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Social - Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera has us seeing spherical potential

Social - Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera has us seeing spherical potential
Each time there is a new way to capture media, especially when that means is inexpensive, the world goes nuts trying to see how they can show off their life and times with it. That's what's about to happen with this ball camera, the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, that is, a project that's currently Patent Pending and has been in the works, apparently, since back in 2010. The project has progressed to the point here in late 2011 where the designers feel it strong enough to present to the public - just toss it up in the air and at it's peak - SNAP - you've got a complete 360 degree view of the environment the ball is in. How's that for a new way of seeing things? This is more than a panoramic view, it's a whole new experience. Can you imagine bringing this ball with you everywhere you went? Have a look at this video and see how it strikes you: This device contains 36 mobile phone camera modules and takes a full sphere of images right at the peak of flight. [via Pfeil]

Social - Glass door with a surprise Posted on November 23, 2010 in Bizarre Rate this Post (1 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5) Loading ... So... Check this out on our Partner Network The Ten Best Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen | October means Halloween, and Halloween means horror, and horror? Well that means some damn good movies. I presume many of you are searching for a good horror flick to curl up with this month, and while I will advise you to first consult my 10 Best Horror Films of Decade list, I thought I’d compile a new one made up of films that aren’t quite as widely known. Yes, I love The Ring, The Orphanage and The Descent, but there are smaller, more niche movies that are deserving of your attention, and really, once you’ve been scared or grossed out once, it’s not quite the same if you watch the same film again. Here are some new titles that some of you may have seen, but I predict most of you will have not. 10. If you’re not in love with Amber Heard yet, watch Drive Angry, Zombieland or better yet, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. It’s a fairly straightforward slasher film, but with a few clever twists thrown in, it stands out over similar films. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Bonus: Tucker and Dale vs.

Document sans titre 2012, Your Escort Is Here - Page 1 - Music It's a sweltering mid-August day in 2006, the sun bouncing off P.S.1's cement courtyard during their Summer Warm Up series. Although "warm" doesn't seem an adequate descriptor for the heat wafting off the crowd of people pressed against one another. Yet onstage looks just as packed, with 15 members of the Brooklyn disco band Escort—a procession of horns, violins, percussion, guitars, keys, and backup singers—having filed out and jostled for space. Not even two months elapsed between Escort's first single being pressed up and released on their own label and the Warm Up gig, their first live show. But that single, a zooted-up, squiggly, string-stabbed gem called "Starlight" had soundtracked most of that summer's underground dance parties. "It was right at the cusp of New York City DJs shifting from spinning house and electro to disco, and it just seemed like everyone was playing 'Starlight,'" recalls Eugene Cho, the keyboardist and co-leader of Escort. Chad Griffith Above: Dan Balis.

Top 10 Unusual but Fascinating Cloud Formations What is the sky without little fluffy clouds? Boring if you ask me. A cloudless plain sky is like a garden without flowers. Clouds can generally be classified by appearance – cumulus (heap), stratus (layer), cirrus (curl), nimbus (rain) – or by height of cloud base – high level, mid level, low level clouds and clouds with vertical development. I’ve gathered in this Top 10 list some of the strangest, most beautiful cloud formations: 10. The Kelvin-Helmholtz wave cloud looks like crashing ocean waves. Billow clouds are often good indicators of atmospheric instability. 9. Cirrus clouds come in many shapes and sizes and occur in the coldest and highest region of the troposphere. The delicate and thin cirrus radiatus clouds appear to converge towards one point on the horizon. 8. The beautiful shelf clouds are low-level semicircular arcus clouds. Shelf clouds stick out like a shelf from their parent thunderstorm cloud. This type of clouds is easily mistaken with wall clouds. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2.

Bed Fan If only beds came equipped with dual climate control systems like some luxury cars… If you or someone you know loses sleep because they get too hot and sweaty, maybe this Bed Fan is the best remedy. Bed Fan The Bed Fan delivers a cool breeze between the sheets—without AC costs, and without disturbing your partner. The fan attaches to the foot of the bed and quietly blows fresh, cool air between your top and bottom sheets, instantly dispersing built-up body heat trapped under the covers and moving up to 100 cubic feet of air every minute. Unlike a regular fan, the Bed Fan can be situated to avoid blowing air directly onto your face. Sheets and comforters trap heat given off by the body, but this fan will disperse the heat in between the fitted and flat sheets. It’s going to save space as well. This product has already seemed to help customers who had frequent night sweats and overheating at night.

Chan Hwee Chong Makes Spiral Illustrations with a Single Line In one of the most impressive advertising ideas I have ever seen, Singapore-based art director and designer Chan Hwee Chong uses a single long line to create spiral recreations of famous artworks. In an inspired advertising campaign for Faber-Castell, designer Chan Hwee Chong demonstrates his unbelievable talent by creating spiral illustrations inspired by some of the most popular masterpieces in history. Using the above mentioned company’s pens, he starts with a blank canvas, and by drawing a continuous line in a spiral he somehow manages to make detailed reproductions of the famous works of art. The level of precision and control in Chong’s creations is simply amazing, and although I watched a short video of him in action, I’m still not sure how he manages to achieve such detailed reproductions with a single line. via Neatorama Reddit Stumble

seeper — arts and technology collective The Mercedes Hunter X6 This 6 Wheel Drive beast is part RV and part tank -- a rugged truck with a classy interior that will comfortably support six people. The Hunter X6 can go places your regular RV could never tread and even has room for its own ATV auxiliary vehicle! Développer des photos avec du café et de la vitamine C Développer des photos avec du café et de la vitamine C Je sais que sur cette planète, certains éprouvent encore du plaisir à développer eux-mêmes leurs films d'appareil photo, plutôt que de switcher en numérique. Le truc, c'est que pour développer un film, il faut tout un tas de produits (révélateurs...etc.). Ça coûte cher, ou pire, vous n'en avez pas sous la main ? Le photographe Danish Puthan Valiyandi a réalisé une petite vidéo très instructive sur sa recette maison. Parfait pour parfaire votre parfaite science du DIY à la MacGyver ! [Source et photo] Vous avez aimé cet article ?