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Occupy The Web Here’s the list of projects that came out of the 10/15 hackathon event in SF and DC (NYC coming soon). How to Occupy: Question and answer site for #occupy organizers. Users can ask questions about issues they’re dealing with, and others can share their experience. The code for site is up here: and for the mobile app, here: Cool Infographics - Blog PBS Frontline has published the interactive data visualization, NFL Concussion Watch 2013 to summarize all of the player concussions reported in the NFL. Every week in the National Football League, a player is sidelined by a head injury. In some cases, their symptoms are clearly visible and they exit the game. Gallery: Pepper Spray Cop Squirts the Internet in the Eye Clever Photoshop artists have turned the image of a police officer pepper-spraying Occupy Wall Street protesters into a fast-spreading internet meme. Soon after Lt. John Pike was videotaped and photographed pepper-spraying protesters Friday on the University of California at Davis campus, the video of the confrontation went viral and a photo of the incident went up on reddit.

Creative Cartography: 15 Artists Transforming Maps Creative Cartography: 15 Artists Transforming Maps Article by Steph, filed under Sculpture & Craft in the Art category. Maps aren’t just two-dimensional pieces of paper depicting the locations and geographic features of the world. They’re the basis for portraits, sculptures and clothing, and are reconstructed or reimagined by these 15 artists in the most curious ways – whether recreated solely with typography, dissected and rearranged or used to illustrate information that can be humorous or disturbing. Map Portraits by Matthew Cusick Occupy Wall Street Hackathons Want to Build a Better Protest Occupy Wall Street has an IT department. The movement's technologists, like their park-squatting counterparts, are a decentralized group. But they've independently started hackathons this weekend in New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Even before the first protester showed up at Wall Street on Sept. 17, a group of people had started working on the movement's technology components. The so-called Internet working group has held meetings that covered how to edit the site openly, how to run the Twitter account and what server space to use.

7 billion people and you: What's your number? Sources: All population data are based on estimates by the UN Population Division and all calculations provided by the UN Population Fund. The remaining data are from other sections of the UN, the Global Footprint Network and the International Telecommunications Union. Want to find out more?

Free the Network Who We Are We are the Free Network Foundation - builders and advocates of distributed and decentralized communication systems. We believe that the Internet should be used to connect people, not to spy on them, oppress them, or turn a profit.

Taking The Bull By The Horns, "Occupy Wall Street" Posters Motivate Campers On September 17th, a protest organized by several activist group will take Wall Street by storm to protest opposition to the use of corporate money in politics. Groups such as Anonymous, Adbusters, US Day of Rage are collaborating their efforts to promote a peaceful protest to attract on upwards of 20,000 to turn downtown Manhattan into a campground. Protesters entered Manhattan's Financial District on the 17th for a demonstration called "Occupy Wall Street," which is intended to last for months and which is trying to curb the influence of big business over Washington lawmakers. Songwriter Remy who is a self-proclaimed "intergalactic Internet sensation' parodies Bob Dylan's classic, "These Times, They Are A Changin." His version titled, "Occupy Wall Street Protest Song" is the first tribute dedicated to the movement, and has already tallied 44,000+ views on YouTube as of this posting. Occupy W

Webinar: Design for Social Innovation by Cheryl Heller We are delighted to announce the Paul Polak Scholarship from MFA Design for Social Innovation. Paul has been a friend, advisor and inspiration to our program, and to the millions of people around the world whose lives he has changed through his work to end poverty. This $10,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student in the class of 2016. Applications to DSI are open, please apply at Applicants will automatically be considered for the Paul Polak Scholarship; no separate application is required. Occupy Wall Street Hackathons Produce Digital Tools and New Activists Groups of programmers gathered in three cities this weekend to build digital tools for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Several of those tools have already launched, and in many cases they're being maintained by activists who've never held a sign in a park. "I was waiting to see how I should be involved," says Jake Levitas, who attended the San Francisco hackathon. "In the last week, I thought, 'I know I'm going to dedicate a lot of time to this movement. I don't know how, but I know I want to be involved.'"

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