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The Happiness Project VET in Schools more Policies and Planning * Ministerial Policy Statement * RTO Schools * Program Funding Practices (Funding) * Schools guide to Partnerships with WORD templates * Workplace Learning Procedures and Guidelines * Other Departmental Policies New and Ongoing Initiatives and Programs * New Programs and Initiatives * Pre-Apprenticeships in School (PAiS) * School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships * Youth Attainment & Transitions-National Partnership (YAT-NP) School Staff Capacity Building Resources and Support * Acronyms * Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from the Training and Education (TAE2010) Training Package funding for schools * Teacher in Industry Placement Scheme (TIPS) * SIS VET Guide, updates and training * Mandatory reporting requirements * Workplace Learning Support documents Information for Parents and Teachers Information for Parents and Teachers.

AQF > Home Home brainstorm techniques, brain storming - how to run brainstorming sessions, brainstorming activities, ideas and meetings home » teambuilding/games » brainstorming process brainstorming technique for problem-solving, team-building and creative process Brainstorming with a group of people is a powerful technique. N.B. brainstorming process Define and agree the objective. In other words: plan and agree the brainstorming aim Ensure everyone participating in the brainstorm session understands and agrees the aim of the session (eg, to formulate a new job description for a customer services clerk; to formulate a series of new promotional activities for the next trading year; to suggest ways of improving cooperation between the sales and service departments; to identify costs saving opportunities that will not reduce performance or morale, etc). manage the actual brainstorming activity Brainstorming enables people to suggest ideas at random. implement the actions agreed from the brainstorming Agree what the next actions will be. for creativity, planning, presentations, decision-making, and organizing your ideas see also

VETinfoNet - VET in Schools About VET in Schools The Department of Training and Workforce Development works with the education systems and sector, School Curriculum and Standards Authority and industry to support the delivery of quality VET in Schools programs in Western Australian schools. VET in Schools programs enable secondary students to undertake a nationally recognised VET qualification while completing their senior secondary certificate. Students receive vocational training reflecting specific industry competency standards and delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO) or a school in partnership with an RTO. VET in Schools programs allow students to: develop industry specific skills; gain nationally recognised VET qualifications and units of competency while still completing their senior secondary school qualification; develop employability skills; andgain an understanding of the world of work which is valuable experience to assist with planning and pursuing their career pathways. Guidelines

Australian E-Learning Association safe@work Welcome to safe@work, a health and safety resource package for secondary school students undertaking work experience. This resource is designed to help you improve your knowledge and understanding of occupational health and safety matters before you go to a work place. It will help you understand occupational health and safety hazards and laws, and offers practical solutions to some common health and safety problems. Employers provide students with valuable opportunities to gain experience in the work-place. It is important to understand that employers have responsibilities towards you, and that you also have responsibilities towards them. safe@work consists of: General Module The General Module is designed for secondary students who undertake workplace learning programs, for example, work experience. Students undertaking structured workplace learning are required to complete the appropriate OHS module from their VET qualification before commencing a work placement. Review Module Resources