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Anti-globalization movement

Anti-globalization movement
The anti-globalization movement, or counter-globalisation movement,[1] is critical of the globalization of corporate capitalism. The movement is also commonly referred to as the global justice movement,[2] alter-globalization movement, anti-globalist movement, anti-corporate globalization movement,[3] or movement against neoliberal globalization. Participants base their criticisms on a number of related ideas.[4] What is shared is that participants oppose what they see as large, multi-national corporations having unregulated political power, exercised through trade agreements and deregulated financial markets. Many anti-globalization activists call for forms of global integration that better provide democratic representation, advancement of human rights, fair trade and sustainable development and therefore feel the term "anti-globalization" is misleading.[6][7][8] Ideology and causes[edit] Opposition to international financial institutions and transnational corporations[edit]

Neo-Luddism A novel written by Edward Abbey which concerns the use of sabotage to protest environmentally damaging activities in the American Southwest. Neo-Luddism or New Luddism is a philosophy opposing many forms of modern technology.[1] According to a manifesto drawn up by the Second Luddite Congress (April 1996; Barnesville, Ohio) Neo-Luddism is "a leaderless movement of passive resistance to consumerism and the increasingly bizarre and frightening technologies of the Computer Age." [2] The name is based on the historical legacy of the British Luddites, who were active between 1811 and 1816.[1] These groups along with some modern Neo-Luddites are characterized by the practice of destroying or abandoning the use of technological equipment as well as advocating simple living. Neo-Luddism stems from the concept that technology has a negative impact on individuals, their communities and the environment.[3] Neo-Luddites also fear the future unknown effects that new technologies might unleash.

How Much Underwear to Pack For Your Trip, Visualized The Tech Revolution Might Kill Economic Growth But Make Us All Happier Anyway Matt Yglesias makes a point worth sharing about technology and economic growth: It seems entirely conceivable to me that future technological progress simply won't lead to that much economic growth. If we become much more efficient at building houses, that will increase GDP, because the output of the housing sector is selling housing. those treatments become more effective at curing cancer, that'd be great for patients and their families but it's not obvious that it would raise "productivity" in the economic sense. Yglesias provides a couple of example of this ambiguity. This is a point that plenty of economists have made, but it's worth repeating. This isn't a bulletproof case.

Direct Democracy, 2.0 Angelika Warmuth/DPA, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images Members of the Pirate Party attended a conference in Neumünster, Germany, last month. I FIRST took real notice of the Pirates last summer during the campaign for city elections in Berlin. German electioneering is quaint, even faintly musty by American standards. “Why am I hanging here anyway?” When the Pirates captured a surprising 9 percent of the vote, I ventured out to their election-night party at a scruffy club in the traditional counterculture neighborhood of Kreuzberg. Though the Pirates are mostly known as a one-issue party advocating Internet freedom, Mr. The idea of electing someone as your proxy for two, four or even six long years may have been a necessity in the days of the American Constitutional Convention, when representatives rode to the capital by horseback. “Written language allowed people to communicate over time, the printing press to reach people en masse,” Mr.

10 Poisons Used To Kill People Crime Poison is definitely among fiction’s greatest weapons. Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes seem to have developed the audience’s taste for untraceable, fast-acting poisons. However, murder mystery is one thing, but when the story becomes reality, you have got yourself a real killer! Here is a list of the most famous poisons used to kill people throughout history. Hemlock or Conium is a highly toxic flowering plant indigenous to Europe and South Africa. Aconite comes from the plant monkshood. This was a favorite of the ladies! This one is a slow killer – a man-made slow killer! This substance is found in two marine creatures – the blue-ringed octopus and the puffer fish. Polonium is a radioactive poison, a slow killer with no cure. There are three forms of mercury which are extremely dangerous. Now here’s one right out of an Agatha Christie novel. If you’re watching Sherlock Holmes, then you’ll know about this one.

Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs? | Conscious Media News The history of our planet is far more complex than most people would dare to imagine. According to the commonly accepted version of history that is taught in high schools and colleges all over the United States, ancient man was a very simple creature with extremely limited knowledge. Unfortunately for those that promote this flawed version of history, archaeologists keep digging up stuff that directly contradicts it. The truth is that there is a tremendous amount of evidence of great intellectual achievement in the ancient world. For example, just consider the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is a true technological marvel. Posted below is a photograph of a wall in an ancient Egyptian temple at Abydos. Do you see anything strange? Researcher Lyn Leahz wrote about these incredibly bizarre hieroglyphics the other day. Decorating an Egyptian temple wall at Abydos are strange hieroglyphics which depict what appears to be modern day aircraft. They can’t. Very strange stuff. Also, Dr.

