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Our Pricing Page - Facebook app designer - ShortStack

Profile for #LoveOverberg Tips for Searching Twitalyzer To get the most from Twitalyzer's search functionality consider the following: You can prefix your search with "@" to indicate a Twitter user You can prefix your search with "#" to indicate a Twitter hashtag Additionally, if you want to dig more deeply into our data, please use our Explore Report. Subscribe to Twitalyzer and Track Multiple Accounts Subscribe to Twitalyzer today and you can track thousands of individual Twitter accounts! Automatic account processing on a daily (or hourly) basis Two dozen reports to help you understand your use of Twitter Full data export for all reports and many other ways to share And much, much more! Every Twitalyzer account starts with a free, no obligation, seven-day trial! Start your FREE Trial Today! Upgrade Twitalyzer to Track Multiple Accounts

Promoted Page Posts | How to reach more people on Facebook Facebook Page Trick: Find Out What Your Fans Like See my original answer on Update: Shortly after publishing this article, the feature disappeared from Facebook. As of 10/25/11, it is back! Follow the steps outlined in the article below. So, you're a Facebook Page Admin and you've dabbled with Insights but you want to know more about your Page's Fans. What music do they listen to? I discovered this Facebook Fan Page "cheat" about a month ago. Log into the Facebook account that controls your Page. In my experience, approximately 10% of your Fans have to like a single Page in order for it to show up in this section. This is an easy and very quick way to see the passions/interests your Fans have in common.

Blogging and Social Media Facebook How to Change Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Your Facebook timeline cover photo is the large photo that serves as a background to your Profile. Twitter How to Choose a Good Twitter Username On Twitter, your username, or handle, is your identity. Internet & Social Media Writing a Good Blog Blogs, or Web logs, are online journals that are updated frequently, sometimes even daily. 10 ways journalists can use Storify When Storify appeared on the collective journalism screen a few weeks back at TechCrunch Disrupt, it inspired a lot of oohs, ahhs and speculation as to how it would work for journalists. There are similar curation tools out there, like KeepStream and, though they focus primarily on collecting tweets (Correction: KeepStream also allows for Facebook integration). Storify, on the other hand, allows a user to organize various media (text, documents, video, images) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) into an orderly, linear presentation. The story pieces retain all of their original links and functionality – and the full presentations are embeddable on any site. It has a very easy-to-use search for social media keywords and works using a drag-and-drop functionality. It has a couple of downfalls, the biggest of which, to me, is the lack of hard timestamps on content from Twitter (though that’s largely Twitter’s fault). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

How to Analyze Your Email Newsletter List With Facebook Do you want to gain quick insight into your email list? Do your subscribers use Facebook? If so, you can gain powerful insights and target Facebook Ads to your subscription base. You do this using the Facebook Power Editor and Custom Audiences. In the marketing strategy outlined below, you’ll learn more about the customers on your email list and you’ll be able to better tailor your Facebook marketing to your customers. How It Works If you’re an experienced Facebook Ads user, this is a great way to take your Facebook advertising to the next level. If you’re just getting started with Facebook advertising or if your email list is fewer than 500 people, you may want to focus first on some of the other Facebook advertising strategies. Facebook introduced the Custom Audiences feature to use email addresses or phone numbers to match the target audience, instead of the traditional Facebook ad targeting features such as demographics and interests. Reach specific members of one newsletter list.

How to Steal Your Competitor's Social Media Followers Social media is used to build brand ambassadors, drive traffic, and convert sales. While building a social media following can be very difficult, one way to speed up the process is to tap into a fan base that is already established - that of your competitors. Yes, you can steal your competition's followers right out from under their noses. Stealing is usually a zero-sum transaction, wherein one party loses and the other party wins. Start Networking If you want to grow your website, you will need to start treating it like a real business. Find the Authority Competitors in Your Niche The best way to start is to perform a search on Google for your main keywords. After checking the top 10 websites, it seems that only 4 are very popular on social networks: Analyze Facebook Activity Now, let's dig deeper into the first website (American Kennel Club) and check how many users interact with their posts and what they like the most. For this, we will use Fanpage Karma. Don't get too excited, though.

How to Use Facebook Ads: An Introduction Are you considering Facebook Ads but are confused by all the options? You’ve undoubtedly heard that “social ads” are the future of advertising, but what does that mean in practical terms for you today? This article will help you make smart decisions about how to promote your brand and engage with fans through advertising on Facebook. As a Facebook Preferred Developer, I’ve had the opportunity to gather a lot of information from the proverbial “horse’s mouth.” This article will provide a useful lay of the land around the new ad solutions that were introduced at the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) in February. Understanding Facebook’s Sales Process and Where You Fit Before delving into the various advertising options available on Facebook and how you can utilize them, it’s helpful to understand how Facebook interfaces with advertisers. Facebook has three sales channels: Direct, Inside and Online. What’s the Difference Between an Ad and a Sponsored Story? Marketplace Ads Sponsored Stories

6 Best Things Companies Do on Facebook Today Last week, I wrote about the worst things companies are doing on Facebook today. I showcased five companies that really just don't understand how to use the network for positive promotion--and, as a result, turn a lot of consumers off. Today, I'm taking a sunnier tack. In a recent Comscore study for UPS, consumers explained why they usually "like" a brand on Facebook in the first place. Brands who really "get" Facebook marketing seek out opportunities to connect with consumers in a way that adds to the experience, rather than interrupt social behavior. I took a look at what a ton of brands are doing right on Facebook, and brought them to life as personas. The Value ShopperThis gal truly understands why people interact with companies on Facebook: They want a great deal. The Cool KidThis guy shows up in your newsfeed and you can't help but chuckle. The ConversationalistIt used to be difficult to ask a brand about its new products, or offer feedback on an ad campaign.

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