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Coming Soon! The Headless ds106 Course modified from cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Lip Jin Lee: Since January 2011 ds106 has been taught at University of Mary Washington (UMW) and other institutions as a course for credit but also has at the same time been open to participants from the web (learn more about ds106). However, for someone new to ds106 as an open participant, it has not been very clear what they can do (we’ve made some suggestions as a starting point). Because UMW is not offering a formal course for Fall 2013, I had a thought– what if we set up a syllabus based on the previous iterations of class, set the weekly assignments as scheduled posts, and invited people to participate in it as a course w/o a teacher? Todd Conaway’s Imagination I never recall saying “headless”, not in ds106 fashion Todd Conaway takes it in an unexpected direction. But believe me, decapitations are not part of the plan. How It Works Here is how it works. We Seek Helpers Not Teachers Really?

Video Toolbox 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources.url Online video is a huge trend - so huge that's it's proving hard to keep track. From video sharing sites to video mixers, mashups and converters, we've brought together more than 150 of our favorite sites in this category. Enjoy. Live Video Communications Stickam - The best site for live video communications with multiple people. Online Video How-to Online Video Editors Eyespot - add effects and transitions to the videos you upload, or use some of the large amount of free video clips and music from Eyespot's media partners.MuveeMix - Upload your movie, mix it with music, add cool effects and share it on MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, and other networks.Motionbox - This service features the ability to link to a very specific point or "segment" within the clip itself.Cuts - Insert sound effects in your videos, add captions, loop the best parts and in minutes you can share your creation with the world.JumpCut - a free service that enables you to upload, edit and share your videos. Video sharing

amazon Packing List - ds106 docs Must Haves for ds106 Below are things you should have packed and prepared for your ds106 experience. A sturdy duffle bag is not required, nor is a shiny briefcase. But if you have one... For more details, see our Getting Started Guide Blog / RSS Feed UMW enrolled students will need to choose their own web domain name, so start looking for one that is available and works for you (we will provide instructions for setting up your domain and site). Suggested platforms include: AvatarAs you are creating numerous accounts for this class we recommend that you use the same image file and username to represent you on all social media sites. The Toolbox For the work we do in visual, audio, and video editing, we do not specify software or tools you must use. Great Guides Jisc Video Production Infokit Multipurpose Tools Finding Media Images Image Editing Commercial Photoshop (30 day trials available) Photoshop Elements (cheaper) Open Source/Free Audio

100 Incredible & Educational Virtual Tours You Don’t Want to Miss By Katheryn Rivas One of the wonders of the Internet is that it can bring the world to you instead of your needing to find the time and money to explore the traditional way. The following virtual tours bring opportunities to explore cities, famous landmarks and buildings, museums, college campuses, and even outer space. You can learn how things are made, explore the human body or that of a life-sized whale, and visit ball parks and theme parks. There is even a section of incredible virtual tours that Google Earth has compiled that shares the world in a whole new way. Cities From historic cities hundreds of years old to newer cities, these tours take you all around the world. Pompeii, Italy. Famous Landmarks and Buildings Take these tours to visit the Taj Mahal and the Palace of Versailles in the same day. Explore the Taj Mahal. Museums Take a peek inside these museums to learn about history, read ancient books, or view some of the most revered works of art available. Louvre. College Campuses

Fall 2013: The Headless ds106 Syllabus Course: Digital Storytelling: The Headless Course Instructor: NOBODY. There is no one in charge of this class, no leaders. Location: The Internet Term: Fall 2013 Course Description The Wikipedia articles on Digital Storytelling defines it rather succinctly as "using digital tools so that ordinary people can tell their own real-life stories." Digital Storytelling is an emerging term, one that arises from a grassroots movement that uses new digital tools to help ordinary people tell their own ‘true stories’ in a compelling and emotionally engaging form. The term can also be a broader journalistic reference to the variety of emergent new forms of digital narratives (web-based stories, interactive stories, hypertexts, fan art/fiction, and narrative computer games). As an emerging area of creative work, the definition of digital storytelling is still the subject of much debate. Course Objectives Course Materials Class Web Site: The locus of the course's online activity will be [the DS106 site].

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom Many critics of Twitter believe that the 140-character microblog offered by the ubiquitous social network can do little for the education industry. They are wrong. K-12 teachers have taken advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the latest technologies. The following projects provide you and your students with 50 ways to Twitter in the classroom to create important and lasting lessons. 1. One of the simplest ways that teachers can use Twitter in the classroom involves setting up a feed dedicated exclusively to due dates, tests or quizzes. 2. Subscribe to different mainstream and independent news feeds with different biases as a way to compare and contrast how different perspectives interpret current events and issues. 3. Set up an interesting assignment requesting that students set up Twitter for education lists following feeds relevant to their career goals and keep a daily journal on any trends that crop up along the way. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

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