10 MYSTERIES THAT DEFY EXPLANATION By JAMIE FRATER Here at the List Universe, we love mysteries. So much so, that we have produced six lists so far. So, in keeping with time-honored tradition, we are now presenting our next ten mysteries – taking our total to seventy! It is fortunate that the world is so full of mysterious events and things that we can keep you entertained with lists of this nature. Mokele-mbembe is a cryptid supposed to live in the Congo River Basin. It is widely documented in local folklore as having an elephant-like body with a long neck and tail and a small head. Perhaps among the most compelling of the evidence is the reported killing of a Mokele-mbembe. Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine Somewhere in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, located east of Phoenix, Arizona there is reputed to be a gold mine so rich that if the walls are tapped with a hammer, nuggets of gold come tumbling down. In 1880 the mine was again discovered, by chance. Their supernatural origin is not without opposition. Vela Incident

I've Never Seen the Israel/Palestine Conflict Illustrated More Uniquely Than This The story shared by Israel and Palestine has been told in several stunning films, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it told like this. Nina Paley created this (extremely brief) animated history of the land that was at one time called Israel, Palestine, Canaan and the Levant. She even created this viewer’s guide to make sense of what’s happening. (Want to dive in deeper? Who’s Killing Who? Because you can’t tell the players without a pogrom! Early Man This generic “cave man” represents the first human settlers in Israel/Canaan/the Levant. Canaanite What did ancient Canaanites look like? Egyptian Canaan was located between two huge empires. Assyrian ….Assyria controlled it other times. Israelite The “Children of Israel” conquered the shit out of the region, according to bloody and violent Old Testament accounts. Babylonian Then the Baylonians destroyed their temple and took the Hebrews into exile. Macedonian/Greek Here comes Alexander the Great, conquering everything! Greek/Macedonian Ptolemaic Seleucid

The All-Seeing Eye: Sacred Origins of a Hijacked Symbol Is the all-seeing eye a symbol of divine omniscience or sinister influence? Today it symbolises control and domination by a shadowy elite, but its original use was quite different. This article traces its use and meaning back to ancient times, when it was a symbol of divine providence, powerfully representing spiritual truth and awakening. Humanity is Losing Its Precious Symbology The all-seeing eye is a powerful esoteric symbol which is widely misunderstood and misused today; few know what it originally stood for. Today the all-seeing eye is more likely to be seen as an “Illuminati” symbol of control and surveillance by elites who to a large degree run the show on this planet at this time. This is the first in a series of articles I am presenting that will take a closer look at individual symbols, and delve into their origins and history to uncover their deeper esoteric significance. Universal Nature of Symbolism Use of the All-Seeing Eye in Ancient Cultures India Image: Shiva’s third eye

Aliens have long lived among us - Learning Mind Scientists of the University of California came up with an unusual hypothesis suggesting that space aliens have long settled on Earth and lived among us as observers. Of course, there is no evidence of this, but according to ancient sources, including the Bible, our planet has been visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations since its inception. In 2000 scientists of the University of California, led by Professor Jonathan Malkisom, held a press conference, during which the sensational news that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have long been among humans was reported. They adopted human appearance and closely monitor our every move. “It’s like an extreme version of the camouflage found in some insects and animals. Moreover, according to historical records, there have been aliens on Earth from the beginning of creation”, says Adrian Kent of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. What do aliens want on Earth?

Canadians wary of 9/11 explanations - and of US officials 17 December 2013Last updated at 00:24 GMT By Tara McKelvey BBC News Magazine 7 World Trade Center has drawn the focus of the 'truthers' who watch video of its collapse and conclude it must have been felled by explosives An advertising campaign in Canada raises questions about the US government's official account of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Are Canadians more sympathetic to anti-American conspiracy theories than Americans themselves? The posters, displayed on buses in Ottawa, show an image of a World Trade Center building collapsing in the inferno of the terrorist attack that morning. The advertising campaign is supported by a Lafayette, California-based organisation called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The office tower, 7 World Trade Center, may have been destroyed in a controlled demolition, members of the organisation purport, rather than in a fire. Like them, he initially thought there was something more to the story of 9/11 than the US government let on.