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Art Education 2.0 - connecting art educators around the globe

Art Education 2.0 - connecting art educators around the globe
You and your students are invited to participate in any of the following projects: Make Your Mark - Challenge your students to create devices that make marks on its own once they are set in motion. Learn more. "5" is the fifth global arts challenge from The Student Creative. Learn More. Community Stories - This curriculum project invites teachers and students to research the visual, oral, and written records of their own communities for stories and images to share with others.


The Best Art Teacher Blogs: Inspiration for High School Students The Student Art Guide is constantly on the lookout for great art teacher blogs and websites for high school Art students (including those studying IGCSE, GCSE, A Level Art, NCEA, IB and AP Studio Art). The majority of Art teacher blogs, however, contain poor quality photographs or have an emphasis on the pedagogy of art education, rather than upon sharing practical advice for students and art teachers. High school art education blogs or websites with a focus on quality artwork seem to be few and far between. Thus, for the benefit of our readers, we have begun to compile a list of the gems we have found. You may also be interested in reading how to create your own website. Developing Nicely

Build Literacy Skills with Wordle I've always been interested in quantitative displays of information. I've been having lots of fun with Wordle - a free website that creates "word clouds" (or "tag clouds") for text analysis. Simply copy/paste text and in seconds Wordle gives you a visual representation of word frequency. The example below was created by analyzing all the words used in my blog in 2008. Click the screen shots below to enlarge. The Arts - The Original Flipped Classroom Have you been a part of the Flipped Classroom discussion yet? If not, I can promise that it is coming to a school near you. It’s an exciting and thought-provoking discussion, but it’s not necessarily new. It’s just new to a lot of educators. Let’s start with a story….

Homeschool Art Activities and Games Free Downloads 3D Drawing -- Group Game This activity is ideal for art classes, but will also work at home with just two or three students. It's great for any age, but you do need to be able to draw basic 3D shapes such as a cube or a pyramid. A review page showing what you need to be able to draw is included with the instructions. Each person does their own whimsical 3D drawing, but all members of the group contribute an idea for element of the drawing. Middle & High School Art Blog Unit 1 has come to an end in Grade 6. The Grade 6 students have been working with the MYP unit statement-of-inquiry: “The process of artistic creation can lead to self-discovery.” photo by A. Reed, instructor – CC BY-NC-ND These young artists have learned how artists from the East and the West traditionally represented people in artwork and why; have begun to learn how to critique, compare, and contrast artworks; have acquired new art-specific vocabulary; and have become more independent, critically-thinking students.

Dawn's Brain – The adventures of a high school web design and graphic design teacher. » Blog Archive » One-point perspective worksheets Below are worksheets I created in Adobe Illustrator for teaching one-point perspective. Walk your students through the first two (boxes and room.) Show them the techniques used since the Renaissance to create a realistic illusion of space and form.

ArtsEdge Educator Review Editorial Review Impressive cross-curricular resource helps put the A in STEAM Visit Website Educators section is of primary interest to teachers, but other sections also include valuable resources. Best Art Education Blogs Are you a teacher or homeschooler in search of the best art education blogs? Long before I was a parent, I was an art teacher. I taught elementary and middle school art, and then moved into the field of museum education which is where I was right before TinkerLab began. While many of you are parents like me, I know that a fair number of our readers are also homeschoolers and/or educators.

aRTs Roundtable 21: Artsy Webby Sites Standard Podcast Hide Player This week on the aRTs Roundtable we talk about “Artsy” websites that we use in and out of our classrooms. Many are interactive or creative websites that engage the arty students to create, compose, and think using the arts. Show Host: Carol Broos Show contributors: Tricia Fuglestad, Jen Kolze and Brenda Muench Show wiki: Art Home - Visual Art Art websites for ideas Student Art Guide Developing Nicely - a blog by Chris Francis, UK Art teacher and Senior Leader at St Peter’s Catholic School, Bournemouth, England. Julia Stubbs - is an Advanced Skills Teacher in Art and Design at William de Ferrers School, Essex, England. Her website features high quality GCSE and A Level Art artwork, photographed comprehensively and listed with results. Exemplar material is available, as are teaching resources.

Exploring Linear Perspective Linear perspective is a mathematical system for creating the illusion of space and distance on a flat surface. The system originated in Florence, Italy in the early 1400s. The artist and architect Brunelleschi demonstrated its principles, but another architect and writer, Leon Battista Alberti was first to write down rules of linear perspective for artists to follow. Visual Art as Critical Thinking We've heard this story before. The first thing to go in budget cuts is the visual art program or another related art. Proponents of arts education counter with the usual rhetoric on the importance of self-expression and creativity. I, myself, am a product of arts education. From the early age of kindergarten I was in musical theater. I eventually transitioned in music as a focus, and was a choir nerd in middle school and into college.

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