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Best Apps and Websites for the Flipped Classroom

Best Apps and Websites for the Flipped Classroom

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Technology Tools Education World offers new technology content every day. Some of our pieces related to technology tools can be found in this archive. We do update these aritcles reguarly, but given the changing nature of technology, we cannot promse that every piece will be on the cutting edge. Please visit our technology front page for the latest, most up-to-date tech stories. Social Media in the Classroom?

20 engaging flipped learning apps for in the flipped classroom This digital age makes it more and more possible to flip the classroom. Today, almost 50% of households worldwide own a computer, not to mention any other devices like Smartphones. There are 4 388 million active internet users. Depending on what possibilities your students have at home, you can easily go with the flow and embrace creating a digital classroom. Especially when it comes to flipping the classroom. SIOP - Learn about SIOP What Is the SIOP Model? The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model is a research-based and validated instructional model that has proven effective in addressing the academic needs of English learners throughout the United States. The SIOP Model consists of eight interrelated components: Lesson Preparation Building Background Comprehensible Input Strategies Interaction Practice/Application Lesson Delivery Review & Assessment Using instructional strategies connected to each of these components, teachers are able to design and deliver lessons that address the academic and linguistic needs of English learners. Who benefits from SIOP instruction?

4 Tools for a Flipped Classroom Flipped classroom, flipped learning—you’ve probably heard these phrases in recent years, and you may be wondering how this strategy works. Flipped lessons replace teacher lectures with instructional material—often a video—that students watch and interact with at home. They apply what they learned in class the next day through a variety of activities or assignments that could once have been homework, with the teacher working as a coach or guide. The benefits include allowing students to work at their own pace, to determine for themselves the material they need to review, and to apply concepts in different contexts in class to ensure that they thoroughly understand of the content. But this model can be unsuccessful if students don’t do the advance work—if they don’t have access to reliable internet outside of school, for example.

10 Free Tech Tools & Websites Every Teacher Should Know About Confession: I was a late tech adopter. I didn’t own a computer until I was in college. I couldn’t record on the VCR, and I didn’t have a smartphone until about 2009. As a new teacher, I felt comfortable with PowerPoint and Word, yet I rarely explored any other tech tools. I felt out of my league when it came to tech, and chalked it up as something the younger, more tech-savvy members of the staff would do. 10 Tips for Your Best Flipped Learning Classroom Activities As the modern classroom continues to change and grow, the flipped classroom model continues to be redefined. When developing your own flipped learning classroom activities, there will be growing pains. However, you can be prepared for them if you are aware. To help you out, here are some solutions to help you get the best from making your own videos/screencasts. 1.

Exploratory Pedagogical Models A note before we start: Everyone is learning the "Webquest" model, simply by interacting with this Webquest. As such you will not be allowed to choose a "Webquest" for your teaching presentation/exploration. After brief exploration of the various exploratory models, choose the model you intend to use to teach the mini lesson. Click on the model below and navigate through all the links connected to that model. 8 Types Of Flipped Learning Classrooms And Tools To Build Them Flipped learning is creating active learning environments wherever it is being implemented. The new age of flipped learning is about teachers working in collaboration to learn newer strategies for improved learning. It’s also about viewing flipped learning from a broader perspective, to see how it is helping us create a true learning ecosystem.

20 Classroom Technology Tools You Might Not Know The use of technology in the classroom is no longer up for debate. It's now extremely clear: the effective use of classroom technology drives student results. But, any competent education professional would be quick to point out that student results are only positively impacted when they are introduced to the right tools. With a U.S. based edtech market that has raised more than a billion dollars over the last year, the options for technology tools to use in your classroom can seem infinite. Luckily, we're here to help!

The Tech Edvocate’s List of 86 Flipped Classroom Apps, Tools & Resources The traditional model of teachers lecturing in the classroom and students completing practice and homework on their own is changing. Instead, students are learning on their own and using the classroom as a place to dig more deeply into what they’ve learned. This model, known as the flipped classroom, is gaining popularity thanks to the rise of EdTech.