly 4 million people, including women and slaves (each of whom were counted separately in Thomas Jefferson’s 1790 Census). The United States’ population now stands at 325 million. Amid new questions of American identity, this July Fourth seemed like a good idea to look at who exactly makes up America, whether by birth or choice.

A Total Beginner’s Guide to Twine 2.1 I’m (still) obsessed with Twine. I love that it makes it easy for regular people to make interactive stories and videogames. I love that it publishes to standard web formats like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I love that it’s been embraced by outsiders and badasses of all stripes. Midsummer madness: Why 'Juhannus' is Finland's best and worst celebration In the UK, the only people who celebrate midsummer, or summer solstice as it’s more commonly known, are New-Age hippies, pagans and wannabe Druids. The celebration is so obscure that every year TV news cameras congregate at Stonehenge, the famed ancient rock circle, to film people frolicking with midsummer madness. It’s a novelty news item, in the same vein as "Cat rescues boy from tree".

A guide to Twine Insomniac's Liz England demystifies the the tool designed for telling interactive stories [The following article was written by Insomniac game designer Liz England and was originally published on her personal website For more about the tool itself, visit the Twine website.]

Study: Speaking foreign languages strains vocal cords Regular use of different languages affects the voice, says new research on multilingual communication from Finland's University of Tampere. Kati Järvinen’s PhD study "Voice Characteristics in Speaking a Foreign Language: A study of voice in Finnish and English as L1 and L2" found that pitch rises when speakers articulate a foreign language, causing more strain to the voice cords. "It appears to be the case that when you speak a foreign language, you speak it in a different way than your native tongue. A Quick Twine Tutorial: Hypertext and Interactive Fiction by Allison Parrish Download Twine here. This tutorial is about Twine 1.4. (Twine 2.0 is great, but even though it’s out of beta, it’s still missing some features.

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) Test Prep exercises The following quizzes and exercises are to help you prepare for Cambridge Proficiency examination. Paper One - Reading and Use of English Part 1 - Multiple Choice Cloze The first part of the Reading and Use of English paper in the Proficiency Examination is multiple choice cloze where you have to choose the correct word from four similar given words.

Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur Writing a Literary Essay An important competence aim for this course is to write essays or articles on literary or cultural issues, and the evaluation of this competence will be a dominating element of your final assessment. Your text can be a hand-in, a part of a full-day test or the written exam. B1 Lessons - ELT Connect Would You Push The Button? Lesson – The Box In this B1 lesson, students are introduced to commonly used adjectives + prepositions such as, fascinated by & keen on to describe emotions and then review the First Conditional while watching clips of the thriller movie, The Box and predicting what will happen if the couple push the button!

Sök - Göteborgs universitet Man kan stega mellan skrivfälten med hjälp av tab-tangenten - Sammanställning av provresultat - på grupp- eller klassnivå Det nationella provet i engelska i årskurs 6, 2015/2016 Klass: I det här dokumentet förtecknas grupp- eller ... Visa sida med sökord markerade Realia möter digital läsförståelse Vill du också veta hur du ska planera för och bedöma kunskapskravet för “realia” där eleven ska diskutera företeelser och jämföra med egna erfarenheter och kunskaper? Då Mia Smith och jag började reflektera över hur olika fokus engelsklärare generellt la på bedömningen fick vi en tanke att skapa en planering som bygger på Skolverkets olika material. I de uppgifter vi sett bedöms ofta bara skrivuppgifterna och inte själva jämförelsen kring realian. Inte sällan utan stöd för att eleverna ska nå målen. För att synliggöra hur vi tänker kring stödet men även bedömningen har vi delat en planering sist i inlägget. Innan du tar del av den vill vi synliggöra hur vi tänker kring planeringen för att få validitet, för att se till att vi verkligen bedömer det som ska bedömas.