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Digital Designer : Download LEGO Digital Designer 4.3 >> For Mac OSX << Download now Minimum system requirements for Mac Operating system: OS X 10.6.8 or higher CPU: Intel processor Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 5200/ATI Radeon 7500 or better RAM: 1 GB Hard disk space: 1 GB Home Page Welcome all! Ever wanted to build fantastic LEGO models like the pros? Have you searched high and low for information on how to build with LEGO only to find there isn't much out there? If you are new to building with LEGO, or just want to be better at it, then this is the site!

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Direct NXT commands In this final chapter we only list some more examples and commands. Usually they aren't needed in the daily life of a MATLAB Mindstorms NXT programmer. Contents All functions beginning with NXT_ are basically just ported from the official LEGO NXT Bluetooth Protocol and Direct Commands documentation (download Bluetooth Developer Kit from LEGO). We just list some examples and commands... Keep alive and battery level

Neural Network Manager for Lego Mindstorms NXT The Neural Network manager for NXT is a Java Graphical User Interface which allows Lego fans to easily create, manage and train a neural network which can be exported and used in any program to be designed to run on the LEGO NXT. The total system comprises of two main parts, a UI running on the NXT and the Neural Network Manager running on the PC. The Neural network is created by the Neural Network Manager and can once trained be exported to a Java file that should be compiled and uploaded to the NXT. The NXT side of the system handles the I/O with the sensors (in our application the LEGO Sound sensor) and the communication with the PC. It pre-processes the data and sends it to the PC side via a bluetooth or USB connection.

Color Palette Generator Color Palette Generator #ffeeff #ffccdd LEGO LEGO::NXT - LEGO NXT Direct Commands API. use LEGO::NXT; my $nxt = LEGO::NXT->new( 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx', 1 ); $nxt->play_sound_file($NXT_NORET, 0,'! Attention.rso'); $res = $nxt->get_battery_level($NXT_RET); $res = $nxt->set_output_state( $NXT_RET, $NXT_SENSOR1, 100, $NXT_MOTORON|$NXT_REGULATED, $NXT_REGULATION_MODE_MOTOR_SPEED, 0, $NXT_MOTOR_RUN_STATE_RUNNING, 0, ); This module provides low-level control of a LEGO NXT brick over bluetooth using the Direct Commands API.

Download4.03 – RWTH - Mindstorms NXT Toolbox Please note: Toolbox download ¶ Download the full toolbox below, including all functions with sourcecodes, documentation, examples and demos. For installation see the included README.txt file or the installation guide below on this site. (0.8 MB) System Requirements ¶

Lynxmotion Aluminum T-Hex Body Kit (Black) • Used in Lynxmotion's T-Hex robots• Laser-cut, black-anodized aluminum panels• Includes 6 ball bearings for leg attachment• Works with any of the SES legs This is the Lynxmotion Aluminum T-Hex Body Kit (Black). It is used in manufacturer's T-Hex robots. The laser-cut, black-anodized aluminum panels and aluminum standoffs make a nice Hexapod robot chassis for use with any of the SES legs.