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Nutritious Drinks - UR Life Wellness Platform Step 1: Mix tablespoons of ragi with water until it is lump-free. Boil water in a pan and add soaked ragi to boiling water. Step 2: Schengen Visa Guide: Schengen Visa Requirement, Fees, Application Process & Types What Is Schengen Area? The Schengen Area comprises of a majority of the European states -- 26 to be precise – which have officially abolished passport and other types of border controls between each other. For the purpose of travel, the area functions as a single jurisdiction, with a common Visa policy. The area is named so after the Schengen Agreement, which was signed on 14 June 1985 in Schengen city of Luxembourg. The states in the Schengen Area, though, have very strong border controls with non-Schengen countries.22 of the 28 European Union (EU) member states are part of the Schengen Area.

Buy or Renew Vehicle Insurance - Bharti Axagi What is the importance of opting for car insurance? Purchasing insurance is an inevitable part of owning a car. Although investing in insurance might seem like an expense, it proves to be a lifesaver in case the worst happens. Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance: Buy/Renew Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance Online Bharti AXA offers two different Maruti Car Insurance Plans. The Third-Party Liability Insurance , and Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans. While the former offers coverage only Third-Parties involved in any accident, the latter offers coverage for Natural Calamities, Manmade Disasters, Own Damage (OD), Personal Accidents and Theft. Here is more information on the policies. Third-Party Liability Coverage: It is a mandatory Car Insurance Plan that covers the damages caused to the Third-Party and their property.

Digital Transformation of Retail Operations Benefit from the advanced, agile and outcome-focused service that avoids significant capital investment. For many leading retail chains, our payments are often directly linked to actual savings delivered. Our services are designed for connected infrastructure at complex retail networks like yours – with sites and equipment distributed across a vast geographical expanse. The AI-enabled CORTIX™ Building IoT platform uncovers insights from your building automation system, in the order of priority of execution. Also, multiple data streams are employed such as verified weather feed data, maintenance data, multiple sensors, size and nature of the business spaces being analyzed and usage pattern across time. This enables our domain experts and analysts to quickly design strategic operational measures and energy conservation measures.

Mind Relaxation Techniques - URLife Wellness Buddha Purnima – Birth of An Enlightened Lord! The birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha is an auspicious day, celebrated as Buddh Purnima. This is one of the most auspicious full moon days as it marks as the birth anniversary of Prince Siddhartha. He later became Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. In Theravada Buddhism, it is observed as the birthday of Prince Siddhartha Gautama (c. 563-483 BCE) attained Nirvana (salvation) under the Mahabodhi tree at Bodh Gaya, Bihar, as well as his death anniversary. Ideas To Keep Your Lungs Healthy Most of us want to get healthier. Rarely, though, do we think about maintaining and protecting the health of our lungs. It’s time to change that. According to the data published by GBD Compare 2018, chronic lower respiratory diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma are the second and eighth leading cause of death in India, respectively. Your lungs are just like any other part of your body that age with time. They can lose their strength and become less flexible, which can make it difficult for you to breathe properly.

laparoscopic bariatric surgery What is scarless surgery? Bariatric surgery can also be performed through your navel, making it a surgery with no visible scars. At Digestive Health Institute, we have practiced and mastered the art of single incision bariatric surgery and to date, have performed the largest number of such surgeries across the world. The benefits are quicker recovery and complete confidentiality as there are no visible scars at all. Please speak to our medical team if you are keen on exploring this option. Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Policy Third Party Insurance For Private Vehicle Key benefits - covers your liability for damages and injury caused to third party This motor insurance does not cover you and your motor vehicle. It covers your legal liability for the damage you caused to a third party only - bodily injury, death and damage to third party property - while using your vehicle. The policy covers:

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