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How to Clean An Infected Computer The truth is that it's a lot easier to keep a computer malware free than it is to clean one that is already infected. However, with the advice given in this article you should be able to remove any type of malware from your computer and get it back to working order. The main problem with most malware removal guides is that you have no way of knowing if all of the infections were removed. However, with my approach you can easily tell if even just running a single scanner was able to entirely clean the infection. Thus, this can save you the hassle of having to run many different scanners and the uncertainty of whether your computer is really malware free. Make sure you follow this article in order so as to clean the infections with as little work as possible. However, before attempting to remove any infected files you should first back up all important files. Index 1. 2. ​A) Clean Computer With CCE and TDSSKiller C) If Needed Try These More Time Consuming Methods 3. 4. 1. 2.

Ann Smarty Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, I’m Awesome At: Social Media, Content Marketing, Blogging Favorite Tools: I am using a lot since they have basic tools which you can direct beginners to. 25 Must have Firefox extensions for power users | iTech Room Here is a list Best and Popular Firefox addon/plugins for power users. These plugins makes your web browsing safer, smarter and easier. 1. The FireDownload extension for Firefox and Wyzo lets you manage and accelerate your web downloads up to 10x faster! 2. Save time by speeding up repetitive tasks. 3. Annoyed by adverts? 4. 1-Click YouTube Video Download : Download YouTube videos in FLV, 3GP and MP4 (both High Definition and iPod compatible High-Quality). The simplest YouTube Video Downloader for all YouTube Flash sites, period. 5. Would you like to know which websites you can trust? 6. Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers. 7. Download Flash and Video is a great download helper tool that let you download Flash games and Flash videos (YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Google Videos and more) with a single click. The downloader is very easy to use. 8. 9. 10.

Assign Text To Hotkeys With This Tiny Freeware Program If there are some words, phrases or sentences that you find yourself typing often, you may find it useful to assign each of them to a particular Windows hotkey. For example, pressing Ctrl-Alt-N might paste your full name into whatever application the cursor is currently in. This isn't something that Windows offers out of the box, but there are a number of third-party programs that let you do so. The download is less than 0.1 MB, and it even includes some basic help text built in. As you can see from the screen shot below, it's easy to define new entries and assign them to hotkeys. Quick Text Paste is by far from being the most flexible, pretty or powerful keyboard macro program, but it's tiny, free, does the job, and takes up virtually no system resources, which is why I'm impressed.

Bad Neighborhood - Webmaster and SEO Tools Copy Link URL 100 Most Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions and Answers I have been working in IT for way to many years to be still considered a sane and well adjusted individual. After you spend a few years in this industry you realize that some questions asked by users keep recurring like bad dreams or glitches in the matrix. Below is my attempt to compile a comprehensive list of frequently asked IT questions you might encounter when working as a systems administrator or help-desk drone. All of these are actual quotes from various ticketing systems and email exchanges. Feel free to print this out and use it in your help desk training manuals. Is it a virus? Illegal Disclaimer: please do not use this for training manuals!

Raw Header Detector Detect Headers This tool will help you to detect the exact headers that a specific URL generates. In Search Engine Optimization this can be especially important for directory listings that use a "jump" URL or redirect cgi to track the number of people who click on a listing. To check which headers are being returned by a given URL, enter the address in the box below. Change User-Agent used: Common return codes: This is a list of the most commonly returned status codes. 300's Redirection 301 Moved Permanently (permanent redirect)302 Found (temporary redirect)304 Not Modified (should only be returned in response to a conditional GET) 400's Client Error 400 Bad Request (malformed URI)401 Unauthorized (HTTP authorization failed)403 Forbidden (you do not have permission to view)404 Not Found (the resource does not exist)410 Gone (the resource is no longer available) 500's Server Error Questions? We're sorry, but Javascript must be enabled in order to access our email. me. Bad Neighborhood SEO Tools

Enhance Google Search Results with Interclue FireFox Addon Interclue is a nice FireFox addon that lets you preview the linked page content. But it does not only that. In facti it could be a cool Google search companion. 1. More informative search results The addon adds Delicious tags below each results for you to better understand the page topics as well as usefulness. when you hover over any tag, you will see how many times exactly that page was saved using the tag: 2. You can preview each page contents without ever leaving Google’s SERPs. The search result text;The linked page thumbnail (upper-right corner);“Meta clues” that provide further info on the linked page. The meta clues may can include (you can add / remove meta clues from the tool options): Page date (from the page header);Page stats (number of words, number of links, number of files);Syndication links: 3. You can easily grab further information on the page right from the search results. Similarly, you can load the page Google’s cache version in the preview pop-up:

Note taking and organization What is KeepNote KeepNote is a note taking application that works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. With KeepNote, you can store your class notes, TODO lists, research notes, journal entries, paper outlines, etc in a simple notebook hierarchy with rich-text formatting, images, and more. KeepNote is designed to be cross-platform (implemented in Python and PyGTK) and stores your notes in simple and easy to manipulate file formats (HTML and XML). Read more about KeepNote's design philosophy or follow my development ideas on twitter (@mattrasmus). Features Rich-text formatting (e.g. Updates 2012.03.26 - Released KeepNote 0.7.8 I just released KeepNote 0.7.8. 2012.01.01 - Released KeepNote 0.7.7 Happy new year! 2011.11.20 - Released KeepNote 0.7.6 KeepNote 0.7.6 is now released. Download See change log for update details. Download extensions There are a growing number of extensions available for KeepNote. Help me test the next release I am currently testing out the next version of KeepNote. Requirements