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Prêt dunion - crédit P2P en France

Prêt dunion - crédit P2P en France

— LIMITE – agence de communication responsable De la neige, des sapins, du cliché et de l’humour, de l’émotion et du rire, voici le best-of des campagnes spécial Noël 2015 qui ont marqué LIMITri. Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année ! Lire la suite Fin de nos interviews COP21 aujourd’hui avec Yonnel Poivre-Le Lohé, consultant en communication responsable. Qu’est ce que la com’ peut faire pour lutter contre le dérèglement climatique ? « Si la communication pouvait permettre aux gens de savoir ce qui est et ce qui n’est pas, ça serait déjà remettre les choses à leur place » Pour découvrir la réponse complète : Audio Player Lire la suite De la créativité, de l’émotion, du rire et des campagnes astucieuses pour se réchauffer dans les 5 liens de la semaine. Avant dernier rendez-vous de nos entretiens avec Laurence Veyne, directrice de la communication de Greenpeace France. Qu’est-ce que la com’ peut faire pour lutter contre le dérèglement climatique ? Lire la suite Lire la suite

Crowdfunding Misez sur les plus grands films bientôt à l'affiche - PeopleForCinema Online Fundraising Website and Software for Events and Causes Home - MicroVenture Marketplace Inc - Giving Small Businesses Big Opportunities About Us | Peerbackers Strength in Numbers peerbackers is a new way to fund entrepreneurs. It is an online funding platform that allows business owners to raise capital from their “peers”—in small increments—in exchange for tangible rewards to those who contribute. We’re the connectors— our online marketplace directly links business people who are looking for a small amount of start-up or growth capital with individuals who are willing to contribute that funding in small increments. These individuals can be friends, family or complete strangers…but they all share one thing—at least $10 to spare and a desire to have a positive impact on the world. Not to mention—the contributors get cool rewards too! Who are the folks behind the venture? peerbackers is led by two founders – Sally Outlaw and Andrew Rachmell. Sally serves as President of peerbackers and is a seasoned entrepreneur having run her own businesses for the last twenty years. Sally can be contacted at

Peerbackers | crowdfunding big ideas How Memoto raised $500,000 on Kickstarter, part 1. | Memoto Blog Still being in something of a shock over the overwhelming response Memoto’s Kickstarter project has had, we feel we need, for reasons of self-therapy if nothing else, to put down in words what has really happened these past few weeks since we launched. We will do this in two parts, one where we describe the process leading up to the launch of the project and one where we disclose some lessons learned during the actual project. So, what’s Kickstarter? Well basically, it’s a website for crowdfunding projects. Anyone can set up a project and seek funding – and anyone can fund a project. Memoto’s Kickstarter project was launched on October 23rd, with the goal of reaching $50,000 before November 30. Per Brickstad of design agency PeoplePeople showing early drawings of the Memoto camera. Beginning in March 2012, the Memoto team began to expand from only three original founders to a team of a dozen in June. Early version of the Memoto blog. It was time to start preparing the Kickstarter page.

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