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How to: Strawberries You may have seen these in the produce section of the grocery store and thought “NO WAY”! Well guess what? They’re delicious! These fiddlehead ferns are also very nutritious. What ever you do, don’t just pop one in your mouth raw. Kitchen Cheat Sheet Guide On Basic Cooking Techniques Diffеrеnt people likе tо eat diffеrеnt ways. Yоu саn spend tens оf thousands оf dollars оn kitchen equipment, оr уоu саn spend a couple hundred bucks, thеn lеt уоur cooking style dictate hоw tо expand уоur collection. Yоu’ll spend mоrе timе in preparation thаn асtuаl cooking.The wау уоu prepare food hаѕ a direct impact оn hоw it cooks. Onсе in a whilе уоu might make a blunder thаt renders ѕоmеthing inedible. But оnе оf thе joys оf working in thе kitchen iѕ thаt nоt оnlу dо уоu learn frоm уоur mistakes, thеу nеvеr lаѕt lоng еnоugh tо haunt you.

.: Culinária Japonesa :. Jornal NippoBrasil São inúmeros os tipos de tsukemono, seus ingredientes, temperos e modo de preparo. Esse processo geralmente inclui verduras e legumes, mas existem tsukemono de melancia e de melão. Os temperos tradicionais são o sal, o farelo de arroz, o shoyu, o missô, o saquê ou os resíduos de seu preparo, mas alguns tsukemono levam mel, açúcar, caqui e outros ingredientes.

Preparing for the Upcoming Canning Season If you love to do jams and jellies then most likely you have already started on your canning for the year. I honestly intended to do jams this year but with the arrival of a new grandchild, and a father in Law having a triple bypass time just got away from me. Still it is time to start taking stock and getting ready for the new Canning season. The Traveler's Lunchbox - Journal The kitchen confessional of Rebecca Crump. 101+ Canning Recipes for Food Storage - Mom with a PREP Canning season is getting into full swing around most of the country, so here are 101+ canning recipes to help you preserve your garden bounty! If you are interested in Dehydrating food for long-term food storage, check out this post: 101+ Dehydrator Recipes. This is not the be all and end all of recipes as there are more than anyone can count, but this is a good basic resource on how to can the most of what you produce or stock up on. There are many recipes for doing things several ways, so if the ketchup recipes here don’t inspire you, go to Pinterest – it’s an awesome source to find things quickly. *Please follow standard canning guidelines for safety and long-term storage.

10 Household Uses for Lemon Essential Oil Time for some trivia: What natural item can replace many of the chemical-laden commercial cleaning and other household products in your home? Lemon essential oil, of course! That’s right—this essential oil is natural, safe, and effective. Lemon essential oil—or as I like to call it, liquid sunshine— is one of the most versatile essential oils. Cold-pressed from lemon peels under pressure, lemon essential oil offers up a potent burst of citrus.

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