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States of Matter

States of Matter

Over 70 percent of Americans: climate change worsening extreme weather Wind turbine in Minnesota, U.S. Photo by: Tiffany Roufs. According to a new poll, 74 percent of Americans agree that climate change is impacting weather in the U.S., including 73 percent who agreed, strongly or somewhat, that climate change had exacerbated record high temperatures over the summer. The findings mean that a large majority of Americans agree with climatologists who in recent years have found increasingly strong evidence that climate change has both increased and worsened extreme weather events. In the poll the majority of Americans say climate change likely worsened a number of recent extreme weather events, including 71 percent for the current drought and last year's unusually mild winter; 70 percent for this year's heatwave-rocked spring; and 64 percent for the derecho, an especially fierce and long-lasting windstorm, that hit the northeast in June. Related articles Nary a mention of climate change during U.S. presidential debate July 2012: hottest month in U.S. history

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untitled Interactive Whiteboard Lessons untitled - Lesson Plans & Lesson Plan Resources for Teaching Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Thematic Units, Themes, Classroom Activities - preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school untitled Lesson plans for teachers Common Core Implementation Kit enables the creation of a Common Core State Standards aligned lesson plan with a few easy clicks. Common Core operates from within Word 2013 and provides daily learning targets for Common Core State Standards, along with instructional notes, student friendly “I Can” statements, vocabulary lists, differentiation ideas, activity ideas, assessment ideas, common student misconceptions, and links to open educational resources aligned to the standards. Save time planning lessons and locating resources for your students The Common Core Implementation Kit is a free tool that makes it easy for teachers to create Language Arts and Math lesson plans aligned to the Common Core State Standards all from within Microsoft Word 2013. Common Core consists of a series of course-specific Microsoft Word templates that access Common Core information through a Microsoft Office Task Pane that is displayed next to the lesson plan document. System requirements

Solid Characteristics New Page 1 Videos Soil Erosion by Wind and its Control Produced by USDA-ARS-EWERU for NRCS, 2003. 35. min./Color. Also available in VHS & DVD and with closed captioning. Send request to: Wind Erosion Research A three-part educational video, which describe the physical basis for wind erosion processes and control systems. Soil Erosion by Wind and Its Control Part I: The Problem of Wind Erosion Part II: Processes of Wind Erosion Part III: Control of Wind Erosion