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NIH Publications List | Search You can search for any NIH publication by using one or more of the search fields above. If you enter the publication title, or part of it, this tool will search the records and return information for the volume you seek. If you get too many results, you can narrow your search by specifying other criteria such as name of the institute or center, or the year of publication, for example. Note that some titles are marked "Archived," which means they are no longer available. When you locate the desired publication, simply click on it to get details, including an ordering link, where applicable. We hope you find this site valuable.

CTJ - Citizens For Tax Justice National Archives NIA Health, Aging, Alzheimer's Pubs Although Alzheimer's disease currently has no cure, recent research results point toward a day when it might be possible to delay, slow down, or even prevent this devastating brain disorder. This 24-page booklet describes the latest NIA-funded research about prevention of Alzheimer's disease and age-related cognitive decline, from physical exercise and diet to social engagement and cognitive training. Also included are tips for staying healthy as you grow older. PDF (1.15 MB) Keywords: Alzheimer's Disease, Prevention, Risk, Exercise, Diet, Chronic Condition, Cognitive Decline, Research

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