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Chocolate Caramel Tart Recipe

Katie and I have been pretty excited about our first post for the Holiday Recipe Exchange. After months of organizing – we are ready to launch the series today with our first sponsor – Scharffen Berger. If you’ve heard of Scharffen Berger, you know their name and brand is pretty much synonymous with high quality dark chocolate. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker is the first bean to bar artisan chocolate maker established in the United States within the past 50 years. With a full line of eating and home baking products, Scharffen Berger® chocolate is made from the world’s best cacao beans that are perfectly fermented and roasted, elevating your classic recipes with new depths of flavor. I came across this recipe for a Chocolate Caramel Tart months ago and knew immediately that this would be the recipe that I would be featuring for the Scharffen Berger Holiday Recipe Exchange. These tarts are not only decadent, rich and buttery, it’s knock-your-socks-off good! How To Participate

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Maple Cream Tart Sometimes things just work out for the best. Just as I was about to declare Thanksgiving ruined — my third corn syrup-less pecan pie tasted just as curdled and watery and messy as my first — I took a stab at yet another recipe, making a most-delectable discovery in the process: maple cream tart, a recipe Food52 adapted from NYC’s Left Bank. I am in awe of this tart’s texture. The absence of eggs makes it exceptionally light yet somehow it tastes as smooth and creamy as an untorched crème brûlée. For maple syrup lovers, nothing could be more delicious, and best of all, it’s a cinch to assemble. The custard, as promised, comes together in two minutes and while the tart shell requires a blind baking, the assembled tart bakes in just twenty-five minutes.

gluten-free chocolate bundt cake, adapted from Joy the Baker How can you not love someone whose name is Joy the Baker? That’s what she is — Joy. Yes, her name is Joy, but I mean more than that. Joy Wilson is sunlight and goofiness, connected conversations, generosity and cookies, and a good amount of butter and sugar. I’ve been relishing her website for years. I bet you have been too. Mocha Scones Recipe I love making scones almost as much as I love eating scones. Up until I discovered my version of scone bliss at Panera a few years back, I always tuned my nose up to them thinking they were a slightly glorified biscuit. As much as I love me a good biscuit – scones are different and scones are delicious. My latest shipment from Green Mountain Coffee included a variety of K-Cup® portion packs from the The Donut House® Collection.

Turnip & Apple Purée & A Jean-Georges Chocolate Tart Am I becoming too predictable? Are you sick of seeing vegetables puréed with apples? Do you think I should perhaps explore a cookbook other than this one and this one Pi Day Recipe: Chocolate Stout Pudding Pie Recipe & Review of Gesine Bullock-Prado's Pie It Forward I find that pie is a personal thing. People are either scared of baking it or embrace it. Some have family recipes they treasure, others rely on cookbooks and online recipes. If you think about it, one of the reasons pie is so special is because you really have to make it by hand, and in that way it encourages sharing and giving.

Orange Chicken Revisited Here is another recipe I'm revisiting because the original photos are HORRIBLE, and this dish is worthy of being on my blog twice. QUESTION: Whenever you are in the process of making a dish, do you think about what you are going to write about on your blog for the same dish? I do. For instance, I wanted to mention that using cornstarch in place of flour makes the chicken pieces look too white while flour browns the chicken more. So, you should combine the two when coating the chicken. Also, I wanted to mention how I didn't have green onions, so I used white onions (then I found some green onions in the refrigerator after the photo session!).

Two Heart Tarts for Two Frog Commissary Strawberry Heart Tart Since purchasing my copy of The Frog Commissary Cookbook, a popular Philadelphia cookbook based on two legendary restaurants, I have been meaning to make its prized Strawberry Heart Tart for Valentine's Day. At the height of The Commissary's popularity, the restaurant allegedly sold 150 of these tarts daily and over 400 on Valentine's Day. Indeed, the tart's ingredients combine to make a truly perfect Valentine's Day dessert: a hidden semi-sweet chocolate lining very nicely complements a Grand Marnier cream cheese filling, and beautiful whole strawberries make a dramatic presentation in a flaky heart-shaped shell. (Truthfully, the whole strawberries are difficult to eat—I would just as soon cut them). Rhubarb Heart Tart with Vanilla Syrup

Make This: Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Pie Recipe Do you have a sweet tooth? My kids and I do. Seriously. So does Shawn. Snickers Cheesecake Recipe TGIF, friends. Hope that you all have had a lovely week, and that a relaxing weekend lies ahead. I’m looking forward to some friend’s-birthday-celebrating, farmers-marketing, coffee-(friends)-dating, cake-baking, church-enjoying, and sleeping-inning here in my little corner of the world this weekend. OH, and the thing I’m perhaps most excited about — choir-directing. Did I mention on here that I’m leading an Easter choir at my church?! I’m kind of over the moon about it.

Peach Cream Tart Recipe : Paula Deen Directions Preheat the oven the 375 degrees F. To make the crust, place the flour, butter, and sour cream in food processor and pulse to combine. When the dough has formed a ball, pat with lightly floured hands into the bottom and sides of an ungreased 10-inch tart pan with a removable bottom and 1/2-inch sides, or a round au gratin dish. Bake for about 15 minutes, until the crust is set but not browned. Let cool while preparing the filling. DIY: cupcake in a jar Going to the other side of the spectrum, from a vegetable garden to loaded with all things bad for you, but tastes so good cupcakes. You won't think I am such a genius anymore once I tell you how these are done. It really is easy and makes for such a visually appealing way to dress up cupcakes, not that cupcakes need to be dressed up as the name itself is cute and enticing! I pretty much use Paula Deen's recipe, but with a few of my own tiny tweeks to the ingredients (see*) and then I pretty much follow the directions in Paula Deen'srecipe to make the batter and frosting, though I change it up a bit (time in the oven) when it comes to baking it.

stuffed mushrooms with blue cheese & sun-dried tomato pesto TGIF, friends. Hope that you all have had a lovely week, and that a relaxing weekend lies ahead. I’m looking forward to some friend’s-birthday-celebrating, farmers-marketing, coffee-(friends)-dating, cake-baking, church-enjoying, and sleeping-inning here in my little corner of the world this weekend. Baking the Bejeezes Out of Writer’s Block « Comfortably Domestic Let me take a moment to apologize profusely for being missing-in-action during the past few days. Life is just getting in the way. Gosh darn it, doesn’t Life know that blogging is my life?! You know, when I’m not being a wife-mother-chauffeur-maid-teacher-rambling-idiot-friend-coach-baker? Which brings me to the real reason that I’ve been MIA: I have a wicked case of writer’s block.