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Transport and Urban Development (TUD) TUD fosters research coordination in the fields of transport and the built environment, which play a strategic role in the modern society and economy. The Domain is by definition cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary, encompassing a wide range of scientific expertises within the transport and land use planning, design, and management activities with a special emphasis on the strong interrelationships among the relevant policy fields as well on all aspects related to sustainable development. The domain activities should be innovative and complementary to other European programmes in the relevant fields. A significant concern is devoted to activities exploring new research needs and developments. News

Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils T-SHIRTS! Hey, some people (not me) are selling Tesla t-shirts: CS Coil Tesla's Hair Tesla Co (purple plates) Cafe Press Classroom Tesla Coil $200, or a Handheld Tesla coil, $149.95, also a Micro Tesla Coil $4.95 OLD LINKS GONE BAD? Try "The Wayback Machine" It offers billions of old websites and even some of the graphics. But it's not searchable. You have to know the URL of the old site. Created and maintained by Bill Beaty.

Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space, Dies Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, died Monday in La Jolla, Calif. after a 17-month fight with pancreatic cancer. She was 61. Ride made history when she became the first woman from the U.S. to reach orbit aboard Space Shuttle Challenger in 1983. She was 32 at the time, and for a while was also the youngest American to ever travel to space. "Sally Ride broke barriers with grace and professionalism — and literally changed the face of America’s space program," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden in a statement. Ride first joined NASA in 1978, After her two trips on board the Space Shuttle in the '80s, she left NASA to teach physics as a professor at the University of California, San Diego, and served as director of the university's Space Institute. Ride is the only person to serve on both investigation boards of the two Space Shuttle disasters, Challenger and Columbia.

About Kennisland Overview of Human Geography: Urban Geography A sushi restaurant in Montreal illustrates the more diverse services and experiences available in the city than in many parts of rural Canada. Next door, a shop offers to wire money to Africa, helping immigrants stay connected to their place of origin and making the city a node in an international from Flickr/caribb Figure 1: Urbanization rates. For most of the 200,000 years that Homo sapiens has existed, there were no such things as cities, as humans lived in small, usually nomadic, bands. It is surprisingly difficult to define what exactly makes a city or where a given city's boundaries lie (Massey, Allen, and Pile 1999). Cities are defined and made possible by their location within networks that extend beyond the city. Places can be organized into an urban hierarchy (Neal 2010). At the top of the urban hierarchy lie global cities, sometimes also called world cities (Sassen 1991). Figure 2: Major world cities. Figure 3: Models of the internal structure of cities.

Sustainable surface transport research - Industrial research and development Publication details The aim of this publication is to provide information on more than 100 projects which were selected in the first two FP7 Calls in the field of sustainable surface transport. The background, objectives, description of work and expected results of each project are described. Corporate author(s): European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Themes: Industrial research and development, Transport policy Target audience: Key words: Available editions: Exploratorium Property:Selflance This text will be the reflection of an attempt to formulate a term as selflance. As it is "they are" with self and lance, "selflance" itself should be out of in/for statements of self, in addition to the manner of the "lance" that can be related to the term of lense from the point of its visuality. Surveillance from the point of its multidimensions for today, is already a disciplinary subject. And maybe evaluated back a social hegemony management model "for itself" on "in itself". Surely this seems conflictional and paradigmatic, and that is also the general manner for the concşusions in this era. In a simple case of this sens, while there are tendencies or critiques on the subjects of surveillance by some technologies, there have been also tendencies and researches to formulate the education or learning values and approaches for the same technologies that next generations should be able to adapt and manage it for their future. 1.1 Which is referance for their own self? - So what?

Global Heritage Fund | GHF NWO Urbanisation Introduction Approach Urban studies or urban sciences have been trans-disciplinary since the Chicago School of urban sociology borrowed the models of animal and plant ecology and applied them in analysing cities. Urban studies is also interdisciplinary in the sense that urban scholars use theories, concepts and methods from economics, geography, political sciences or ecology in their studies of urban areas and situations. Recently in Europe, urban studies have become multi-disciplinary. Universities, cities and government authorities (like housing authorities) analyse urban issues and in such projects blur the boundaries between research, urban change and urban politics. Inter-, trans- and multi-disciplinary urban studies investigate various questions in cities and urbanized regions. Agenda In contrast to many people who urge for a new science in the urban fields: there is not such an academic discipline called: urban science and, even stronger, we do not need such a new cupola.

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