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We are the 1 percent: We stand with the 99 percent

We are the 1 percent: We stand with the 99 percent
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We are the 1 percent: We stand with the 99 percent Locking Down with Lockboxes | Crimethinc. From Crimethinc.'s Recipes for Disaster When it comes to blockading, lockboxes are very useful, assuming you are willing to be arrested. Lockdowns can be used to stop movement into and out of an area, providing a spectacle perfect for attracting media or other attention. Ingredients Metal or plastic tubing or PIPING — such as PVC pipe Bolts and nuts—at least one bolt and one nut for each box Chain or rope Carabineers Glue—optional, but encouraged Hacksaw Drill Bolt cutters—optional At least one person ready to put their body on the line Instructions A lockbox is a piece of pipe by which a person can be locked securely to another person or object. Lockboxes utilize the width of your torso and arm-span to take up space. Scouting the Target, Planning the Action The first step is to scout the area you want to blockade. Once you have found the location that best serves your purposes, you'll need to determine how many people it will take to block it. Plan your formation carefully.

#occupywallstreet Austerity measures are eroding America’s public school system. With massive increases in school closures and class cancellations, advocates say educational opportunities for students of all ages are increasingly being diminished. This is not a new problem, per se. It is, however, an escalating one, and one that is being resisted. Currently in Chicago—under the auspices of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the former chief of staff for President Obama—it was announced in March that 54 public schools will be closed, with 61 schools scheduled to be closed before the 2013–2014 school year begins. Emmanuel says that the closings are a “done deal.” Right now in California, City College of San Francisco (CCSF) is on the verge of losing its accreditation as a direct consequence of a $53 million dollar loss in state funding. In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg is attempting to close 17 schools, which are said to be low-performing. From 2003-2012, in New York City, 117 schools were closed.

Accesskey, l'essai non transformé de l'accessibilité Le principe des accesskeys est particulièrement simple et direct : permettre à l'utilisateur d'atteindre et d'activer liens et contrôles de formulaire HTML à l'aide de combinaisons de touches clavier librement déterminées par le concepteur. De la sorte, l'interactivité dans une page ne dépend plus de la seule souris : un utilisateur de lecteur d'écran, un utilisateur handicapé moteur, ou un banal amateur de racourcis clavier... peuvent renseigner un formulaire ou activer un lien avec le périphérique de leur choix, puisque d'autres dispositifs sauront exploiter ce qui est prévu pour le clavier. Cette solution est d'autant plus attractive que le prix à payer pour le concepteur est réduit : un simple attribut de l'élément concerné suffit à spécifier la touche à utiliser. L'immaturité de ce mécanisme nous fait pourtant reprendre ici l'expression de Joe Clark, qui, tout en soulignant son excellent potentiel, le qualifie de délinquant juvénile du HTML accessible... Conclusion ? Touche 0

Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil Looking for news you can trust?Subscribe to our free newsletters. Want more rage? We’ve got 11 charts that show how the superrich spoil it for the rest of us. In the past 20 years, the US economy has grown nearly 60 percent. You have nothing to lose but your gains Productivity has surged, but income and wages have stagnated for most Americans. Growth is back… …But jobs aren’t Sorry, not hiring The sectors that have contributed the most to the country’s overall economic growth have lagged when it comes to creating jobs. The wage freeze Increase in real value of the minimum wage since 1990: 21% Increase in cost of living since 1990: 67% One year’s earnings at the minimum wage: $15,080 Income required for a single worker to have real economic security: $30,000 Working 9 to 7 For Americans as a whole, the length of a typical workweek hasn’t changed much in years. Labor pains Median yearly earnings of: Union workers: $47,684 Non-union workers: $37,284 Dude, Where’s My Job? Proud to be an American Chore wars

Anonymous Calls On Occupy Wall Street To Form A New Political Party The statement says a vote for either party is a vote for the status quo and the two party system is entirely insufficient to carry the country through its problems and into the future. This new party would work in the interests of th 99%. The full proposal is below. In my observation of this movement of the American people, I have begun recently to hear/read suggestions that a revolt might be brewing. Currently, the media mocks us, the police beat and arrest us, the business people laugh at us, and every politician in the United States of America is wondering how to sway the full support of the movement in their favor. We need to be honest with ourselves: given the current viable options (Republican/Democrat), we cannot vote our way out of this mess that our government and the financial institutions created. If you cast a vote for a Democrat, you cast a vote for the status quo. And so, we face possibly the most challenging moment in this nation’s history, since the Civil War. 1. 2. 3.

anthropologie du présent Science Made Cool Why It’s Not Crazy for Working Professionals to Quit Their Jobs and Travel the World The American Dream Graduate high schoolGo to collegeStart your careerGet marriedBuy a houseHave childrenWatch them grow upSend them off to college, then to start their careersBecome a grandparentRetire, travel, and enjoy life It’s the American dream, right? Anyone who has grown up in the United States usually has some variation of what I like to call the “10-point-plan.” It has been ingrained in our brains since youth. The majority of Americans just take this life path as if we have no other choice. As a 28-year-old married professional at the beginning of my career, that’s the direction I was heading, along with my wife. “So, I was reading a blog about this couple who took a year-long trip around the world,” my wife innocently blurted out as we were strolling around our suburban neighborhood. With that simple statement, our “10-point-plan” was about to be turned upside-down. Need some help planning your career break trip? And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like attention and feeling famous?