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10 presets Lightroom gratuits | Image HDR Voici un set de 10 presets gratuits créé par mes soins pour Adobe Lightroom à utiliser sans modération ! Attention, si vous souhaitez le diffuser, veuillez respecter certaines règles : Ne pas changer les noms des presetsDiffuser le pack complet, et non les presets un par unMe prévenir AVANT de le diffuserCopyrighter le fichier : en créant un lien vers cet articleUn petit commentaire est toujours le bienvenu :) Voila ! [download#8#image] Photo originale :

Small Business Logo Design - Cheap logo design - Custom Affordable Logos - Cheap Brochure Inspiration Search Results You should follow Designspiration on Twitter and Facebook for site news. — Shelby Designspiration Search Color Mediumsmalllarge Discover Ads via The Deck Type/Code is hiring a Motivated Project Manager/Studio Manager in Dumbo, NYC View all jobs Trending Related / print, editorial, layout, typography, cover brochure found in saves, collections, people Page 1 of 20 12345 ... 17181920Next » Begin typing to search Select up to 5 colors then press enter to search Sign in Forgot your credentials? Report this Why are you reporting this image? Report Is this your intellectual property? Reported You may only select up to 5 colors

Before & After | Home Vector graphics Example showing effect of vector graphics versus raster graphics. The original vector-based illustration is at the left. The upper-right image illustrates magnification of 7x as a vector graphic. The lower-right illustrates the same magnification as a raster (bitmap) graphic. Raster images are based on pixels and so when scaled there is a loss of clarity, while vector-based graphics can be scaled by any amount without degrading quality. Overview[edit] Computer displays are made up from grids of small rectangular cells called pixels; the term comes from "picture elements". A vector-based image of a round four-color swirl. Modern displays and printers are raster devices; vector formats have to be converted to raster format (bitmaps – pixel arrays) before they can be rendered (displayed or printed). In computer typography, modern outline fonts describe printable characters (glyphs) by cubic or quadratic mathematical curves with control points.[4] Nevertheless, bitmap fonts are still in use.

Les guides Graines de Voyageurs - Librairie Graine2 Graines de Voyageurs Graines de voyageurs : la première collection de guides de voyages pour les enfants, dès 7 ans ! Avec les mascottes Alex et Maya, ces guides sont l’allié idéal des enfants pour tous les moments du voyage : découverte de la région à travers ses lieux de visite incontournables, sa culture, sa nature, des jeux, des activités et un carnet de voyage à remplir pour conserver tous ses souvenirs de vacances ! Feuilletez l'un de nos guides... Graines de Voyageurs Espagne • Un guide pour tous les moments du voyage • Un carnet pour conserver tous ses souvenirs de vacances • 80 visites incontournables sur une carte détachable Livraison GRATUITE (France métropolitaine uniquement)[Détails du produit...] Graines de Voyageurs Nantes Apprends tout sur la Loire et Jules Verne, explore les Machines de l’île et les parcs, comprends l’histoire de la ville, des Namnètes aux Petits Beurre… et plein d’autres choses encore ! Livraison gratuite Produits vedette Graines de Voyageurs Côte Atlantique

Graphics Community with Photoshop Contests, Photography and Drawing Contests Logo Design by LogoTournament ™ Sagmeister and Walsh join forces | Blog | Computer Arts magazine In an email that stopped the whole of the Computer Arts office in its tracks this afternoon, Sagmeister Inc. made the announcement that the studio has renamed and relaunched as Sagmeister & Walsh. Jessica and Stefan certainly weren't lying when they state that 'We will do anything for design' with the email featuring full-length, fully-naked portraits of the pair - although Stefan opted to leave his socks on. Stefan Sagmeister certainly needs no introduction, and Jessica Walsh should also be a household name to readers of Computer Arts having created two covers for the magazine - as well as ranking number one in our 2009 'New Stars of Design' issue. Stefan and Jessica also walk through their entire creative process on the studio's rebrand of EDP in the Branding edition of Computer Arts Collection. We wish them and the studio all the best for the future, and look forward to receiving more eye-catching emails. You never know: we might rethink how we do our headshots in the magazine.