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La Fabrique de l'industrie

La Fabrique de l'industrie
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Observatoire des inégalités Terra Nova Hot desks: Stockholm's school without classrooms - The Long and Short Often described as a "school without walls", instead of comprising conventional classrooms Telefonplan's design allows students to be taught in groups adjusted to their unique needs and achievement levels. Five environmental elements were created: 'the mountain top' is for typically one-way, broadcast communication, such as talks, speeches and lectures; 'the cave' supports concentration and individual learning. 'The campfire' is for dialogue, often in small groups, which can result in high noise levels. Feeling free to be able to talk without disturbing others is an important factor here. 'The watering hole' is where people meet often randomly in a space with high levels of movement and disturbance. The fifth principle is 'hands on', where children have the ability to use their whole body in the learning process, whether dissecting a fish, using movement to learn or exploration through music.

IDIES - Institut pour le développement de l’information économique et sociale cambridge.nuvustudio La Fondation Robert Schuman PSFK Picks 7 Innovative Spaces To Visit In Boston Check out the organizations that inspire, facilitate, and introduce new concepts, from our Innovation Debrief: Boston The confluence of academia and industry combined with a supportive government have made Boston a hotbed for innovation. PSFK’s recently launched Innovation Debrief: Boston highlights some of the organizations that inspire, facilitate, and produce new concepts. From our research, PSFK is spotlighting seven startup spaces, retail concepts, and education spaces to explore while visiting The Hub. Startups Danger Awesome: Makerspace 10 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139 Danger Awesome is a studio that offers access to a high-end consumer laser cutter and 3D printer for designers, architects, hobbyists and any other makers. Mass Innovation Labs: Biotech Startup Incubator 675 West Kendall Street, Cambridge MA 02142 Mass Innovations Labs is a 124,000 sq ft biology and chemistry coworking space. IDEA: Student Run Accelerator Retail Adidas: RunBase Presents Homage To Marathoners Year-Round

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