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Nutrition - Lifehacker
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From prokaryotes to eukaryotes From prokaryotes to eukaryotes The complex eukaryotic cell ushered in a whole new era for life on Earth, because these cells evolved into multicellular organisms. But how did the eukaryotic cell itself evolve? How did a humble bacterium make this evolutionary leap from a simple prokaryotic cell to a more complex eukaryotic cell? The answer seems to be symbiosis — in other words, teamwork. Evidence supports the idea that eukaryotic cells are actually the descendents of separate prokaryotic cells that joined together in a symbiotic union.

Can You Trust Your Mistress? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Page 2 of 3 Pal, as far as hanging around your neighborhood gin mill goes, you’re allowed to do something like that once — just once. grade “a” lady Your second mistake was actually going out with Gina. This red-hot bartender may have given you thousands of compliments, but your girlfriend’s got 18 months in with you. running interference Now why the heck are you talking to a friend at your job about this total knockout? Of course you care if Gina’s seeing someone else — you brought it up, didn’t you? hospital boor You want Gina to be “honest” with you? Now, when this hospital situation came up and you were stood up, you had to take it for what it was. Who is North to talk about disrespect?

Calzone! - StumbleUpon Uh-oh…this calzone shouldn’t be a calzone. Nope. It totally should be a picture of a pizza…topped with layers of ricotta, melted mozzarella, cubes of roasted butternut squash and broccoli rabe. That was the plan. This pizza was supposed to convince me that broccoli rabe isn’t this gross, bitter leaf situation…well that failed. I tried. I was gonna post it anyway, thinking some of you lunatics actually might like it…but I dunno…looking at the pictures of the pizza bummed me out, so I decided to turn the leftover ingredients (from the pizza) into something more awesome!! Meet this calzone… Have you ever noticed that Taco Bell works with, like, 10 ingredients. And then they just re-invent different burrito crunches, XXL chalupas, etc. with those same ingredients–it’s pretty genius. Their chefs kinda remind me of those people that you can hire to come over and look in your closet and pair your already existing clothes together, creating brand-new outfits. I think classier. I roasted the squash.

Life Life is a characteristic distinguishing objects having signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not,[1][2] either because such functions have ceased (death), or because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate.[3][4] Biology is science concerned with the study of life. Though life is confirmed only on the Earth, many think that extraterrestrial life is not only plausible, but probable or inevitable.[15][16] Other planets and moons in the Solar System have been examined for evidence of having once supported simple life, and projects such as SETI have attempted to detect radio transmissions from possible alien civilizations. According to the panspermia hypothesis, microscopic life exists throughout the Universe, and is distributed by meteoroids, asteroids and planetoids.[17] Early theories Materialism Herds of zebra and impala gathering on the Maasai Mara plain Democritus (460 BC) thought that the essential characteristic of life is having a soul (psyche).

Lose Weight Like a Guy -  Lifestyle - MSN CA Why Guys Drop Pounds Quickly One of the most frustrating things your husband can say to you: "I need to lose 5 pounds — I'll cut out the beer." That's because you could forgo beer forever and still never get close to squeezing into your skinny jeans from high school. It's not fair, but men are natural losers. We women may think we know every weight loss trick in the book, but men have some distinct physiological advantages. For one, men's bigger muscle mass helps them burn 30% more calories than we do, says nutritionist Cynthia Sass, RD, coauthor of Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy . Start your engines: Burn more fat with this metabolism-boosting routine. Also see: But all is not, ahem, lost. 1. While your comfort food is more likely to be sour gummy bears or double-chocolate chip bars, his is a thick, juicy steak. If cravings for desserts and candy are your diet downfall, try protein first. Muscle builders: Feed your body by adding some protein to you diet . 2. What do you do next? 3. 4. 5.

& 100 Calorie Pack Even though I have had some rough egg experiences lately…the century egg, and little birdie fetus…I have not given up on one of my favorite foods. While eggs can be made to taste more disgusting than I ever thought possible, they can also be creamy, protein packed perfection and in the case of the baked egg cup, they are just that! The other morning, we had our friend Zach and one of his friends over for breakfast. Zach was our travel partner in Cambodia, and he is moving to South Africa on Monday, so we are trying to soak up as much Zach time as possible! Gavin made some delicious whole wheat banana’s foster pancakes (I think I should enlist him has a guest blogger to share his pancake secrets!) and I made baked eggs in ham cups. Baked Egg Cups 12 Eggs 12 thin slices of deli ham (round) 1/2 Cup of your favorite cheese (I used Parmesan) 1/2 Cup diced scallions Fresh cracked Sea Salt and Pepper Preheat the oven to 400. Hey, like this post? Tags: Breakfast, eggs, healthy.

Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie) ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie share it 3,740 notes What Lucky People Do Differently than Unlucky People I actually do this a lot. On my walk to work I change my pacing a few blocks in advance so that I hit the crossing signal just when I get to the intersection and don't need to stop or slow down. While I find this fun to do, I also find that a smoother commute puts me in a better mood for most of the day. Some things I can't control, like when the bus is 5 minutes late, but I always make sure to have a book on me so I can enjoy the time rather than lose it. I usually tell people "I don't believe in luck" and I don't really. In college I would regularly go out seeking to get lost, because the day was nice, I enjoyed the walk, and it taught me SO much more about how to get around the city than google maps ever has. By paying attention to timings I'm much more aware of how long it takes to get from point a to point b in the city by different means of travel, which means I can make my commutes more efficient, miss busses and trains less often, and be on time with greater frequency.

Crazy Hot Dogs at - Gross Hot Dog Recipes - Womans Day Bored with the simple meat-and-bun duo and its traditional mustard, ketchup and relish toppings? You're in luck. The hot dog—in all its finely-ground glory—is ever ripe for a wacky culinary reinvention. Curious ourselves, we searched far and wide for the craziest creations. From a deep fried French fry-encased frankfurter on a stick to a hot dog pierced with spaghetti noodles, these 10 variations on the famous ballpark snack will have you saying “hot diggity dog” in disbelief. Ditch Dogs That which combines two of the most popular American foods is the Ditch Dog, served at Ditch Plains in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Spaghetti Dogs Not that we have anything against a meal that looks like it was made in the Play-Doh Fun Factory press—we’re just not sure if we would eat it. Corn Dog Casserole This uncommon casserole takes comfort food to a whole new level. Le Pogo et Frites Chinese Hot Dog The Hamdog Mulligan’s Bar in Decatur, Georgia, is home of the Hamdog. The Chihuahua The Cornhole

Time Cube Sleeping Positions Research Summary (24 Studies) Warning. Most natural (and often medical) websites claim that the human body repairs itself during sleep. However, dozens of medical studies, as well as clinical observations, testify that sick people are most likely to die from 4 to 7 am due to heart attacks, strokes, seizures, exacerbations of asthma and COPD, and many other conditions (see the summary of these studies here: Sleep Heavy Breathing Effect). Criteria for best sleep position What are the criteria for choosing the best sleep positions? Even in normal subjects, a variety of adverse effects is normal, and most people can testify that mornings are the time of their health misery. Best-sleeping positions must be chosen on the basis of the higher-body-oxygen content. You can easily observe this effect, if you regularly pay attention to breathing of your spouse, children and/or relatives and friends during sleep. Which medical professionals care about best sleep positions? Over 150 Russian MDs suggests prone sleeping Conclusions

How to Make Crêpes Without a Crêperie | Food for My Family - StumbleUpon A brief tutorial on how to make crêpes at home, no crêperie required. Just you, your stove and a bit of batter and you’ll have a plate full of thin pancakes in no time at all. I’ve always wanted to live abroad, even if just for a short time. To the eggs and milk, add in flour, melted butter and a bit of salt. When it’s time to cook, heat a pan with rounded edges over medium-high heat. Cook the crêpe for 30 seconds or so. Slide the crêpes into a flat pile and let them cool a bit while you repeat the process and make more crêpes. And that’s it. If you’re wondering, no, I still have not been to France, nor have I ventured to Australia. 5 eggs 1 1/2 cups milk 1 cup water 2 cups flour 6 tablespoons melted butter 1/4 teaspoon salt extra butter for fryingIn a blender combine eggs, milk, water, flour and melted butter. Copyright © Food for My Family.

How to Become an Early Riser It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. – Aristotle Are morning people born or made? In my case it was definitely made. But after a while I couldn’t ignore the high correlation between success and rising early, even in my own life. … and the next morning, I got up just before noon. Hmmm… I tried again many more times, each time not getting very far with it. It’s hard to become an early riser using the wrong strategy. The most common wrong strategy is this: You assume that if you’re going to get up earlier, you’d better go to bed earlier. It seems there are two main schools of thought about sleep patterns. The second school says you should listen to your body’s needs and go to bed when you’re tired and get up when you naturally wake up. Through trial and error, I found out for myself that both of these schools are suboptimal sleep patterns. If you sleep set hours, you’ll sometimes go to bed when you aren’t sleepy enough.

The Best Sleep Positions As soon as we are able to curl up in bed by ourselves, we fix on a preferred sleep posture; crawling into bed and assuming the same position every night without much thought. Our sleep environment often becomes the object of our aches and pains; the bed is too firm or the pillow is too soft. But it is possible that your sleep posture is to blame. Misalignment during sleep can put stress and strain on the spine, neck, shoulder, hips and jaw which in turn affects how you feel the next day. It can also sabotage your ability to relax well enough to fall asleep. Watch a sleeping child and they are likely to be a stomach sleeper, while grandma fancies the right-sided position. There are 3 curves on the body that you should be paying attention to; 1 in the lower back, 1 in middle of your back, and 1 near the neck. Here is some healthy advice for your manner of sleeping. Dead Man's Float The fix - Don't use a head pillow at all. The Soldier Sleeping Beauty The problem - None.