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Featured: Vest by Moloh A beauty in this double-breasted shawl-collared waistcoat from Moloh. You will need: 1 yd. [0.9 m] of fashion fabric, 54″ [150 cm] wide 1 yd. [0.9 m] of bemberg® satin lining, 45″ [115 cm] wide1 yd. [0.9 m] of fusible interfacing, 24″ [60 cm] widecoordinating thread18 half-ball shank buttons, 13mm diameter [line 20]kraft paper Bust – measure under arms over fullest part of chest. Waist – measure around narrowest part of torso at the navel. High hip – measure around pelvis approx. 4″ [10 cm] below natural waist. Back waist length – measure from nape of neck to natural waist. Armhole depth – measure drop from shoulder to armpit level. Shoulder – measure length of shoulder. Back width – measure across shoulder blades from armhole to armhole. Neck size - measure around base of neck. Dart Width Opening – 2 ¾” [7cm]. Square down from 0; square halfway across the paper. 0-1 = 5/8″ [1.5 cm]. 1-2 = armhole depth + 3/16″ [0.5 cm]; square across. 2-3 = half of bust + 2″ [5 cm]. Back Front

Sculpting lips Sculpting the lips – time to fix some errors! Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The bad news is that I checked the proportions of my sculpture in the mirror and a lot of the facial features were off. The good news for you is that I have to sculpt the eyes and mouth all over again. Next lesson Sculpting eyes Previous lesson Sculpting hair Back to the series home Pineapple Costume for Halloween Here we have it folks, the final DIY costume of the 2013 season. And, yep, I’m going out with a classic Studio DIY fave… a pineapple! You may not think it, but this is the PERFECT last minute costume that is easy to make, and brings a whole lot of impact! …perhaps I should replace my typical bows with pineapple toppers!? Green Poster Board (You can usually find this in the multi-color packs at office supply stores.) Cut out all your leaves from your green poster board (one large sheet was all I needed). Now move to your second largest leaves. Repeat this process, using consecutively smaller leaves and working your way down the cardboard tube until you reach the bottom. Pair with anything yellow you own or can find, and you have a costume, my friends! All Photos by Studio DIY You know, carrying around this pineapple pumpkin wouldn’t hurt either! For more last minute DIY costumes, head over here and here!

Hands Close-up images of materials needed.Enlarge Picture of basic supplies. Overview There are dozens of methods to sculpt hands. This is one of the easiest and can be modified in scale up and down fairly easily, this pair of hands is sculpted in 1/12th scale. Hands are difficult to sculpt accurately because people are so intimately aware of how hands look; their shape, size, proportions, etc. Study pictures of hands, your own hands and look at the hands other sculptors produce. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. TIP The clay gets warm from the friction of working it, the heat from your hands, etc. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Q. A. 12. TIP Be sure to make a left and a right hand, not two lefts or two rights for the next step! 13. TIP For those having trouble with the clay becoming too warm, try using a can of compressed air (the sort used for cleaning off electronics). 14. 15. Pose and bake. I started sculpting in 1992 when my wife wanted to get a twelve inch tall Victorian Santa to use as a Christmas decoration.

Lace Up Heels (no eyelets!) I actually have 2 possibilities today, so that's exciting. Also, sorry my lighting is slightly off, still figuring out how to work this camera. Materials: heelsduct tapescissorsglueribbon (coordinating color, but if you're daring...a fun color!) Tutorial after the jump!1) Cut ribbon into small 2-3 inch increments. 2) Tape one end of these down on the *inside* of the shoe, one on the *outside*. 3) Keep working your way around. 4) Test drive this!! 5) Alright, time to start gluing! 6) Do this all the way around. 7) Lace it up, and you have perfection!! ****alternative**** No gluing, no nothing just ribbon! Start by putting the middle of your ribbon *underneath* the shoe, in front of the heel. How to Sculpt a Face - Female Pg1 How to sculpt a face is always tricky at first. If you are struggling right now... don't feel bad! I was like you not long ago. Learning how to sculpt comes down to two things. Firstly, please take the time to read the article "Female Anatomy" and study the points about the anatomy of the female face. STEP 1: Roll an oval shaped ball of clay. STEP 2: Using your spoon tool or rounded tool slowly work in hollows where the eye-sockets should be. Be careful with this step. Using the rounded side of the tool will help with this matter. STEP 3: Note that the sockets are fairly deep. If you are unsure as to what depth to do the sockets, please read ahead before attempting it. STEP 4: When you a practicing how to sculpt a face, be sure to keep smoothing your work as you go. Continue on with this tutorial:How to Sculpt a Face: Steps 5-8 Return to HOME: Doll Makers Dream

di yesterday i went up to salt lake to the ABC channel 4 studios and filmed a live segment for the Good Things Utah show. first time ever on tv and let me tell you it was totally cool! (but it still stressed me out...) i went into the green room to wait until it was time for me to set up. there on the wall was the 10 foot poster with the Lost cast. i set up a table with beautiful wool beads and little dishes of supplies with all the steps ready to show the felt bead rings from my book. i had only just got a mike on and stepped behind the table when the camera man said '10 seconds and you're live' i thought ok, here it goes. i decided to post a tutorial here so you can make one of the felt bon bon rings from the show for yourself. lay your circle template over the wool bead to choose the size then trace the circle onto the back of a piece of felt with a pencil or a water soluable marker. (mark be gone is a good one) with a couple of flowers tied to the top it makes a lovely gift. enjoy, julie

