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works [CHROMA_turning project] [JOSEPH_kids] Artistic Expression or The Future of Humanity? Hook and Eyes Lucy McRae and Bart Hess are artists working together to create fascinating images of genetic manipulation and beauty. They describe their work as "instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body." Grow on you #2 Their work finds low-tech prosthetic alternatives for human enhancement. 無限發掘 FINDARS: 約瑟夫.波依斯(Joseph Beuys) 解放人類是藝術的目標,對我而言,藝術是關於自由的科學。 ~約瑟夫.波依斯 約瑟夫.波依斯(Joseph Beuys, 1921-1986)是20世紀行為藝術、偶發藝術、裝置藝術和觀念藝術重要的代表之一。他徹底打破了藝術與日常生活的藩籬,認為一切生活世界中的素材都 可以作為藝術媒介和觀念物件來表達特定的理念。波依斯始終認為,創造力並不是藝術家的專利,藝術並不只是藝術家的作品,而是一切人的生命力、創造力、想像 力的產物,在此意義上,波依斯宣稱「人人都是藝術家」。 ZUSE credits schnellebuntebilder, Jan Bernstein, analogNatives, kling klang klong The ZUSE COMPUTER MUSEUM in Hoyerswerda commisioned four exhibits about the origins of the modern computer. The new permanent exhibition is covering the evolution of information technology throughout the last century by showcasing various milestones of computer history.

Dundee Wearable Art Prize 1 year membership at Dundee MakerSpace (prize worth £300) in Vision building, Greenmarker, Dundee2 free tickets for all Dundee Rep Theatre‘s productions during both Winter 2015 & Spring 2016 seasons£50 voucher from iARTSUPPLIES on Perth Road, Dundee £100 donated by our official sponsor OSHIBORI Restaurant on Perth Road, Dundee Morag Nowell Ship Ahoy Wearable installation Suspension Dimension by Jonathan Wood by deborah on 12/9/2010 Data visualization fascinates me, too. People hooked up to wearables sometimes use it as an interesting way to combine garments and illustrative parts or schematic elements used in visual representation of data. It’s an open and creative field for last few years, but basically very old visual technique.

Robert Mapplethorpe Biography[edit] Mapplethorpe was born and grew up as a Roman Catholic of English and Irish heritage in Our Lady of the Snows Parish in Floral Park, Queens, New York. His parents were Harry and Joan Mapplethorpe and he grew up with five brothers and sisters. Robert Mapplethorpe Robert Mapplethorpe was born November 4, 1946, in Floral Park, New York. He left home in 1962 and enrolled at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, in 1963, where he studied painting and sculpture and received his B.F.A. in 1970. During this time, he met artist, poet, and musician Patti Smith.