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7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design – Refactoring UI

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design – Refactoring UI
When there are multiple actions a user can take on a page, it’s easy to fall into the trap of designing those actions based purely on semantics. Frameworks like Bootstrap sort of encourage this by giving you a menu of semantic styles to choose from whenever you’re adding a new button: “Is this a positive action? Make the button green.” “Does this delete data? Make the button red.” Semantics are an important part of button design, but there’s a more important dimension that’s commonly forgotten: hierarchy. Every action on a page sits somewhere in a pyramid of importance. Primary actions should be obvious. “What about destructive actions, shouldn’t they always be red?” Not necessarily! Save the big, red, and bold styling for when that negative action actually is the primary action in the interface, like in a confirmation dialog:

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Seriously, you need to start documenting your UX work “I can’t remember what I did for that project, it was 8 months ago!” “I can’t find all the artifacts and deliverables from the project.” “I can’t get this case study written.” If you can relate to any of these frustrations, then you’re not alone. 7 free icon sets to download on Dribbble Did you know that Dribbble has some new expanded Shot filtering capabilities? Next time you’re browsing on Dribbble take a look at the new categories and options at the top of your screen. You can filter Shots by tags, colors, attachments, and even which app was used to create the work. Now, we’re grateful to know that Dribbblers are as generous as they are talented, so using the filters we went through and found a menagerie of free icon sets that have been created and shared by the community. Take a moment to peruse these free icon downloads offered by your fellow designers.

Stadia Founder's Édition - Des jeux qui se téléchargent instantanément - Google Store An error occurred while cancelling your delivery. Please try again later. An error occurred while processing your purchase. Is UX design killing creativity? How to be more creative while still putting user needs first? UX design is a process. A process is defined as a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Framer X vs ProtoPie vs Flinto vs Atomic - Prototyping Tools Review World of prototyping tools is on fire right now. There are so many different apps and possibilities that you can’t ignore it any more. Companies outdo each other in creating features that will make it even easier to show rather than tell. You know that case. You’re trying to explain something with words but realizing that it’s so much simpler to sketch your ideas on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. It saves your time and simplifies your message.

How To Use And Embed An Icon Font On Your Website Last week we released a pack of 100 line-style icons. Today we are releasing those exact icons in the form of a 100 piece icon font along with an extensive tutorial about how to use them. Icon fonts are great for their scalability on high-resolution displays and they can be treated and styled exactly like text. Below are steps to embed and use icon fonts on your very own website. Design Systems for People - invisionapp Skip to content Design Systems for People Yili Lou 7 days agoMay 30, 2019 Hi there, I was wondering if I'm able to get the list of exercises/activities and PDFs of worksheets that are shown through the video. Thanks! A Progressive Web App in Vue Tutorial , Part 1 — The Vue App - By Fabian Hinsenkamp The Basics The concept of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is a framework agnostic approach which seeks to combine discoverability and accessibility of a website with the functionality of a native app. Since couple of years I see an increasing interest technologies which bridge the gap between web- and native-apps. In 2018 PWAs have made a great step towards mainstream adoption. By now, plenty of companies like Pinterest, Uber, Twitter, Trivago, The Washington Post, Starbucks, have already created PWAs to run parallel to their native apps. The reason is obvious, plenty of these companies report very promising numbers, mostly as astonishing as the 97 percent of increase in conversions Trivago has seen.

La blockchain, l’association et la réserve The world truly needs a reliable digital currency and infrastructure that together can deliver on the promise of “the internet of money.” Securing your financial assets on your mobile device should be simple and intuitive. Moving money around globally should be as easy and cost-effective as — and even more safe and secure than — sending a text message or sharing a photo, no matter where you live, what you do, or how much you earn. New product innovation and additional entrants to the ecosystem will enable the lowering of barriers to access and cost of capital for everyone and facilitate frictionless payments for more people. Now is the time to create a new kind of digital currency built on the foundation of blockchain technology.

Top 15 UI Test Automation Best Practices You Should Follow In the past several years, I have heard many engineers from various projects complain about the stability and the reliability of UI automation tests. But are they really so unstable and unreliable? Believe me, they are not!

The future is dark. – By Digiti Dark mode is here and it’s here to stay Our daily screen time is going up every day, and every day, new screens are added to our daily routines, from the moment we wake up till we got back to sleep at night. This is rather new, our eyes are not used to so much screentime so late in the evening.