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TipTip jQuery Plugin

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25 Useful Resources for Creating Tooltips With JavaScript or CSS Tooltips are awesome, there’s simply no denying it. They provide a simple, predictable and straightforward way to provide your users with useful, context-sensitive information, and they look cool to boot. We all agree on how great tooltips are, but how we go about implementing them can differ dramatically. Turn any webform into a powerful wizard with jQuery (FormToWizard plugin) This detailed tutorial will show you how to turn long webform into a wizard with “steps left” information. A plugin is also available for download. Download plugin with example View demo What is our task?

Ctrl + Key Combination – Simple Jquery Plugin In a recent web application I was working on, I had a need for the “Ctrl + S” hotkey to save an entry to the database. Being a an avid jquery fan, I immediately searched the plugin repository for any plugin that fits the bill. I was not very surprised to find a very comprehensive jshotkeys plugin. It was feature rich and addressed all the requirements for hotkeys in a jquery powered application and obviously my requirement was fulfilled as well. But the basic issue (and advantage too) with any plugin is that it is written for a wide range of audience. So, although my requirement was only for a “Ctrl + key” combination, I had to part with my bandwidth for all other features this plugin offered. Pagination Pajinate – A jQuery Pagination Plugin Pajinate is a simple and flexible jQuery plugin that allows you to divide long lists or areas of content into multiple separate pages. Not only is it a simpler alternative to server-side implementations, the time between paginated-page loads is almost nil (up to a reasonable page-size of course). Pajinate - A pagination plugin the whole family can enjoy! Usage & Configuration

Build a Better Tooltip with jQuery Awesomeness Browsers will automatically display a tooltip when you provide a title attribute. Internet Explorer will also use the alt attribute. But, in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to quickly write a jQuery plugin that will replace the typical browser tooltip with something a little flashier.

Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data When a webpage is designed to display large tables of data, a great amount of consideration should be dedicated to allowing the user to sort through the data in a structured manner. In this article, I will go over four techniques: hover effects, zebra rows, filtering, and sorting. There are some important notes we must address before looking at our Javascript code. The HTML table markup will be like any other table you may have created, except we require two tags that many people omit. The head section of the table must be wrapped in <thead></thead>.

30 Trendy AJAX, jQuery And Image Galleries You May Like One of the most important elements in successful portfolio is beautiful and unique image gallery catching eye with its sliding elements and great works. If you want to get the best impression you need to think about appearance the same way as you think about your portfolio works – you need to present and view them to grab attention, to show value! Here you will find easy to customize and modern image galleries you can use for your own projects, portfolios and possibilities are endless here!

Classement ajax Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. Home About I love Mac apps, especially for their attention to detail. CoreAnimation makes it so easy to create useful and eye-pleasing effects, like the one in this video. Quicksand aims at providing a similar experience for users on the web. jQuery Horizontal Tooltips Menu Tutorials Introduction Last week, we have gone through How to make a Lava Lamp Menu Tutorial, now, we're doing something a little bit similar - Tooltips menu. You will need jQuery easing plugin for the animated transition. This is how it looks like: As usual, it's a good practise to use UL List for menu. For the menu images, you need to put the caption in the ALT attribute, because jQuery will look at the ALT for it.

Orbit: jQuery Image Slider Plugin from ZURB - ZURB Playground - 1.3.0 (1/25/2012): Add custom events to allow control via custom JavaScript. Fixed intermittent loading issue on Chrome. Fixed IE issues. Refactored code to be more readable. Final version outside Foundation.

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