BJD Making from scratch by ~TherieKardie DIY Chanel Pearl Hairpins This week’s DIY, requested by a reader, was inspired by the abundant and delightful use of pearls in Chanel‘s Spring 2012 Collection. Though I’m usually not the biggest fan of pearls, I actually fell in love with the way Karl affixed them along the back of necks and pushed oversized ones into loose updos. His modern interpretation of the underwater gem just goes to show that pearls can be worn any day, at any age! With a few easy steps, you’ll be able to whip up a handful of pearl hairpins as fast as you can say “Sally sold seashells by the seashore” 10 times. Backwards. You’ll need:8mm – 12mm half drilled crystal ‘faux’ pearls20 – 22 gauge wirebobby pinswire cutterflat nose plierssuper glue Start by cutting off a 5 inch piece of wire. Put a few drops of super glue onto the tip of the folded part and insert it into the pearl. Allow it to dry completely. Continue to wrap tightly 5-6 times. Now, secure the pearl by wrapping the other side around the bottom half of the pin.

Making a Mohair Wig for your Fashion Doll Making a Mohair Wig for your Fashion Doll For our first mohair tutorial, I will be showing you how I make an easy mohair wig. You will need a piece of gauze or thin, loose weave fabric that can be shaped around the head, Aleene's Brush on Tacky Glue, FabriTac Glue , scissors, a small crochet hook, tweezers, or hemostat, a couple rubber bands, mohair on the skin, and plastic wrap. You will need a bald doll as well to use as a mold for the wig. This technique can be used on any size fashion doll. Then you will need to remove the head from your doll. Some folks like to pour hot water over the back of the neck to soften the vinyl, and some use a heating pad. Cover your doll head with plastic wrap and use a rubber band around the neck to hold it in place. Step one: Bald Doll Step two: Plastic Wrap Step three: Gauze Wrap At this point we need to mark an approximate hairline. Step four: Glue saturation

DIY Sequined Heart Hairbow Kelly LanzaStudio DIY It’s time to get you prepped and ready for Valentine’s Day! And the only way to do that? Sequin heart bows! Supplies: Felt Sequin Trim Strong Fabric-Safe Glue (I used E-6000, my fave!) Cut out three pieces of felt: One heart, one 12″ by 2.5″ rectangle and one 4″ by 1″ rectangle. Spread a bit of glue on the point of your heart and attach the end of your sequin trim. Begin to weave the sequin trim back and forth in lines, adding glue line by line as you go. Keep going until you have covered the entire heart. You’re likely to have a few spots where you can see the felt popping through around the edges. Now you have a perfect sequin heart! Pick up your larger felt rectangle and make it a into a loop by hot gluing the short ends together. Pinch the bow in the center and wrap your smaller rectangle piece around it. Hot glue your clip to the back of the finished bow. Finally, glue your sequin heart to the center of the bow. Kelly Lanza

ALTER EGO 1/12 scale doll by Mr_props on Shapeways The original 1/12 scale doll, 145mm tall when completed. I wanted to make a doll that lives through the way it moves and poses. I love stop motion, this is why it is possible to string it both with aluminium wire or doll string. I would advise the white strong and flexible material even if it requires sanding for a clean result. The frosted ultra detail is fine aswell but the wrist parts are so thin i added a few more on the sprue for safety. This is a model kit, which means you will need a few skills to achieve it. Tags: Figurines,Sculptures,1/12,1:12,3d,action figure,articulated,ball,ball jointed doll,bjd,character,doll,figure,figurine,jointed,joints,print,printed,puppet,scale,stop motion,toy

High Low Circle Hem Tutorial Brewing in the back of my mind has been this pink and orange circle dress. I’ve had the fabric for months, it’s just been such a busy couple of months I was almost too scared to start on it. I certainly shouldn’t have been scared. I included a high-low circle hemline here because I had enough requests for a tutorial, I thought I would do it again so I could better explain it. The two colors are very similar in content and weight, the orange being a bit heavier. I drafted my own skirt and used the Renfrew tee as a base for the bodice. I made the mistake of cutting the bodice too short, so I ended up adding a waistband for the needed length. The jersey is crazy comfortable, it feels like I’m wearing lounge clothes. Outfit details: earrings: Brazilnecklace: Annily Greenskirt: handmadebelt: hand-me-down from grandmaleather bracelets: handmadebangle: c/o Apricot Laneshoes: thrifted Click to read more for the full how to make this skirt! Supplies: Take your measurements and write them down.

sew_loli: Epic Skirts Project ...Navy Sailor Bustle Skirt DONE! So I finally finished this fourth skirt! Project Completion FormProject Title: Navy Sailor Bustle Skirt (Epic Skirts Project) Start Date: April 20th (but the overall project was started last year LOL)Planned Finish Date: May 2nd (meetup date!)Actual Finish Date: April 23rd BACK (half elastic waist band) sorry the pic is a little dark! Did you make changes from original plan? Did you discover something you want to share? HOW I MADE THE BUSTLES (I hope this is straightforward and clear enough and helps someone! My finished skirt length is 20 inches (about 50cm) I cut out 5 rectangles to make these three bustles, 3 measuring 8" (length) x 44" (width)2 measuring 7" (length) x 22" (width) Those measurements include seam allowances. Hem the three 8" x 44" pieces and then Gather the tops of them like this I trimmed each of my pieces with lace. Flip up the rectangle you just sewed on so its above the ruffle. Pictures for clarification