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FoamTree: addictively interactive Voronoi treemap What are the requirements of FoamTree? FoamTree requires JavaScript and HTML5 canvas support. It will work on any major browser, including Chrome, Firefox, IE10+, Edge and Safari. Will FoamTree run on mobile devices? Towards gvSIG 2.5: Quick Drawing Sometimes we need a tool that will allow to take quick notes over the map. The objective of this notes can be explicatory of certain characteristics of the map, reminders of certain work that we need to do, etc. For that purpose we have created Quick Drawing Tool. This tool allow to draw over the with points, lines, geometric figures or hand free drawing. In the tool we can see the attributes of this geometries. 22 Free and Open Source Data Visualization Tools to Grow Your Business A free data-visualization tool can mean the difference between quickly understanding the health of your company or slogging through information. Data visualization shouldn’t just present bare data, it should tell a story to the reader that makes the data easier to understand. Gartner analyst Martin Kihn puts it well: “Static data—statistics alone—will persuade few.

How Great TED Speakers Distill 40 Years of Experience Into 18 Minutes A great speaker can condense decades of experience into a presentation that lasts no longer than 18 minutes. It's a tactic you must master to become a great communicator. In a recent article for Fast Company, TED coaches offer tips for landing a speaking slot at a TED Conference. One suggestion: Your idea must be specific, digestible, and bite-size. According to the coaches, however, "many experts don't feel they can distill 40 years' worth of expertise in their field into a snappy, 20-minute talk." The solution is a tip that I recommend to entrepreneurs pitching an investor or CEOs taking their companies public. DensityDesign Lab UPDATE: the project is no longer supported, since it’s part of RawGraphs. Check it out here: Fineo is a web application which implements a visualization technique based on the visual model of Sankey diagrams. Fineo was born from the idea that Sankey diagrams, although developed as a technique for visualizing continuous data, may be used to represent relations between dimensions of categorical data.

Free Sankey Diagrams <svg id="sankey_svg" height="600" width="600" xmlns=" version="1.1"><title>Your Diagram Title</title><! Copy the code above to embed your diagram. Save it in a “.svg” file to edit it in another application. Tile Server – Applications sur Google Play Serve Map Tiles (XYZ or WMTS) URL's to mapping clients/apps/software or to advanced map viewer. From MBTILES or GPKG (GeoPackage) SQLite Databases/files that contain raster tiles, vector tiles, elevation/terrain tiles, other tile data in the tile_data blob. Serve Static Geospatial Data (GIS) files like KML/KMZ, GeoJSON, CSV, GPX, CZML, SHP, 3DTiles, 3DModels (gltf/glb) and others. This is basically a file server that any file type including zip file has an endpoint and accessible for streaming or downloading across the network. Discover-able Endpoints and webpages WiFi turned on is required to run this app and have it get an IP Address from the network.This is a local IP Address NOT internet accessible.

List of phylogenetic tree visualization software This list of phylogenetic tree viewing software is a compilation of software tools and web portals used in visualising phylogenetic trees. Online software[edit] Desktop Software[edit] 1 "All" refers to Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Linux; L=Linux, M=Apple Mac, W=Microsoft Windows See also[edit] List of phylogenetics software 3 Data visualisation Introduction “The simple graph has brought more information to the data analyst’s mind than any other device.” — John Tukey This chapter will teach you how to visualise your data using ggplot2.