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K-12 Academic Standards Districts are required to put state standards into place so all students have access to high-quality content and instruction. Districts must develop local standards for subjects that do not have state standards. Resources are provided to help districts in this effort. State standards are revised on a schedule approved by the Minnesota Legislature. Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection: Mac OS X and Windows software Collection Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection from Dark Artistry :: Windows :: Macintosh :: Internet :: Operating Systems :: Games :: Web-Sites :: OSSWIN CD :: For search features you can simply use the search feature in your browser; Ctrl+F or Apple+F - Firefox, or use table toolsIf you need these pages translated check out FoxLingo(This page contains no ads or cookies, but does require a javascript enabled browser for sorting.) Access

10 New Twitter Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier Twitter continues to add a staggering amount of 460,000 users each day. In order to be fully equipped to stay on top of this popular web service, you can use Twitter tools to help. Here are 10 fresh, new Twitter tools that you can use to achieve greater productivity on Twitter-related tasks. Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher Email Newsletter Sign-Up And Site Blog Information Sign-Up for Email Updates From My Blog! This website is frequently updated so I have a daily blog where I highlight "Websites of The Day." Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2014 Updated on May 5, 2014 Having spent more than 5 years in software development and the computer programming arena, one of the most common questions I am asked is: This is a question that is asked by beginners, as well as experts. As with many important questions, the answer is not simple. There are many factors that should be taken into account while deciding a programming language to learn. Technology evolves in matter of weeks and by the time you become expert in a particular software technology, it can already be considered obsolete.

TweetDeck & 100s of Twitter tools for Teachers I have posted about Twitter a few times before. Twitter in Classroom part 1. ; Twitter in Classroom 2 ; Twitter in Classroom part 3; Updates: Facebook and Twitter in Classroom and Georgia Department of Defense: Tactical Guides of Social Media. This post share some examples of other available Twitter tools which gives extra boost on your tweeting. My top tool is TweetDeck. Best feature in TweetDeck is that i can see multible columns in one view, very quick look and i know whats happening, like example today i have 15 columns open. Quick and Easy IF Formulas for Grading Google Forms I recently led a Google Docs session at Whittier Christian High School and was asked to provide a quick demo video illustrating the way I used formulas (and in particular the IF formula) to grade a quiz made using a Google Form. Apparently my explanation plays well face-to-face but considerably less well from memory. ;) For this video I cut right to the chase and did my best to explain the IF formula for beginners… while keeping under a 5 minute time limit.

Serious Games Promote Engagement and Learning Email Share August 25, 2011 - by Sarah Cargill 0 Email Share Photo Courtesy of Serious Play Conference Game developers, educators, scientists and business professionals met at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Wash. this week to explore the ways games and simulations (sims) are revolutionizing learning, professional development, military training and health for the annual Serious Play Conference . Media and Technology Resources for Educators February 27, 2014 We are thrilled to announce the release of our entire Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum as a set of eight interactive, multimedia iBooks Textbooks, available for free in the iBooks Store... read more March 31, 2014 Twitter Quick Guide for Schools & Districts The new school year is upon us. You may be thinking, what can you do differently this year? How can you stand out above the crowd? How can your school become a larger part of the school community? While Twitter is beginning to catch on with many educators, schools are lagging in their adoption of the platform.

7 Ways to Educate Yourself Outside the Classroom The cost of continued education is soaring, and rate increases still loom on the horizon for many college students. Couple this with the fact that tuition costs are rising faster than inflation, and it's not surprising in the least to see college-age kids starting to look elsewhere for education alternatives. SEE ALSO: These 10 Videos Turn Tough Topics Into Child's Play

15 Little-Known Ways Google Can Help Teachers And Students From Boolean search strings to grammer checks, Google can help both students and teachers. There is a little-known area of Google that focuses on helping just these users. Google has been making big steps towards helping higher education these days ( Google Voice Now Free For .edu Emails ) but this area, known as Google For Educators, has been around for about a year and is slowly gaining momentum in terms of popularity. After they just announced a few new features, Google For Educators is poised to have a very big year. Best of all, the resources are free and can really help both teachers and students as they prepare for the upcoming school year this summer. Here’s some of the tools that will help in the classroom: Graphity - Diagram Editor Graphity is a diagram editor that can be used to quickly and effectively generate drawings and to apply automatic layouts to a range of different diagrams and networks like: FlowchartsSocial networksComputer networksUML diagramsBusiness process modeling diagrams Graphity is an application for the Adobe® Flash® Player. It can be used with any browser which has a Flash Player plugin.

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