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A List of 16 Websites Every Teacher should Know about

A List of 16 Websites Every Teacher should Know about

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Dialogues Here we are making available a collection of audio dialogues to enable teachers to help students develop their pronunciation. If you have teaching ideas for how to use these dialogues to develop your students' pronunciation, we would love to hear from you and publish your ideas on the site. To submit an idea If you would like to share a teaching idea for these materials please complete and submit this form Please note - file sizes for audio may be very large and can take a time to download depending on your connection speed. To download the audio file:- Right click on the download link (control + click for Mac users)Select 'Save target as' or 'Save link as'Select location where you wish to saveClick save

The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2016 – Part Two I use short, funny video clips a lot when I’m teaching ELLs, and you can read in detail about how I use them in The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL (& How To Use Them). In short, there are many ways to use them that promote speaking, listening, writing and reading (including having students describe – in writing and verbally – a chronological description of what they saw). I’ve posted a few of them during the second half of this year, and I thought it would be useful to readers — and to me — if I brought them together in one post. I’ve also published quite a few during the previous ten years of this blog. You can find those in these lists: The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2016 – So Far

Short Stories Free Audio & Video Sort by Titles Per Page 1 - 10 of 307 Titles by Washington Irving Quizlet The concept of learning objectives is based largely on the work of Benjamin Bloom who worked with a group of educational psychologists in 1956 to create a taxonomy of instructional objectives based on a hierarchical classification of forms of learning. Bloom’s taxonomy frames lower-order thinking skills and higher-order thinking skills that result from active, meaningful engagement with new ideas. Bloom's taxonomy has been widely used as a basis for instructional design and was updated in 1990 by Anderson and Krathal to reflect a current emphasis on active learning. We will only focus on the updated version in this course. However, a comparison of the original and updated version is provided in this wiki page if you would like to see how and why it was revised.

by Jamie Keddie Doris and the raspberries - Here is a simple activity from my new book Videotelling (to be launched in June). Ask students to find a funny animal video on YouTube. They should then describe it without saying what the animal is. They can give it a human name if they like (I have referred to my mystery animal as Doris). Active Learning Research suggests that audience attention in lectures starts to wane every 10-20 minutes. Incorporating active learning techniques once or twice during a 50-minute class (twice to or thrice for a 75-minute class) will encourage student engagement. Active learning also: Grammar teaching: Task-based grammar teaching By Lindsay Clandfield Lindsay Clandfield discusses task-based grammar teaching and provides a lesson plan based on this methodology which teaches the grammar point used to. Introduction One approach to teaching language that has attracted a lot of attention over the past 25 years is a task-based approach to learning and teaching. In task-based approaches, the focus of classroom activities is on the task, and ultimately on meaning (for more on task-based teaching and learning, see the Methodology section).

Problem-Based Learning What is problem-based learning? Why use problem-based learning? What are the basic steps in designing a problem-based learning project? 15 Awesome YouTube Channels for Teaching and Learning English  – Youtube is a powerful tool to learn and teach English but there are many Youtube Channels and sometimes you don’t know where to start. Well, I am gonna save you some time and some clicking. here it is the list of my best 15 Youtube Channels. #1 mmmEnglish Youtube Channel is about helping you to build you skills and confidence as an English speaker. Robinson Crusoe in Levels We continued observing all actions of the two groups. The five men in the forest sat down under a tree. After a long consultation under the tree, they got up and walked towards the beach.

CTI - Collaborative Learning What is collaborative learning? What is the impact of collaborative learning or group work? What are some examples of collaborative learning activities? How can you design group work activities? How can you manage group work? The difference between teaching and coaching — Project Idealism I've been thinking lately about the difference between teaching and coaching, and how by understanding the difference between the two, we can learn more from those who are doing both. Likewise, understanding this difference can also help us properly focus our energy when we are ourselves showing someone how to do something. Both teaching and coaching are of course helping someone learn a particular skill or sharing a certain piece of knowledge, and both of them are gifts that are given to a student. Teaching however, is primarily a one way interaction. A person that knows something shows you how to do something or tells you some piece of information that they know.

Elements of Lesson Design Lesson Development | Lesson Planning Dr. Madeline Hunter's research indicates that effective teachers usually include the following elements in their lessons. Boston Public Library 78rpm Collection : Free Audio : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings by Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra; Ellington; Miley; Duke Ellington; O. Hardwicke; Rudy Jackson; H. Carney; Bubber Miley; L. Metcaff; J. Nanton; F.