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Potty Training Chart: A Complete guide for Potty training Boys and Girls

Potty Training Chart: A Complete guide for Potty training Boys and Girls
Potty training is one of the major milestones in your baby’s life. Imagine going out on a Sunday brunch and just when you are about to lock the door your nose picks up that stinky poop smell which is coming from your baby bear. I’m sure all of you have faced it at least once. Only a mother can understand how she has to roll up her sleeves and get to poop business all dressed up secretly wishing that your little one was potty trained. When they are little you just can’t wait till they can go to the toilet themselves. Proper timings, proper technique and proper handling should be done while accomplishing this major and important milestone being a mother. For this, not only timing as well as lot patience is required. Being a mother we shouldn’t rush into it no matter how much we want to. You need to understand there is no rush to start this training, your baby will be old soon and in fact you’ll miss this routine of changing their diapers and that mommy baby time. Image Credit: Flickr Guide

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How to Start Doing Your Own Eyebrow Microblading at Home - Home Spa Goddess When it comes to beauty secrets that have really caught on and become mainstream over the past few years, eyebrow Eyebrow Microblading is one of those things that sits high on the list of services. Eyebrow microblading is explained as a type of tattooing in that pigment is actually implanted under your skin using a tool wherein you can draw hair-like strokes that look like eyebrows. Because the pigment isn’t placed too far under the skin, you will have semi-permanent results that give the illusion of full, perfectly sculpted eyebrows. This type of service is one that is offered at a wide array of beauty salons and spas across the country, but with that said, it’s not always cheap. That and the fact some people just don’t get as lasting results as others, which means you may need to have it done on a more regular basis, whether you are just getting a touch-up or a full service.

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Tips For Planning The Perfect Getaway With Your Spouse Having the opportunity to escape to someplace wonderful away from your daily responsibilities with your spouse might be a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, it’s important that your trip is carefully planned out so that it’s ultimately nothing short of perfect. There are a few important details and elements you should pay most attention to if you want it to be truly spectacular. Although it may require a little bit of hard work and effort on your end up front, picture yourselves relaxing and having a great time to help keep yourself motivated to follow through on all the recommended preparations.