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Best Home Decorating Ideas - 80+ Top Designer Decor Tricks & Tips

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China’s “Groupon” Meituan Dianping launches its home decoration department - AllTechAsia From Baidu Images Meituan Dianping, China’s largest group buying platform backed by Alibaba and Tencent, launched its home decoration department on Wednesday, further exploring the O2O home decoration market. Meituan Dianping aims to make its home decoration business the leading O2O home decoration platform, improving their customers’ home decoration experience by providing comprehensive related services, reported Chinese news website Meituan Dianping is also attempting to use its existing platform influence to set up a series of industry standards, promoting an “Internet Plus” upgrade for the home decoration sector.

Hotel Détente SPA en Inde : Fragrant Nature - Munnar - TripConnexion Vous pourrez satisfaire toutes vos envies dans nos multiples restaurants Black Truffle Situé au premier étage et offrant une vue imprenable sur les montagnes ensoleillées, notre restaurant emblématique propose des buffets et des plats à la carte, des comptoirs de restauration et des menus à thème. Il choisit les saveurs subtiles de la cuisine indienne et arabe et présente un plateau culinaire répondant aux besoins gastronomiques éclectiques de ses clients. Home décor ideas to upgrade your living spaces! Home decor plays a vital role in giving the right look to your house. It provides a unique environment that enhances your comfort. However, the planning process is important, as you must know some useful tips and ideas to get the act right. In this article, we’ll cover the main topics to help you plan your home decor in the most effective way: Home decoration tips

5 Home Decoration Trends in the first half of 2016 Today Luxxu is in a trend kind of vibe, we think it is important to remember what is trending in home decoration that is why Luxxu blog made a 5 item list of the home decoration trends in the first half of 2016. Take a look! Big windows are all the craze right now because they let in so much natural lighting. While we love all the Edison light bulbs and chandeliers we could put up, nothing quite fills a space like natural lighting. It seems that wallpapers are back on trend! Home decoration: 4 Quirky ideas to style up your abode Round sofas can be a chic way to bring the curvy trend into your home, and bold colours, huge patterns, bloomy patterns and brass decor can be included in the geometric pattern trend that can help in styling up your abode, suggested experts. Here are a few tips from experts to jazz up your home: * Curvy designs: Round sofas will be the chic way to bring the curvy trend into your home. However, we will see floral patterns in a new way. For this timeless decor pattern, decor experts this year expect to find the proportions further exaggerated and colours in a more contrasting tone.

5 Colourful Home Decoration Ideas If you are looking for some colourful home decoration ideas for your home, you need to look no further. We bring to you our top 5 home decoration ideas that you are absolutely going to love! In this blog we will talk about how hues and accents can bring a huge difference to your interiors. 125 great ideas for children's room design room design for children is not only a process of implementation. This is how the game - and sees room for her child. Our children are our world and we constantly want to make them happy and satisfied. Do you have a boy or a girl, you inspire every day with new and give your life meaning? If yes, then you are probably ready to give them a fabulously decorated room.

Fragrant Nature Kochi High speed Wi-fi Parking Restaurant Bar 10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools Check out our updated review on a fantastic room design software company here. This company not only designs your space, but allows you to purchase the furniture and decor from your design. We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what your design ideas actually look like before you implement them? You can — for free!

Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen Tour - Where Williams Sonoma Tests Its Products If you think your kitchen works hard, here’s some tough love: It’s got nothing on the test kitchen at Williams Sonoma’s San Francisco headquarters. A team of chefs tests some 25 food products and 20 recipes every week. With a design inspired by Auguste Escoffier’s kitchen for the Ritz in Paris—a favorite of Williams Sonoma founder Chuck Williams—it’s always photo-ready for events with guest chefs. No inch is without purpose­, a lesson its manager, Isabelle English, thinks all homeowners should learn: “Don’t let the daily functionality of your kitchen be compromised to achieve a certain design aesthetic,” she urges.

Nina Farmer Kitchen Tour - A Boston Interior Designer's Old-Meets-New Kitchen Renovation The first time designer Nina Farmer set foot in her clients’ 1904 English Arts and Crafts–style house outside of Boston, she was smitten with the period features—finely hewn moldings, leaded glass windows, grand mahogany mantels. Unfortunately, none of that extended to the kitchen. A previous renovation had stripped it of any original detail, leaving a sea of cherry cabinets instead. “It just didn’t feel like the rest of the house, so we needed to find a way to reintegrate it,” says Farmer. The question was how. Paul Raeside