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Geometry, Surfaces, Curves, Polyhedra The following is a random collection of various topics in geometry the author has explored or simply documented over the years. Many of the topics include source code illustrating how to solve various geometric problems, or to assist others recreating the geometric forms presented. Notes on polygons and meshes Includes Surface (polygon) simplification, Clipping a polygonal facet with an arbitrary plane, Surface Relaxation and Smoothing of polygonal data, Mesh crumpling, splitting polygons, two sided facets, polygon types, tests for clockwise and concavity, clipping line to polygons, area of a 3D polygon, area of general polygons, determining inside/outside test, intersection of a line and a facet, Eulers numbers. Notes on points, lines and planes Includes calculations for the distance between points, lines and planes. Notes on circles, cylinders and spheres Includes equations and terminology. The most important thing in the programming language is the name. Texture library Other ...

Mosquito | Studio Nu | SOCIAL MEDIA FaceBook plugin Working again!: The plugins have been reprogrammed so to work with the new Facebook OAuth API. NEW Record Media plugin: Allows you to record social media information from the media components over time without duplicates. Might be complex for some to use at first. Check to example files included and it should be self explanatory, else send me a msg and i will try to help Twitter Working again! Ducplicates: The duplicate component has been updated so to make things easier when recordeding tweets and deleting duplicates. Flickr: Search twitter database for photos based on location and tag/title. ImageDownload: Download images from Flickr or Twitter plugins. Bug Fixes: Fixed bugs with Twitter API access and new functions in String Duplicate component. GoogleMaps : Now works for all users, if it was crashing Rhino before , this should fix it. GoogleDirection : get a route and the directions from one location to another, with distance, time, and steps. Flickr Image-Download Steps Topsy

Grasshopper Resources paginas webs Grasshopper::Lists, Paths, and Trees G03 Due: April 24 at the start of class Spider-webs and Doilies Manipulating Grasshopper data-trees is hard, even when you understand the concept. This exercise is intended to allow a many "right" answers to be established, from relatively simple to more complex. There is no starting-point file for this -- just open a blank Rhino and Grasshoper file and start in! This definition was developed for my final thesis project to generate a louver system based on functional requirements within the building. The performance was then tested in Ecotect. A large part of my thesis design involved invertible arena seating with many moving parts. I used Grasshopper as a means to develop the seating testing clearances, site lines, and many other variables. This definition looks at taking any curved surface, and generating weaving geometry across it. The parametric skyscraper uses Grasshopper to generate the entire structure. My favorite definition to date, this definition generates box designs based on real boxes I crafted in the wood shop while in Grad school This definition extrudes geometry based on their proximity to a polyline attractor. Using a definition created by paramod, I wanted to see if I could edit the definition so that different panels could be combined to create a seamless surface This was one of the first definitions from scratch I ever created.

[Sub]Code | Digital [Sub]stance This page is set up to host bits of codes and sample algorithms. Those algorithms are free to be explored or even shared with proper recognition to the author.Please let me know if you reached any interesting result using any piece of the code provided. Before downloading anything from Digital [Sub]stance you consent to the following license agreement Digital [Sub]stance by Marios Tsiliakos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. “If you Enjoyed anf found the content of this blog useful please consider donating to keep Digital [Sub]stance up and running.” Grasshopper Definitions CNC and LC Contour Surfaces: Download CnC+LC_Contours (GH 0.8.0003)Ribbed Surface: Download Ribs (GH 0.8.0003)Evolutionary Cube: Download E-Cube (GH 0.8.0003)M.B.F. GH User objects Processing Code 3D Architectural Interface Processing: Download 3D[Ar]Interface (pr. 1.0.9)Flock to Howl (+ Grasshopper Definition) : Download Flock to Howl (pr. 1.0.9) GHA assemblies

GENERACION DE SUPERFICIES Kangaroo Frequently occuring in nature, minimal surfaces are defined as surfaces with zero mean curvature. These surfaces originally arose as surfaces that minimized total surface area subject to some constraint. Physical models of area-minimizing minimal surfaces can be made by dipping a wire frame into a soap solution, forming a soap film, which is a minimal surface whose boundary is the wire frame. The thin membrane that spans the wire boundary is a minimal surface of all possible surfaces that span the boundary, it is the one with minimal energy. A minimal surface parametrized as x=(u,v,h(u,v)) therefore satisfies Lagrange`s equation (1+h(v)^2)*h(uu)-2*h(u)*h(v)*h(uv)+(1+h(u)^2)*h(vv)=0 (Gray 1997, p.399) This year`s research focuses on triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMS). From a mathematical standpoint, a TPMS is the most interesting type of surface, as all connected RPMS have genus >=3, and in every lattice there exist orientable embedded TPMS of every genus >=3. Schwartz_P surface