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Solve Rubik's Cube 3x3 - Stage 1 Home > 3x3_guide Solving Guide This is the 2x2 version of Erno Rubik’s original Rubik’s cube. This cube is sometimes called the Pocket Cube or the Mini Cube. You might think only having 4 faces on each size makes it easy, but it’s still a challenge. Here are some videos and guides that will help you figure it out. 85% of natural products to be banned – please act now Even if you do not live in South Africa, if you can spare 30 seconds to sign this petition, you will be helping the public and practitioners in South Africa to stop these regulations which ban, among many natural medicines, all digestive enzymes, many amino acids including 5-HTP and even more herbs and natural medicines. Additionally, the new legislation hugely restricts levels of several key vitamins and minerals. For example, it outlaws chromium above 50mcg, B12 above 100mcg, and vitamin C above a daily dose of 1,000mg.

Robert Reich: America’s “flexible” economy is making workers’ lives hell These days it’s not unusual for someone on the way to work to receive a text message from her employer saying she’s not needed right then. Although she’s already found someone to pick up her kid from school and arranged for childcare, the work is no longer available and she won’t be paid for it. Just-in-time scheduling like this is the latest new thing, designed to make retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and other customer-driven businesses more nimble and keep costs to a minimum.

Paulo Tavares: Common Rights « MARA-STREAM.ORG “Global history enters nature; global nature enters history: this is something utterly new in philosophy” – Michel Serres Humans as Nature: geological forces In an article published in Nature in 2002, Nobel winner chemist Paul J. 14 Ways to Acquire Knowledge: A Timeless Guide from 1936 Consider the knowledge you already have — the things you really know you can do. They are the things you have done over and over; practiced them so often that they became second nature. Every normal person knows how to walk and talk.

A German Guy Wants to Give You a Bunch of Money for Nothing Photo by What would happen if we didn't have to worry about making a living anymore? Would people just sit on their asses all day or actually do something meaningful with their lives? Michael Bohmeyer, a 29-year-old founder of a tech startup in Berlin, wanted to find out. After he stopped working earlier this year to live off the $1,300 he makes from his startup each month, Bohmeyer says his life has radically changed. Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (The Real Reason For The Forty-Hour Workweek) By David Cain / Well I’m in the working world again. I’ve found myself a well-paying gig in the engineering industry, and life finally feels like it’s returning to normal after my nine months of traveling. Because I had been living quite a different lifestyle while I was away, this sudden transition to 9-to-5 existence has exposed something about it that I overlooked before. Since the moment I was offered the job, I’ve been markedly more careless with my money. Not stupid, just a little quick to pull out my wallet.

Ecstacy Changes Everything The present moment is really an opening, so it has no duration–you are in the now when time ceases to exist. Perhaps the best way to gain such an experience is to realize that the word present is linked to the word presence. When the present moment becomes filled with a presence that is all-absorbing, completely at peace, and totally satisfying, you are in the now. Presence isn’t an experience. Presence is felt whenever awareness is open enough. The situation at hand doesn’t have to bear any responsibility.