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Feminist Ryan Gosling

Feminist Ryan Gosling

How to Be a Scene Kid Edited by Ben Rubenstein, Krystle, Shayes, KnowItSome and 445 others Table of ContentsDressing Scene: GirlsDressing Scene: GuysActing SceneMusic Scene people, it's sometimes said that is worn within bright colors, crazy hair fringes and tight or skinny neon jeans. Ad Steps Method 1 of 4: Dressing Scene: Girls 1Get the hair. 5Get your clothes at stores with bright colored clothes and flashy stuff. Method 2 of 4: Dressing Scene: Guys 1Dress like you mean it. 7Get your clothes at stores with bright colored clothes and flashy stuff. Method 3 of 4: Acting Scene 1Type like you don't care. 8Get the attitude. Method 4 of 4: Music 1Listen to "scene" music. Tips Remember: This is only a guide! Warnings

We Will Not Surrender Our Freedom to Travel: Gender-based Terror and Tempting Fate « Last Friday, a male acquaintance of mine made the following comments on a Facebook thread in response to this article about Brandon Lavergne’s signed statement detailing the murder of Mickey Shunick: Just don’t go places alone in the middle of the night!…If my wife or one of my female friends told me they were planning to bike home alone at 2:30 AM, I would insist on giving her a ride. I would never blame a victim. My only aim is to prevent similar tragedies. It’s a sad fact, but the world is full of monsters. Clearly, he means well, despite responding to the violent and disturbing details of an abduction and murder with the warning to other, still living women that it’s really simple to not get abducted and murdered – just don’t ride your bike late at night! Despite his good intentions, his arguments are highly problematic. When it comes to political terrorism in America, we are told to assert our freedoms and not let the terrorists win. Victim blaming is victim blaming. Like this:

I Told You About Stairs About “I Told You About Stairs” is a catchphrase from the webcomic series “Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff” written and drawn by MS Paint Adventures creator Andrew Hussie. The comic has become an in-joke within the Homestuck fandom and has been the subject of numerous parody videos and fan arts. Origin On July 3rd, 2009, Andrew Hussie uploaded the first Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff comic to the MS Paint Adventures website. Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff “Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff” is a webcomic featured on comic artist Andrew Hussie’s website “MS Paint Adventures”. On March 17th, 2009, a thread titled “Higher Technology” was submitted to the Penny Arcade forums. Spread On April 14th, 2010, an Urban Dictionary definition for “Sweet Bro” was submitted by user Captain Lhurgoyf, which referenced the stairs comic. Notable Examples Parody Comics This comic has inspired many fan arts and parodies. Videos Search Interest External Links

22 Funny Drinking Games to get you Drunk | Blog Ye Olde Drinking Games: a List In this Internet age, there’s something sweetly old-fashioned about a drinking game. You don’t need any fancy props, extension cords or air pumps—just booze, partners and a will to compete. It’s Saturday night. Are you sitting around with friends, talking about the same old stuff? Play a drinking game. For your drunken pleasure, I now present you with a list of drinking games. 1. Questions is sort of like Truth or Dare but without the dare. Questions gets pretty silly very fast. Tools needed: any kind of alcohol, slight imagination 2. I Never is a great game to play with good friends. Each player takes turns making a true statement in the form of “I’ve never…” For example, if you’ve never been to France, you’d say, “I’ve never been to Paris.” Naturally, when I play this game with my friends, we don’t make statements about vacations. Tools needed: alcohol, a sordid past 3. Someone begins the game by saying the first and last name of someone famous. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8 Rules for Not Sucking at Public Transportation Like many of you, I rely on public transportation to get to work. I ride the train. Some of you might take the subway or bus. Still others, like my buds Matt Tobey over at Comedy Central Insider and Adam Tod Brown right here at Cracked, work at home, writing dick jokes in their boxers, worrying only about synchronizing the mute button to their Hot Pocket farts so no one hears them ripping ass during a conference call. Getty"That was a close one!" But the rest of us understand the vagaries of public transportation. #4. If you're riding a form of a public transportation that contains a toilet, you have a special opportunity. GettyClean ears thoroughly after listening. But I urge you to free your mind. #3. This is another one of my patented tricks, and it's kind of a win/win proposition. GettyI've never heard of this beer, but I'd drink it to keep people away from me. #2. GettyWarning: These should keep people from talking to you, but may attract hipsters. #1.

Your Weekly Organasm: How to Keep Your Clothes off the Floor In an attempt to reenact the past, I’ve poured all my laundry onto the floor. I have to admit to something, you guys. Back in college, I was too cheap to buy furniture to hold stuff. Then one day, my housemate stopped by my room for a chat. Let’s start by thinking about the clothes that always end up on the floor. I think that a good, workable solution needs to follow the golden rule of organizing, which is to find a place for everything and keep everything in its place. My chair doesn’t have any convenient prongs for me to hang my dry cleaning bag, so I’ve improvised with a purse hook. For me, the chair is the best part of the clothing control center. Since I’ll probably have trouble keeping the pile small, I’ve attached a little green sticker to the chair back. I know that some of you don’t wear clothes more than once before cleaning them. But the airing out your clothes part is a pretty good idea. Let’s move on to the laundry basket. It’s time for you to dish.

Handy Drinking Games For Interacting With Various Groups of People Apple lovers Take a drink: When someone refers to “Siri” as a person. Anyone mentions how the latest iPhone upgrade changed their life or someone expresses excitement about the next upgrade. Finish your drink: If someone hums/ sings either “1234” or “Vertigo.” Anglophiles Take a drink: When someone says that British radio is so much better than American radio. Finish your drink: If anyone states that they liked Downton Abbey before everyone else did or maintains that they prefer “the original version” of The Office. Radicals Take a drink: When someone chastises someone else for drinking Starbucks. Finish your drink: If someone passionately argues an opinion they used to make fun of as “too leftist” or “too radical,” opines that they are “too left for the political spectrum” or lists their credentials as a radical. City cyclists Take a drink: When anyone mentions how great Rickshawing was for their legs, body or attitude on life. Finish your drink: If that person is you. Old people Feminists

25 Of The Best Short Films You Can Watch Online Short filmmaking has always been an understated component of cinema. It contains all of the magic, escapism, and even technicality that goes into making full length feature productions. In fact some may argue that it is even more difficult to master given the short amount of time that one has to work with to get all of the aspects of filmmaking into the right gear. This list serves not only as a compiled source of recommendations that we hope helps to gain more attention and recognition to this compact pieces of brilliance but to also highlight some of the best short films ever created. Reasons being vary, from inspirational causes, new age inventiveness, boundary pushing material, or overall well rounded superb examples of filmmaking. 25. A tale like no other and a film like no other. The Cameraman’s Revenge should be viewed on that inventiveness and originality alone and the fact that this was made way back in 1912. 24. 23. 22. 21. 20. 19. 18. 17. Pages: 1 2 3