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The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King If you’re a designer, entrepreneur, or creative – you probably haven’t been asked for your resume in a long time. Instead, people Google you – and quickly assess your talents based on your website, portfolio, and social media profiles. Do they resonate with what you’re sharing? Do they identify with your story? Are you even giving them a story to wrap their head around? 50 Shades of Grey – The Ageing UK Workforce [Infographic] - Unum 50 Shades of Grey – The Ageing UK Workforce [Infographic] Over the last 30 years, the shape of the UK workforce has changed significantly. One undeniable trend is that people are working longer. The number of people working past retirement age has almost doubled in the last 20 years.

Free Modern Resume Templates & PSD Mockups Professionally designed Free Resume Templates and PSD mockups available in Photoshop PSD format, instant download. These CV / Resume templates are very helpful to make your online CV/Resume. All template are perfect for photographers, designers, and developers with easy to customize fully Photoshop layered PSD files. Remember your first impression starts with your Resume / CV, make it look the best you can with these templates. How To Make Sure Your Resume Gets Taken Seriously Think of the classifieds list as a starting point for your research, not as an open door. If apply for a job, but you don not know the name of the lead, hiring manager or someone on the team then your job application is around 99 percent likely to be ignored. If you are exactly what they are looking for this does not apply, but most people apply for jobs like the rest of us play bingo.

20 Creative Resume Designs Which Will Amaze Any Potential Employer A great showcase design post of some truly creative and inspiration CV designs which im sure would blow away any potential employer. The post focus on creative designs which make use of creative layout and designs which focus on colour. We would love for you to share within the comments your favourite designs from the post 1.My Resume Old maps of Britain and Europe from A Vision of Britain Through Time This "historical maps" page lets you search and view our large collection of historical maps. The viewer you can see lets you explore our seamless maps — scroll down to access individual map sheets. What is in our collection 111 Smart Resume Section Headings and Titles The list is divided into sections, just like your resume, to group the related headers together for easy reference. Photo Credit: Kathryn Decker You might want to bookmark this for reference later…

15 beautiful resume designs for your inspiration An awesome resume that stands out from the others can surely impress business owners who are seeking for serious candidates to work with them. If you wonder what features should a superb resume design cover, then here you go… we have 15 beautiful resume designs for your inspiration. You can follow these designs to make your own custom resume and reserve a seat for your job. Let’s have a look at them below! 1. Maxima Foel

35 Brilliant Resume Designs at DzineBlog Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off My jubilee heroes: Never mind the right-on BBC list - here are 60 truly great 'Elizabethans' By Max Hastings Published: 23:19 GMT, 24 May 2012 | Updated: 11:43 GMT, 25 May 2012 The BBC has set out to choose 60 people who have influenced the Queen's long reign - but who is truly worthy of inclusion?

How to Be Awesome The other day I was talking with my friend Phil, a doctoral student in philosophy. Phil is much smarter than me – of that there is no doubt – but he’s struggling with the process of working through a draining series of requirements to receive his terminal degree. A Ph.D. in a field like philosophy usually requires at least 5 years of study beyond the 4-year bachelor’s degree.

The Art of Non-Conformity Challenging Authority Since 1978 I am a writer, traveler, and entrepreneur with the goal of visiting every country in the world while connecting with other world-changers. Continue reading about Chris Mission Accomplished! Personal Memex The Vision Over the last few years, I’ve been interested in the fields of Personal Knowledge Management (or PKM) and Personal Learning Environments (or PLE). I’ve been a knowledge worker as long as I can remember, and have subsequently searched long and hard for numerous software applications and systems to help me better process, organize, and retrieve information. I’ve tried many different free and commercial solutions (outliners, PIMs, personal knowledge bases, mind mapping software, notebooks/pad, etc.), but none of then were 100% complete in my mind. Then, In 2006 I came across Vannevar Bush, and learned about his amazing vision for the Memex (or “memory extender”). The memex is the name given by Vannevar Bush to the theoretical proto-hypertext computer system he proposed in his 1945 The Atlantic Monthly article As We May Think.

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